To admit, earlier it seemed to me that the freakness of the carriers of the liberal idea is exclusively a Russian feature. However, the results of the election of the US President forced to reconsider the views on this issue and finally make sure that the friction of people does not depend on the territory where they live, but on the idea that they profess.

Looking at how the bearers of the liberal worldview behave all over the world after Trump's election as President of the United States, you involuntarily begin to think about their mental state.

Suffice it to even superficially get acquainted with the behavior of the carriers of a liberal worldview, in order to understand that these are sick people. People with a deformed psyche and consciousness. Latent or pronounced, but somehow deviating from the norm, from which such a hatred of conservatism, tradition and everything normal.

Liberalism at the turn of the 20 and 21 centuries like the plague spread across the continents, sowing chaos and destruction. Victims of it were as individuals, as well as whole nations and nations.

It would seem, what can be common between plague and liberalism? The fact that both phenomena are extremely dangerous for man in particular and humanity (human society) in general.

PLAGUE (lat. pestis - an infection) - acute natural focal infectious disease, occurring with an extremely severe general condition, fever. The disease is characterized by high mortality and extremely high infectiousness.

LIBERALISM (class.) - philosophical and socio-political current, proclaiming the inviolability of human rights and individual freedoms. Modern liberalism has changed, mutated under the influence of cultural Marxism, and has become just as dangerous for human society as the plague in the Middle Ages, albeit not in physical, but in cultural and ideological terms.

Looking at what is happening around, it can be stated with confidence that Liberalism is a plague of the 21 century, and all its carriers - plague.

Modern explanatory dictionaries define the term Plague not only as a person, infected with infection, but also as a person distraught, crazy. In this context, the definition of carriers of a liberal worldview as plague is more than appropriate.

To begin with it is necessary to define characteristic signs plague:

  • inadequate behavior
  • the desire to attract the attention of others
  • distorted perception of personalities, objects and things of the surrounding world (examples of politically correct Anna Karenina, Caesar and Mannerheim, etc.)
  • the desire to blame anyone for their troubles, but not yourself
  • adherence to the cult of degradation and degeneration (All right, all that is abnormal)
  • fixation on the sexual subject, and on its perverted forms

It would be possible to go deep enough into the mental analysis of people who profess liberal views, but in this case this material would be similar to a psychological conclusion. Perhaps in the future we will turn to comments on this subject for experts, but in this case our task is to pay attention to the features of the plague of the 21 century.

In order not to be unfounded, let us turn to concrete examples.

Epatage on the verge of hysteria

If you managed to observe the activities of the Plague, then you, probably, paid attention to the extremely eccentric and defiant behavior of the bearers of the liberal worldview. They are extremely emotional and not always able to cope with their emotions.

Their main task is to attract to themselves, and, consequently, and to their ideas, the attention of others by any means, whether it be hysterics, defiant behavior or outright outrage.

Therefore, know if someone near you is hysterically hysterical, squeals or demonstratively roars - know - this is Plague.

Perversion of reality

A special place in the activities of the Plague has been the intentional distortion of the surrounding world in accordance with liberal attitudes. Everything to which the Plaguelands touch becomes false.

Marshal Mannerheim in the vision of Finnish liberal filmmakers. Carl Gustav Mannerheim, of course, was a controversial figure, but he hardly deserved this.

Guy Julius Caesar according to the idea of ​​British directors in long-term conquests in Gaul pretty tanned.

Brittanya Anna Karenina. Leo Tolstoy probably for this reason.

American god of Scandinavians from the movie "Thor" Heimdall - In the German-Scandinavian mythology, the god of the aces race, the guardian of the gods and the tree of the world, is considered the son of Odin and nine mothers. If Odin found out what the liberal directors did to his son, he probably would have preferred to lose the second eye.

Sir Lancelot from the series “Once Upon a Time”. In the legends about King Arthur and the chivalry royals based on them - the most famous of the knights of the Round Table. According to the Plague, he looked like that.

The most fascinating thing is that according to traditions of cultural Marxism none of the Plague even thinks about making a movie in which a conditional Martin Luther King will be played by a European or an Asian, because it would be a real blasphemy, heresy and “fascism”.

By the way, shoot Plagued domestic films, Chapay and Petka might look something like this:

Fyodor Bondarchuk could have done himself a new adaptation. Him noble shit quality Plague movie turns.

Deviation from the norm

In accordance with the attitudes of cultural Marxism, the Plaguemen are ardent opponents of traditional society and welcome any deviation from the norm, acting on the principle "All right, all that is abnormal", whether it's pederasty, feminism or what they call "modern art".

At the same time, the feminization of a society in which men become more feminine and women, on the contrary, more courageous, is the characteristic sign of viruses infected with liberalism, both of which emphasize their ugliness and shortcomings in every possible way, instead of fighting it:

Vaginal Liberalism

We should also single out the fixation of the carriers of the liberal worldview on sex, in its dirtiest manifestations. The protest against Donald Trump, organized by Madonna, Johansson and Cher in New York, is a clear confirmation of this.

Vagina of all colors and sizes became the main symbol of this event.

Vagina - it's generally very liberal. A real symbol of liberalism.

After all, if we remember the main Russian "petrels of freedom" of the beginning of the 2010, for which such a frenzy harnessed the same Madonna, Pussy Riot, then their name translates as "rebellion vagin", and the performances of the band members are very revealing: fucking copulation of PR participant Nadi Tolokonnikova in the art group "War" in the Zoological Museum at 9 month of pregnancy, or another action of "War" to remove from the grocery store of the chicken Plague activist in his own (in what else?) Vagina.

What would Sigmund Freud say about all these people? They definitely have problems.

Legitimate actionism

By the way, if we talk about the "cultural" vanguard of the Plagueers of different countries, for example, such Milo Muare, Femen and even Petra Pavlensky, then often all their actionism is inconceivable without showing the public their own exposed backside, which also pushes thoughts that personal life somehow failed.

Milo Muare intelligently explains to migrants in Cologne that women need to be respected and that women are not some whores.

Titans Femen - as weapons the proletariat radical feminism.

From the photo shares of Peter Pavlensky so mental health.

Come to my house

Special Piety Plaguelands test before representatives of the third world countries and are ready even to give them their country, just to please them. There is something masochistic about this. However, considering who is talking about - not surprising.

They are among us

All that we see above is just the tip of the iceberg of the liberal world order - the overwhelming majority of the carriers of the liberal infection do not advertise their perverted views in such forms, but seeping into the media, culture and art, infecting them from within, poisoning society and spreading the controversy of the new Plague to the very wide audience.

The plague infected with the virus of liberalism and dangerous to society, pushing it to the side of civilization, replacing the true beauty of ugliness, faith - disbelief, and the freedom to create - the freedom to degrade.

Look around you, find among your friends the Plague and stay away from them, because this disease is deadly dangerous not only for society, but for the person as its basis.


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