The ideological weapon of globalism: The technology of "rat king"

The task of the “rat king” technology is to destroy key nodes, invisible foundations and clips of social construction, to create an atmosphere of fragmentation, when everyone is for himself and has no concept of “his own”. To achieve this, you need to break the morality. An indicator of broken morality is behavior when one betrays one's own.

The current situation in the world was created by applying the technology known as the “rat king”. The task of this technology is to destroy key nodes, invisible foundations and clips of social construction. Create an atmosphere of fragmentation, when everyone is for himself and there is no concept of "his". To achieve this, you need to break the morality. An indicator of broken morality is behavior when one betrays one's own.

The essence of this technology is very clearly revealed by the example of rats. These animals are primarily known for their incredible survival. The basis of such vitality is social cohesion. Rats are incredibly social animals. Together they go "on business", help each other, protect, if possible, take the wounded with them. Rats feel like a single organism and behave as a single organism. They quickly exchange information, quickly warn about danger, transfer skills of protection. There is no individual benefit in such behavior. The defense mechanism has a moral nature.

One of the most effective ways to combat rats is based on the destruction of protection. Since protection has a basis for morality, the method is ultimately based on the destruction of morality. Everyone can not break morality. You can break a loner, and then not immediately. They break down gradually. For this, conditions are created where rational logic becomes crucial. The main thing is to force to make the first step - the action, which before that is under absolute taboo.

This is done as follows. They take a large and strong rat, they starve it for a long time, and then they throw a rat in the cage just to kill it. After some hesitation, she devours her dead fellow. Rational logic suggests: it is no longer a brother, it is food. He does not care, but I need to survive. Means, it is necessary to eat.

The second time the bar of immorality rises higher. A dead animal is thrown into the cage. The new "food" though almost dead, but still alive. Again, rational logic suggests a solution. He will die anyway, but I need to live. And the rat again eats his own, now practically alive.

For the third time in a cage they throw quite a living and healthy "food", a weak rat. A strong rat again turns on the rational logic algorithm. There is still nothing, she tells herself. What's the use if we both die? Let the strongest survive. And the strongest survive.

Note that the rat took less and less time to make a decision each time. At the same time, the level of immorality of every new devouring was increasing. After a while, the rat did not think at all. She treated her compatriots as food. No sooner had she been thrown into the cage by a new rat, she immediately attacked her and devoured her. From the moment when she did not think at all, whether to eat or not to eat, her morality was broken. Then it was released back into society, from where they were taken in due time. It was already not the rat. It was already a creature with no signs of morality. In its actions, it was guided only by the logic of selfishness. But others did not know this. They took it for their own and completely trusted.

Very quickly the creature, resembling a rat, came to the idea: why should we look for food somewhere, if it is round, warm and fresh. Rational logic determined the nature of the action. Carnivorous chose an unsuspecting victim and devoured her.

Very soon he came to the conclusion that the best option is not to openly attack and devour, but to do it secretly from society. The next time, under one pretext or another, this rat lured its victim to a secluded place and devoured it.

When the rat community had no doubt that a wolf in sheep's clothing was among them, rats left this place. And, left in a hundred cases out of a hundred. Animals seemed to be afraid of poisoning the fluids of the transformed rat. They were afraid to become the same. Instinctively felt: if their consciousness absorbs new attitudes, there will be a society without brakes, a society of traitors, a consumer society. The atmosphere of immorality will destroy the mechanism of social protection and all will die.

The question arises: why did the rat community leave, why could not the "king" be destroyed? In this behavior, too, has a profound meaning. Collective mind, which in this case can be considered an instinct, counted that the elimination will be attended by the strongest individuals, the elite of society. Who knows what will happen to them when they bite their teeth into the living flesh of an immoral fellow. Will not his infectiousness be infected?

Even rats do not want to live in a civil society built on constant war with each other, tearing the one into the plural. Rats are smarter than humans. Fairly fearing that the rational logic of egoism will catch the rat elite, they go elsewhere.

If we fantasize and imagine that society has not abandoned the immoral fellow, but has remained with him, it is easy to assume that he would infect the elite with his rational logic. Also, I would think of how to do this step-by-step and imperceptibly, in full accordance with the logic. Instead of one "rat king" would appear a whole cast of such "mutants". Without principles, they would quickly defeat the traditional elite. Then we would find a way to give the new order the status of justice and legality. If we completely let go of the reins of fantasy, logic leads us to the formation of a democratic society. The members of the new society would themselves choose those who will eat this very society.

The rat saves from such a transformation the absence of freedom in human understanding. The absence of such a powerful intelligence, as in humans. They are guided by instinct. Instinct determines the main value of society is not food and not even the life of an individual rat, but morality. This is the foundation on which any social structure is built. For the sake of its integrity, they leave from the source of infection. While preserving the foundation, the rats retain themselves as a single society with the traditional scale of values, ultimately remaining as a species.

Human society does not have such an instinct. But it is also based on morality. If you remove this foundation, the whole construction quickly turns into a mountain of garbage, which begins to rub yourself to the state of powder, that is, when there is nowhere else to be smaller. To rub into powder means to cut off the roots, traditions, way of life and, most importantly, to nullify the moral foundations. For society, the last stage of crushing is the moment when it turns into no more than unrelated individuals. There is an atomized society, human dust, building material for a new world order.

Do you want to get an image of the processes going on at the world level? Look at the table behind which you are sitting. There are different items from different materials. Each object is like a prototype of each people. Objects are original and not connectable. While they are intact, it is impossible to create something of them. But if all of them, and a ceramic ashtray, and plastic, and paper, grind into dust and mix, will get a homogeneous mass. Then this mushy mass - under the press, and pressure will create something fundamentally new. It can be anything, any configuration, the characteristics of which even hard to guess.

The destruction of human society is carried out by the technology of the "rat king". The whole blow is concentrated on the destruction of morality. In all ways, the concept of "your own" is burned out.

The consumer society teaches: there are no ones in nature. All strangers, everything is potential food. The most optimal food is those who are nearby and consider themselves your loved ones. And he does not suspect that you really are a rat king. He believes, and you reap it.

Such "rat kings" are becoming more and more in modern society. These are the most terrible predators. They unite in groups, treating compatriots as cattle (food). Having discovered the "truth" that one can build one's happiness on someone else's misfortune, they first acted on the forehead - they "devoured" the people openly. Then they realized that the best option is to devour beautiful high words under the veil.

From the screens streamed streams of promises and high-flown words about freedom and equality. Initially, the "kings" were not going to fulfill the promised. For them it was only a means to lure "food". They were torn to key knots of a society that under a covering of beautiful words to guzzle the. Every year they gained strength, became stronger, more resourceful and dangerous. Their main danger is that they do not externally differ from healthy members of society. They have learned to camouflage themselves so that they look better than their honest fellows. But if you do not listen to words, but look at things, it's easy to see the essence of these creatures.

All the power of their mind and will is concentrated in a narrow selfish sector. They forgot how to think in terms of society and the state. They think only of themselves and their brood. They feed on their brethren in the same way as that rattle. They are many, they have incredibly bred, and their number continues to grow. They divided into small and large, breaking the country into hunting grounds, hunting and feeding places.

Small "rats", who are struggling in the criminal sector, reasoned - here lies a drunk, in his pocket money. Anyway, someone will take it. If so, why not me? And he took it slowly. Then he took it from the half-drunk. The explanation was different: he still drink, and I need money for the right things. And then he came to the idea: if everyone does not have enough money, everyone lives badly, then let the strongest survive. Then he looked for the victim, beat on the head and robbed. In the absence of morality, there is nothing to object to such logic.

In business, logic first led to the idea that a person can be fired, thrown out into the street. The course of thought is clear: if I do not throw it out, I'll burst, and eventually it will still be on the street. And I'm with him. If he is there anyway, let it be better without me. And fired.

The second stage: let it work, but you can not pay a salary. Otherwise I'll burst, and everyone will be on the street. And so the enterprise will remain. And conscious delayed payments began.

The third stage: for example, an entrepreneur consciously began to make products harmful to health. If I think about the fate of strangers, I’ll go broke. Let them think about themselves. For him, the confreres were nothing more than warm, live meat, which itself crawls in its mouth.

Politicians talked the same way. The first scrapping, eating a corpse, is a promise that it is unrealistic to fulfill it. Logic: if you do not promise with three boxes, you will not be chosen. Choose another, worse than you, who promises that his mouth will utter. Since in any case, society will be deceived, but in one case you will be among the fools, and in the second case among the elect, let there be a second option.

An analogue of the second stage of the breaking of morality, devouring a half-dead fellow, is the trade in places in its party. The logic is also clear, we need money for the elections. If you build yourself a "high school student", the money will take competitors. As a result, someone will take the money anyway, and in any case will be selected. Since it is inevitable, let it be better if I take it than someone.

The third stage, the devouring of a living and healthy fellow, is the lobbying of laws that are detrimental to society. The logic is the same. If you refuse to participate in the direct robbery of society, it will be robbed by others. The cannibalistic law will still be pushed, and if so, what difference does it make through whom it will be done? Better let through me.

Today, the political public sector is a bunch of "rats" of the last stage. They have nothing sacred, nothing personal, only business. And this process can not stop. He will improve, obeying rational logic.

Government officials, too, with the help of rational logic gradually broken morality. At first, many were shy when they were offered money. Soviet installations, that it is mean, still worked. Then the bribe was called by another word that removed the reflex to the word “bribe”, and the process started.

No one took bribes now. Now they "rolled back", "tapped" and "sawed". These were already not thieves, but respected members of society, using the "window of opportunity." The most terrible thing happened - by default and behind the scenes in the eyes of society it was legalized. A man could trade his honor. The society was entrusted to him by the general cashier, and he gave it to a predator for a bribe. A decent woman will reject the offer for money to enter into sexual relations. Officials of the consumer society, selling public goods, fell below the woman selling the body. She at least trades her own, but this stranger. In general, this was called the "business approach to life."

At a certain stage it came to the point that they offered to officially recognize: they say that the market has developed in the administrative sector with its own rules and pricing. If so, why not legalize it? Simply put, there was a proposal to legalize embezzlement and corruption, and at the same time, prostitution. They say, they all know that it is! At that time, the legalization of all three vices was rejected, but the process of decay is on, everything is changing ...

Practice shows: the emergent phenomenon, if it has roots in society and nothing can resist it, will one day be legalized. In the foreseeable future, if nothing hinders the ongoing processes, we will see what we can not present today. Everything will be sold and bought. What can not be sold, it will disappear. For example, conscience, because it evaporates at the time of sale.

The first stage of scrapping the morality of civil servants - they offered a bribe in the form of gratitude for legal, but, for example, accelerated work.

Then they offered to "eat half-dead." This was expressed in the implementation of ambiguous orders. For example, to break through the budget of financing of any school, and to take a rollback from the allocated amount. The logic is the same - you refuse, the other will agree. And here you will earn money yourself, and benefit to children.

The third stage is “eating alive and healthy.” Under a specious excuse, it is proposed to steal, for example, money for the sick. The scheme is outwardly, as a rule, very pious, the mosquito of the nose does not undermine. But knowledgeable people understood everything. And again the same logic - you will not take it, another will prompt. You'd better not do it to anyone, they will drink the budget, and you will be fools.

The "rat kings", having passed all circles of logic, were released into society. They understand their people as food. Meals they liked, and they themselves take the initiative. Appetites are growing, technology is improving, “rats” are grouped together, between which the competition begins.

To be understood, members of these groups do not consider accomplices for their own. In principle, there can not be one. They are partners who help each other to devour their fellows. As soon as the partner weakens, he is immediately devoured by former partners. No, not even the former. The devourer and the devourer continue to be partners. Even a new morality has started to be cultivated, like, there is nothing to be offended at, it's my fault that I relaxed, I just took advantage. Nothing personal, just business!

New conditions give rise to new logic. Partnership is reduced to the devouring of the weak, no matter who this weak one is, though his own brother. "Rats" remained lifelong partners, until his death. If the weakened partner, whom the brethren were about to eat, the fairly bitten person managed to escape, he began to denounce the "rat kings", took the dirty linen out of the hut. So he hoped to recover in the same place. Someone succeeded in this, and again they accepted it "in a cage," as if nothing had happened. Well, you think, you wanted to devour me, but I did not give. Now we sit together and think how to devour whom, and one after another we look, whether the partner has not weakened, whether to start eating. The deterrent is the strength of the partner and his similar willingness to devour you.

The picture we painted is just a pale reflection of the current mores. So long as people take at face value the words about freedom, happiness and equality, while they "work" with the electorate, go to the polls or participate in the "orange" revolutions, they unconsciously create a system that produces "rat kings". Some people today are devouring others. In the forehead or deceit, the technology here is secondary. The main thing is direct cannibalism. Yes, those who are above do not personally blush. This is at the lower level of the "rats" is a direct robbery of the brethren. At the top, mediated cannibalism occurs, which is also cannibalism. And on such a scale that the lower one did not even dream. The money received in the ways described above is the grief of others, suffering, death. If the "rats" shine with fat, then someone lost their lives. It only seems that the weak parted only with their wallets. No, these processes lead to the physical death of the weakest members of society. It is easy to verify this by looking at the dynamics of death and fertility.

You can not blame people for not linking corruption, corruption and unprincipledness to personal grief and personal problems. Too long a causal chain is obtained. Intuitively, they realize that they are being fooled, but that's where and how ... That's why an elite is needed so that the strong protect the weak.




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