Lana Lokteff: Feminists are spoiled by leftist ideas - women in the West have all the best

The editors of Vespa magazine present an exclusive interview with Lana Lokteff, an American right-wing journalist of Russian origin. Special thanks to Daria Andreeva for the preparation of this interview.

The struggle of right and left forces, unfolding on the European continent and in the United States, gave a new sound to the gender issue. "Women's march on Washington" is an example of the reaction of the liberal community to the coming to power of the nationalist and conservative Donald Trump. American journalist of Russian origin Lana Lochteff living in Sweden and the United States, which the media have already dubbed "Violent violinist", spoke about how the followers of Alt-right look at traditional feminism, which unites today European and American nationalists and how the Russian social and political model can be useful to the West.

- Lana, some media have started using the term "alt-feminism" in relation to you and your like-minded people. What do you think about this?

The first time I've heard about it, but they always try to stick labels on those who think differently. In my opinion, feminists are not feminine and behave like men. They compete with men. A truly feminine woman wants to be beautiful, attract the best possible partner, create a family, live in a beautiful house, be loved and take care of loved ones. Most women do not want to work in corporations and die alone, surrounded only by their cats, they do not want to work, act or have sex like men. But to call women like me "violent feminists" is meaningless. Women who value beauty, family and home are truly feminine women. The only alternative to femininity is women who behave like men.

- Please tell us about your views and ideology.

It's simple. I advocate ethno-nationalism for all without the forced multiculturalism imposed by the Marxist elites. Yes, in the world there are some regions where for a long time there was an organic mixture of ethnicities and cultures and this is fine. But now we observe unnatural mass immigration, millions of migrants are flooded by European countries, rapidly changing the demography of the local population. The world calls the occupation of Tibet by genocide, but when millions of non-Europeans flood Europe, why should we call it diversity? I know that race, ethnicity and culture are interrelated, and these aspects influence the political future of the nation. You can not import the population of the third world and expect that the Western culture of the first world will remain the same.

Hostile Marxist intellectuals from the Frankfurt School who moved to the United States infected American universities with the idea that white people are a problem for the world. This group of conspirators was obsessed with paranoia about the fact that fascism will rise again. In accordance with these thoughts, a solution was found: white countries should no longer exist, and in the long run all white people should be wiped off the face of the earth. This is done with the help of ideas of multiculturalism and education, forcing whites to hate themselves and feel guilty, which allowed other dominant cultures and peoples to migrate and seize territories. There are US college professors who tell white students to have children from mixed marriages to bring peace to the earth, putting an end to the white race.

I oppose globalism, Marxism, liberalism and American neoconservatism. I support nationalism, which stands for a family, a single culture and a policy based on the natural order of things, as opposed to liberals in the US, who deny the biological realities that they have before their eyes.

- What do you think about traditional feminism, is it possible to adapt feminist ideas to the right ideology? It is known that modern feminism is completely liberal and based on neo-Marxist theory.

- I'm not a feminist. Feminists have a distorted view of the past in which they see men as monsters, actively oppressing women. I disagree. From my point of view, European men have built a civilization for the family in order to protect women and children and have a structure that would allow the family to exist and develop. They looked at society as a large family. Then women and men did not vote separately, they voted together as a family, as a household. Women were cherished and cared for. Now feminist see it as a period of oppression of women. Even today, if a woman prefers to have children and be a housewife, in the eyes of feminists she is enslaved and needs liberation. However, today, most women prefer to stay at home and take care of their family, but instead they have to work.

From my point of view, the representative of the alternative right is the perfect modern woman. She values ​​family and kin, but does not lag behind the current political agenda and contributes to the Alt-right movement in various ways - for example, by blogging, Youtube-channel or simply supporting those who speak in public. Many of them are inspired by a pagan society, when gods and goddesses were honored, and men and women worked together in a team to ensure their own survival. They value the balance of masculine and feminine, which is not a struggle of two energies that need each other for complementarity. This makes both sexes strong.

I know different models of couples among alternative rightists and some are non-standard for the nationalist norm, since they are in unique situations in the modern world, but there is one thing that they all appreciate: a family, a nation, and they work together to ensure their existence both.

- What do you think is a real conservative woman?

- I do not call myself a conservative. However, I noticed that many conservative women in the US were imbued with feminism, albeit without hatred of men and a desire to compete with them. In general, I think that women who are in the right discourse in its broad sense, are more attractive, because they are more feminine, soft and not bitter in the male way of life.

- What do you think of Donald Trump, who is branded as a sexist? Do you agree with this? Thousands of women in pink hats came out to protest against Trump - can we say that they are fighting for women's rights?

"It seems ridiculous to me that liberals, who, as we know, are" all right "with sexual promiscuity, unexpectedly became Puritans, as soon as they learned that Trump had said the word" pussy "a few years ago. This is not the first time a man pronounces this word. But I do not think Trump is a sexist, although he loves women immensely. What rich and influential man did not meet with a huge number of beautiful women? This attack was paid for not being a supporter of leftist ideas. In addition, it is known that most presidents had some kind of sexual scandal in the past. The women who went to the rallies are spoiled by left nonsense. Women in the West have all the best. Our men gave us everything and carried us on a pedestal. There is nothing that we could not do or receive, so we made many achievements and first steps, such as flying on an airplane and into space (the first was a Russian woman). Meanwhile, these women ignore Islam and migrants who rape women in Europe. They deny the real violence and cultures of non-Western countries that hate women. Ultimately, feminists are opposed to white men, but they do not conflict with non-European patriarchal cultures of male domination.

- How do you relate to the movement of alternative right? Do you use the same methods to promote your ideas?

- I and my spouse are in charge Red Ice . We are a truly independent alternative media, fully supported by our listeners. In our arsenal - radio, TV, news, live broadcasts, mini-documentaries and comments from the point of view of Alt-right. We contributed to the advancement of Alt-right opinions and thoughts, helping to convey them to a wide audience. Meanwhile, when we started, we were not focused on issues of European / white identity as it is now. Each of us has a story, how he came to his current political views. Fortunately, we were able to attract many people who joined us.

- Tell us please about Radio 3Fourteen.

- 3Fourteen began as a talk talk show on the radio, which was devoted to various alternative topics, but today I'm mainly focused on the politics and culture of European identity. I interview with various bloggers, authors and public and political commentators every week and now also expanded my format before the video interview. The show is part of the Red Ice network, which also includes the show of my spouse Red Ice Radio. I am also the co-host of Saturday's live TV show called Weekend Warrior ("Weekend Warrior"), where we discuss the current political situation, news and entertainment from the right perspective. At the moment, this is the only alt-right talk show on the air, but we want to launch one more.

- A conference of European and American nationalists was held in Stockholm in late February, in which you accepted participation. What topics were on the agenda? What unites today the European and American new right today?

- It was an amazing collection of fighters for identity (Identitarians), where we talked about European identity, nationalism and the future of Sweden, which faced frightening changes after the left opened the door for mass immigration. European and white American nationalists, although the same state for citizens, without the imposed need to accept mass migration from non-European countries.

However, European and American white nationalists are different, as Europe has never been a “melting pot” like America. In Europe, you will never say “white nationalist”, you will say “Swedish” or “Polish nationalist”. America has become universally white. Before 1965, the population of America was about 90% whites, but we became a minority throughout the 30 years! In the past, such a rapid change in population composition and demographic jumps never happened without war. Americans never voted for this, and it happened against our will. American white nationalists want to restrict migration in order to preserve whites as the majority, since they know about the connection between race and culture. And although Trump wants to limit migration, he only talks about limiting illegal migration. America already receives more than a million people a year, and most of them are from non-European countries. Therefore, I don’t think that America will become a white country again, but instead there will be separatist movements in the future. In such multicultural societies, there is always a split.

- Liberals enjoy the support of powerful mainstream media. Do you think that we need joint media that will unite right-wing nationalists in the US, Europe and Russia?

- Yes of course. Nationalists around the world need to unite to fight against globalist propaganda that seeks to make us the same. This is already happening, many right-wing communities act together and mutually promote each other. Although left-wing media has billions of dollars at its disposal, they are still losing popularity. People should not believe the mainstream media, as they are used to, and look through the lies. Trump really helped “normies” realize that mainstream media is openly lying. They become callous, boring, devoid of any essence or truth, and therefore lose.

- You have Russian roots. Have you ever been in Russia? Do you speak Russian? Do you support Russian politics and feel closeness to Russian culture and mentality?

- I have Russian roots on both lines, mostly from Eastern Europe. My grandparents fled from the Bolsheviks to China, the Philippines and then arrived in San Francisco in the 1950. I always say that I am practically an American, and my relatives were real refugees. Two of the parents of my grandfather and grandmother died after arriving in China, because the journey was too heavy - they walked. One of my relatives along the line of the Loktevs wrote a book about this escape. When I was a child, my grandparents spoke to me only in Russian. They told me incredible stories about their struggle in Russia during the revolution. Last time, I was in Russia at the end of 1990, so I need to go back and see what has changed. Of course, I admire Russian culture and politics, it feels more native to me than America.

- In Russia, women received equal rights with men at the beginning of the 20 century, but at the same time our country has preserved its patriarchal way of life. This is a unique situation. Do you think that such an experience would be useful for Europe?

There are many things concerning Russia that could have a positive and useful impact on Europe. Fortunately, Trump is in favor of an alliance with Russia and if politicians like Marin Le Pen and other European right-wingers, who also cooperate with Russia, can win elections, an alliance between Russia, America and Western Europe that has never existed stories. This is exactly what the globalists are afraid of.

It's people like us who are fighting for real biological differences between people, and globalists, on the contrary, strive to have the same culture and the same people all over the world, and everyone would buy Coca-Cola and Big Macs. However, I think that the Marxist elites have more insidious plans. I also worry that conservatives in the US still think that Russia is a communist country, while the left, who loved red Russia, now hate it for traditionalism. That's why I want to invite as many like-minded people from Russia to the Red Ice, because so much misinformation and paranoia is spinning around Russia. Every week we hear about "Russians" in American media ...


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