On the Turkish elections and the present sultan of Rejeppe

Interesting kunshtyuky writes out our old acquaintance Recep Taypovich.

The fate of the Russian National State in the 21 century

As soon as we rebuild the power institutions on, so we will live happily, rivers of milk will flow on the lips of the jelly. We dare to assure you that this is not so.

For what I hate the Russian opposition

To be honest, I can not stand the extra-systemic opposition in Russia. Not individual people, of course, and not even individual political movements, but in general - as a phenomenon. But it all began quite differently ...

Mikhail Butrimov: We will continue to act, young Russian people!

The measure of the development of democracy and civil society is the involvement of citizens in the management of the territory and social processes (for example, the developed trade union movement). The higher the involvement (turnout in elections), the higher the level of political ...

Beautiful "robbers" against globalism and feminism

The French group Les Brigandes is only two years old, and in the media field this is one of the most debated and controversial cultural phenomena.

Russians need identity

The past elections showed: only the quality of life Russian emigration does not want to be content. They need a homeland and an idea.

Did that day be called the Day of Russia?

It is logical, when you celebrate a national holiday with a loud name Day [insert the name of any country], choose some memorable date for establishing statehood or a great victory over the enemy, threatening the very existence of this. ...



"Great & Sovereign"

"Russian Library"


Weapons of Globalism


Team France. And not only

The problem of the French society as it was, and will remain with the French for a long time and after the World Cup. The descendants of immigrants did not become French, the adaptation did not work.

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