Did that day be called the Day of Russia?

It is logical, when you celebrate a national holiday with a loud name Day [insert the name of any country], choose some memorable date for establishing statehood or a great victory over the enemy, threatening the very existence of this. ...

For what I hate the Russian opposition

To be honest, I can not stand the extra-systemic opposition in Russia. Not individual people, of course, and not even individual political movements, but in general - as a phenomenon. But it all began quite differently ...

Protests in Armenia

We do not experience too much optimism, as well as pessimism about the events taking place in Armenia.

Beautiful "robbers" against globalism and feminism

The French group Les Brigandes is only two years old, and in the media field this is one of the most debated and controversial cultural phenomena.

On the Turkish elections and the present sultan of Rejeppe

Interesting kunshtyuky writes out our old acquaintance Recep Taypovich.

Is isolation good for Russia?

What is now looming on the horizon is the specter of bad autarky for Russia. We leave, they leave us not to forge the intergalactic fleet, do not grow trillions of tons of rye and do not shoot movie masterpieces. They leave us to stop talking. To completely disappeared. AND...

About human cycles

Humanity develops according to cycles. Global projects are being replaced by regional and local projects. At the same time, the existence of parallel projects is different, and at each stage, artifacts of the previous rounds of the cycle accumulate.



"Great & Sovereign"

"Russian Library"


Weapons of Globalism


Team France. And not only

The problem of the French society as it was, and will remain with the French for a long time and after the World Cup. The descendants of immigrants did not become French, the adaptation did not work.

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