The ideological weapon of globalism: the destruction of intimate shame

"I once paraded through Europe, lived in families and I know Western culture is not in the resorts, but from the inside. Always amazed at the number of people in Russia who are naively enthusiastic about the West. At the same time, they are usually very scornful of their culture. As they say, what we have, then do not appreciate it. This article acts very sobering and in a different way makes you look at what we have.

The threshold of hell is a paradise of the Western type

European model of family destruction ...

Recently my friend came from Germany, he went there with his son. The young man looked at the life of the Germans for several days and asked the pope: "Is it the norm for them to behave this way, or did we hit the wrong time and place?"

I will not list all the things that I told a friend, but the point is that to be in Germany, and indeed Europe, it became unpleasant and sometimes nasty.

What happened? Crisis so knocked down the West, that the Russians began to feel themselves behind the cordon not as "scoops" but as citizens of a great country? Or the Western consumer society, having consumed everything that can and can not, lost health, conscience and reason and this began to catch sight of our tourists?

An old Russian saying "with a nice paradise and in a hut", in most countries today is treated like this: "There will be a hut, there will be a darling, and we do not need paradise". By the way, in the English-speaking version, our saying sounds vulgar: "Love in a cottage", literally - love in a cottage. Western minds can no longer accommodate the word "hut", and "paradise" for them is sex, food and drink, but in an infinite form.

To feel like a citizen of a great country, you just need to love your Motherland and do not necessarily compare Russia with other countries. Perhaps there is much to learn abroad, but before taking for a model zamylennye Western patterns, it is useful to know what today, in fact, is a "civilized" Europe.

In the bishopric of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, it was decided to "reduce the church network" to 53 "units". Initially wanted to 80 - but still agreed to reduce the number of closed House of God by a third. In general, Germany is going to close another network of hundreds of churches, and not only Catholic, but also Lutheran. The formal reason is one - the number of believers in these denominations is shrinking at a rapid pace.

In Germany, sexual perversions have become the norm. Here they refer to homosexuality almost as a normal kind of sexual relations. The former mayor of Hamburg and the mayor of Berlin are open homosexuals.

Most parents in Germany is not experiencing that their children 14-15 years, sex, and the fact that they have no idea about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. In Germany, schools practiced sexual education of children, where homosexuality is in line with normal sexual relations.

In the German city of Saltskotten, eight families of Russian origin refused to send their children to compulsory elementary school sex education classes. For this they were subjected to a large fine. And after this measure did not affect them, the fathers of these families were sentenced to imprisonment.

Number of bulimia, ie overeating in Germany has reached a million. Obesity Growth in Germany has caused security problems in the local crematorium. Cremation of bodies is too large leads to uncontrolled fires in these institutions and increasing pollution.

In 2002, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize euthanasia. Since then, each year more than 3 thousand. People took advantage of this right. In the spring of 2012 years in the Netherlands started to work a special team headed by professional doktoromi that make euthanasia at home on call.

In large cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and others, coffeeshops have been opened with official permission to sell marijuana, hallucinogenic fungi and other light drugs. The organization of licensed coffee shops was designed to protect consumers of "light" drugs from addicts who are addicted to heavy drugs. But workers in rehabilitation centers claim that more than 90% of those treated heroin users have developed their addictions, starting with conventional grass smoking.

In 2011 on the Dutch channel BNN in a TV show titled "Proefkonijnen" the hosts Denis Storm and Valerio Zeno ate each other's meat. Before the transfer, they made an operation, during which they cut out a small piece of meat (muscle tissue), which, then, already in the transfer they prepared and ate.

In the Netherlands, a political party has been registered that upholds the rights and freedoms of pedophiles, BBC News reports. The party called Charity, Freedom and Diversity (NVD) intends to fight for reducing the age at which to enter into sexual relations, from 16 to 12 years, as well as for legalizing sex with animals (zoophilia) and child pornography.

In the UK, the same closed parishes. And where we have recently appealed to the faithful to God, open shopping centers and even pubs.

The Government of the United Kingdom supported the ban on British workers and employees for openly wearing crosses, justifying the dismissal for such an act. For that, this same government allowed to sell invented in Switzerland, children's condoms. In Britain, they also took care of the health of young girls. Oxfordshire students were given the opportunity ... to order emergency contraception via SMS messages. Tablets are given to girls by school nurses. Use such a modern service can schoolgirls who have reached 11 years. This program was developed by the local administration and the regional branch of the Foundation for First Aid.

In Norway, the level of morality has fallen below all possible boundaries. At parades sexual perverts there are children who are kept in the hands of the banners promoting homosexuality and same-sex unions. Parades sodomites in this straane became public, wide holiday.

The organs of juvenile justice fully control the behavior of parents and children. The main thesis of the authorities is that biological parents should no longer have a priority in the upbringing of their own children. Parents can be punished right up to the withdrawal of the child, even for the treatment of children with sweets. The amount of sweet must be strictly controlled.

In Norway it is legally forbidden to cry, tears are a sign of emotional instability. Tears of the mother of children who have lost their children due to juvenile justice, in court will be proof that it is unstable or crazy, and only exacerbate the "blame".


In the Swedish capital Stockholm 90% of the dead cremated, 45% urn relatives do not take away. In the vast majority of the funeral are "without ceremony." Employees of the crematorium do not know whose remains are specifically burned, for on the urns there is only an identification number. For economic reasons, the energy received from burned urns is optionally included in the heating of their own house or in the heating system of the city.

At 2010 in Sodermalm, the Stockholm area, the staff of the institution replaced the "he" and "she", in Swedish, respectively, "han" and "hon", with the sexless word "hen", which is not in the classical language , but there is a common usage among homosexuals. According to the Swedish Association of Sexual Equality (RFSL), in Sweden more than 40 thousand children have parents (or one parent) - homosexuals.

In 1998 in Sweden sensation was the exhibition of the photographer Elizabeth Olson, depicting Christ and his apostles homosexuals. The exhibition was very popular, of course, primarily among homosexuals. One of the places where it was held, was the chair of the Lutheran Church.

In 2003-2004 years after the speech of Pastor Oke Green, who in his sermon condemned homosexual relationships, calling them sinful. For "disrespect for the sexual minority" the pastor was convicted by the Court of First Instance for a month of imprisonment.

In 2009 was an open lesbian Eva Brunne was elected as bishop of the Diocese of Stockholm.

The juvenile system in Western Europe has become a punitive body destroying families. For example, in Sweden, an average of 12 thousand children are taken away from their parents annually. The pretext can be "mistakes in upbringing", "mental underdevelopment of parents" and even "excessive care".

Since 1979 years here there is an absolute ban on corporal punishment of children. Parents can not give the child away with a slap, pull the ear or raise it voice. For the punishment of the child threatens to 10 years in prison. Even kindergarten children are in detail informed about their rights and the need to inform the police about such incidents. And they use it. It takes the side of the child in conflict of interest between the interest of the child and the parent state.

Poor Danish women are forced to do abortions under the threat of seizing an already existing child: "My social worker told me that if I want a daughter who I already have to stay with me, I must have an abortion," said a young woman in an interview with "Copenhagen Post. " Peter Brugge, the head of the social service, is convinced that his subordinate had the right to mention abortion: "... they should be aware of the possible consequences if they suddenly decide to give birth to another child."

In Denmark, along with the usual brothels, where anyone can satisfy their sexual fantasies, there are brothels allowed, where people pay for sex with horses and other animals.

This type of services has also become widespread in countries such as Norway, Germany, Holland and Sweden. Until there are any excesses, and until neither people nor animals suffer from this, the governments of these countries will not impose a ban on the provision of such services ...

The Monk Anthony the Great said: "The time comes when people will be mad, and if they see someone who is not insane, they will rise up against him and say:" You are insane, "because he is not like them."

Hell is the absence of love. Then how to name those places, cities and countries where people heat their dwelling with ashes of relatives, make temples from brothels, legalize sexual perversions and take away children from their parents?

The spiritual degradation of Western society is the result of renouncing people from God and turning them to idols with the names "wealth", "lust" and "well-being".

Today in Russia we are trying to impose various forms of insanity, which have long been considered the norm in Western countries. But our country remains great precisely because we can not accept the obvious evil as the norm. We can not call sin righteousness, even if sin is legal. Those who do so in our country, either agents or traitors, or forgot to remove the "green glasses" bought in 90-x on sale somewhere on the outskirts of Finland.

"The absence of intimate shame is a sign of schizophrenia"

We live in a society in which gross psychiatric symptoms - precisely those symptoms that belong to real psychiatry - stand out as models of fashion and behavior, says Irina Medvedeva, director of the Public Institute for Demographic Security.

Psychiatric lesions lead to a violation of morality, and moral distortion necessarily entail mental strain.

According to Medvedeva, there is an artificial mental contamination of the Russian people, especially the younger generation, and even children. Sometimes this is called "sexual enlightenment", sometimes something else is suggested, while all sorts of mucks, poisonous for the morality of man, for his psyche are served in very beautiful "humanistic tricks."

"Pay attention," says the psychiatrist, "now you're actively promoting sloppy dirty greasy hair, ragged stockings, torn jeans, coat or shirts of different lengths, or buttoned up the wrong buttons. In psychiatric hospitals they know that in the history of the disease there is such a graph: the patient's neatness. If the patient is not neat, this is an indicator of a very serious psychiatric disorder. When a person constantly wears ragged socks or stockings, does not wash his hair or improperly clasps his shirt, this is a psychiatric symptom, which today, unfortunately, exists as a sign of youth fashion. "

"Or we'll take the heroes of many militants and thrillers - these are super-strong people who solve their problems, crushing and destroying all the living and nonliving on their way. This effect in psychiatry is called hypoid schizophrenia, which combines juvenile pathological cruelty with pathological stupor of the heart, that is pathological insensibility, "Medvedev notes.

Another quality of man is excessive rationalism, which today is imposed as pragmatism. This is also a sign of schizophrenia. The commoner often thinks that the schizophrenic is irrational. This is not true. Schizophrenic is excessively rational, but insensitive. In fact, "less emotion, more pragmatism" - and the ideologists of the new fashion are urging young people today, but this is a very difficult symptom.

And what is the destruction of intimate shame from the point of view of psychiatry? In the opinion of Irina Medvedeva, "this is not just the imposition of various kinds of perversions, such as voyeurism (when television shows what is happening in other people's bedrooms), but also the popularization of sexopathological abnormalities. And sexopathology is part of psychopathology. "

But the most important thing in destroying intimate shame is that when telling young people about safe sex, they are pushed to satisfy sexual interest, belittling the value of family-marriage relations, which are an essential element in building a normal psyche. In their absence, various violations are unavoidable, very painful for the psyche. This leads, in particular, to the mental degradation of the whole society. "




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