On the formation of Russian identity

"Nation" without being tied to the ethnic side is exactly the concept that we see now in some kind of France. In Africa, for example, there live Orthodox Negroes in a certain amount. Do they make it more "Russian" than living in Russia ...

The culture of communication in Russia is degrading at full speed

If we want to become the Russian Lord, then the interlocutor should first begin to address the Russian custom.

She is vishishko-chan, you are a reactionary. What to do?

Vinishka is a sock, it's a dummy. They do not really know how they feel what they are trying to portray, and they just play the person they want to be, for the sake of aesthetics and self-esteem.

Why Russia buys gold

The demand for gold is now lower than ever. However, Russia continues to increase its gold and foreign exchange reserves. For the sake of this strategy, Russia is ready even to accept losses.

Formation of Russian musical identity: "Russian Five" and Tchaikovsky

In the 19 century, Russia saw the birth of its great composers. The most significant of these were the members of the Group of Five - Mily Balakirev, Cesar Cui, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Modest Mussorgsky, Alexander Borodin and, apart, Peter Tchaikovsky ...

Key points of Christian morality in the organization of European society

What rules and norms stood at the foundation of a great Europe?


Russia is not only the largest exporter of oil products (2 place in the world for crude oil - $ 93 billion, 2 place for oil products - $ 70 billion), gas (1 place - $ 197 billion) and coal (3 place in the world - $ 13. ..

Who and why shakes the Far East

Once again, one has to say that the “opposition” in the methods of lies and manipulation of public opinion has gone far ahead of the state, which the opposition in these very lies and manipulations blames. The theme with the imaginary “surrender of the Kurils of Japan” is bright ...

Out of focus



"Great & Sovereign"

"Russian Library"


Kills no weapons, kills people

Interview of Vyacheslav Vaneev - the main weapon human rights activist of Russia, the leader of the All-Russian organization “The Right to Arms”. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, a few years ago your movement was well-known: there were street actions that counted 500 ...

Weapons of Globalism


Revelations of Surikov

Some things, fortunately, remain unchanged. A new article by Vladislav Surkov, like his other texts that were published many years ago, immediately provoked a lively discussion. Emerging from twilight, the former architect of "sovereign democracy" ...

Who is Gorky?

“Gorky’s miserable behavior after returning from Italy to the death I attributed to his delusions and stupidity. But 20's recently published correspondence gives impetus to explain it below that: self-interest. Caught in Sorrento, Gorky was surprised ...

Feminism as a misogynist ideology

Feminism and Marxism are twin brothers. No, not twins, but twins. And not brothers, but sisters. The first resemblance, immediately apparent, is the monstrous violence against the language that these ideologies commit. The Bolsheviks who came to power in 1917 ...

Political theory of eternal nationalism

This article will review the history of the formation of nationalism of nations and ethnic groups. It will be shown that in those times when there was no nationalism as such, people, as now, defended their people, the language of the people, the customs of the people, defended their ethnicity ...

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