The ideological weapon of globalism. Feminism

“We broke ties between parent and child, between a man and a woman, between one person and another. No one trusts his wife, child or friend. And soon there will be no wives or friends. We will take the newborns from the mother as we take the eggs from under the layers. We will eradicate sexual attraction. "
J. Orwell, 1984

Feminism is perhaps the most destructive ideology in the modern world. This ideology does not kill people. She kills civilization. Many political commentators believe that feminism is responsible for the ongoing dismantling of European culture and traditional values. Thanks to feminism, Europe and the United States are increasingly being invaded by migrants from culturally alien countries amid the abandonment of their own culture. The birth rate falls, the institution of the traditional family collapses. Men and women are increasingly moving away from each other.


But after all, feminism is the struggle of women for equality? Not really. Modern feminism has long gone beyond its vocabulary definition. Today’s feminist agenda looks like this:

  • - dismantling of the patriarchate;
  • - gender parity in all prestigious professions;
  • - sexual liberation of women (promiscuity and the right to abortion);
  • - combating the "culture of sexual violence" (rape culture);
  • - Complete gender neutrality or social equality.

The Patriarchate is “a form of social organization in which a man is the main carrier of political power and moral authority, exercises control over property, and fathers in families have a leading position.” From the point of view of feminism, it is the system of subordination of women, through the construction of social gender roles. In 1968, one of the prominent leaders of the feminist movement Kate Millett released the book "The Politics of Sexuality."

Here's how her sister, Mallory Millet, describes the events of those years: “It was 1969 a year. Kate invited me to a meeting at the house of her friend Lily Karp. They called it "raising awareness", a typical communist exercise that was widely practiced in China since the time of Mao. We sat down at a large table, and the chairman began a meeting resembling liturgy, reading prayers in the Catholic Church. But it was Marxism, the church of the leftists copying religious practices:

- Why are we here? She asked.

- Make a revolution! - they answered.

- What kind of revolution?

- Cultural revolution! - they answered in chorus.

“And how will we make the Cultural Revolution?” She asked in a demanding tone.

- Destroying the American family!

- How do we destroy a family?

- Destroying the American patriarchy! - they answered on the verge of ecstasy

- How do we destroy the American patriarchy?

- depriving him of power!

- How do we do this?

- Having destroyed monogamy!

- How do we break monogamy?

And here came a stunning response, it was hard for me to believe my own ears. Is this planet Earth? Who are these people?

- Promoting sexual promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality! They shouted in chorus.

After that there was a long discussion on how to achieve these goals through the founding of the National Organization of Women. It was clear that less than the destruction of Western society would not suit them. They planned to “penetrate” into all public institutions: the media, the education system, the legal system, the executive system, and even libraries. ”

As we can see almost 50 years later, the whole plan was a success. Kate Millet herself suffered from mental disorders, and ended up living alone, away from even her “fight” friends. Her last letters are full of bitterness and loneliness. However, she destroyed not only her own life. The feminist movement caused, perhaps, the greatest damage to the entire European civilization.

From the point of view of feminism, gender is a social construct. There is no difference between a man and a woman, therefore if men dominate in any profession, this fact alone is evidence of discrimination. In a selective manner, this principle applies only to prestigious and highly paid professions. No one has ever heard of feminists fighting for parity in the coal industry or the construction industry. However, for example, in Silicon Valley, each large company is forced to take on "solemn obligations" to hire a more "balanced" workforce (take the diversity pledge). You can take a look, for example, on the relevant Apple and Google pages. Companies pay recruiters twice as much for every woman or minority employee they hire. If you are a white man, your place is in the tail line.

Hollywood is subject to similar pressure. The Federal Employment Service has launched an investigation into the lack of women among directors of box-office Hollywood films. (4) Sexual minorities are also not overlooked, and quite possibly soon Captain America will change its orientation (what the corresponding petition already is about). [And James Bond may will change sex - Ed.]

Feminism fully occupied Western universities. In the framework of the fight against "culture of sexual violence." That's what it says Christine Hoff Sommersohn this: “Moms and dads, fear for your sons. The “war with men” has been going on for a long time in universities, where in courses on gender studies and groups on the struggle for women's rights, young girls are told that men are toxic. Many “educated women” have tasted the feminist Kool Aid. Girls at Yale and Harvard consider themselves oppressed. This is madness". Any girl can declare that she has been the victim of sexual abuse, and without any investigation, the need to provide evidence and the opportunity for the young man to protect herself. There are a huge number of cases where even after a year or more, after parting with his boyfriend, the girls suddenly declared that he had committed sexual violence. On this training and career of a young man ended.


It is worth noting that the parents of girls also have something to worry about. To get a staunch feminist at the exit, who believes that promiscuous sex life for a woman is the norm, the term “whore” is worthy to be proud of. That abortion is a fundamental right of a woman, and that men are the root of all problems, and that society owes her everything. Father for her will be the oppressor of her mother, regardless of how well their family is well. That motherhood is an obstacle in her life's journey, and in general is a burden, and the family is an institution of oppression.

Denying the difference between men and women, feminism denies the right of a woman to be feminine and to be in harmony with her nature. A woman is forced to make a choice more typical for men, depriving her of the natural joy given by nature. Studies show that modern Western women feel more and more unhappy compared to the past.

Men are constantly attacked for any behavior typical of men. Since childhood, American and European boys are treated as girls who are not behaving badly. They are prohibited from playing police or thieves, playing with shooting from imaginary pistols or playing with any physical contact. School programs are increasingly being honored for girls, as are programs in colleges and universities. As a result, the boys' academic performance falls, fewer young people go to universities. Employers are already paying more to women for the same job to avoid litigation.

This leads to the fact that men before 40 years earn less than women, and as a result, women do not want to marry such men.

For example, due to the influx of migrants, in Sweden, sexual attacks on women were increasingly being carried out. The number of rapes in the country has increased almost 15 times compared with the prosperous 1970-mi. When some Swedish men decided to organize patrols at subway stations and trains to protect women from attacks, the Swedish feminists staged a storm in the press with the slogan "we are not your women, we do not need to protect us."

It is not surprising that in Rotterham, where the local Pakistani community systematically sexually abused local adolescents, more than 1400 girls didn’t take any action during 11 years. When thousands of women were attacked on the eve of the new year in Cologne and other European cities, in addition to the fact that the local press hid this fact for 5 days, in fact, neither the police nor their husbands, fathers or brothers defended women. This is the result of squeezing "toxic" masculinity from Western men for the past two generations.

It is worth noting the depressing state of the family institution. As mentioned above, the destruction of marriage is seen by feminists as the main goal of their movement. Today in America, almost half of children are born out of wedlock. Feminism encourages women to be single mothers (if they are not attracted to child-free). Marriage legislation deprives men of almost all rights, leaving them with all the duties of a financial nature. In France, a man does not even have the right to a genetic examination if he wants to prove that the woman gave birth to a child not from him - but at the same time he is obliged to pay alimony. It is enough for a woman to say that she is afraid of her husband, which she recently did. Angelina Jolie declaring a divorce from Brad Pete. This is the standard wording recommended by lawyers, and which gives a woman the maximum benefits in case of a divorce. A woman does not need to prove anything; her husband is a priori guilty. No wonder less and less men want to get married. First of all, it hits the melting layer of “old-fashioned” women and men who want to start a family and raise children. Sexual promiscuity among women creates too many temptations for husbands, and legislation makes marriage very risky. Women who choose to be a mother and look after their children and home are subject to public censure. Men are deprived of the opportunity to be the support of the family.

But feminism does not stop at the transformation of Western countries. The UN declares gender equality among the “millennium goals” (it's funny to hear when an organization with 70 summer history sets goals for a thousand years). The EU and the World Bank impose trade restrictions with countries where women are underrepresented in certain industries or parliament. Thus, globalist elites use economic tools to promote feminism throughout the world. Under the cover of the struggle for rights and equality, the dismantling of culture and the traditional way of life and the unification of the world population is carried out. In essence, this is an ideology that rejects the nature and considers men and women to be interchangeable blanks that do not have differences and preferences. And like any other ideology that denies reality, feminism is doomed. The only question is, will European civilization survive it, and does Russia have immunity in order not to catch this disease?

Eugene Rublev


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