Inferiority complex or the third commandment of tolerance

The society, which since childhood is inculcated with an inferiority complex as a kind of thinking and behavior, becomes more manageable and ready to tolerate all tricks and bullying by minorities.

Let us continue our consideration of such an interesting and at the same time ambiguous phenomenon of globalism as a "tolerance" that has filled everyone with a bit of a head.

First, we define the term "inferiority complex". So, scientists give an unambiguous definition: inferiority complex - This is a set of psychological and emotional sensations of a person, expressed in the feeling of their own inferiority and irrational belief in the superiority of others over themselves. The inferiority complex arises due to various reasons, such as: discrimination, mental trauma, their own mistakes and failures, etc. An inferiority complex significantly affects one’s well-being and behavior.

It would seem, what has the inferiority complex to do with it? For example, seeming happy and respectable in front of the lenses of hundreds of camcorders of propagandists of the new world order, sexual perverts proudly declare their "peculiarity"? But with that! The overwhelming majority of these same homosexuals are deeply unhappy people, in the depths of their hearts they perfectly understand the whole deplorable state of their situation, that in fact their attraction does not correspond to the norm. Because of this, they suffer from an inferiority complex. In fact, all their actions are done on the principle - you can not and do not want to change yourself, change the world around you. And then their actions are explained from the point of view of psychology.

So, what needs to be done to mitigate their emotional turmoil about their deviations?

first - you need to scream with all your might that these deviations are normal. Try to convince others (and with the help of this myself in the first place) that their deviations are a norm, and not a perversion, as is commonly believed in a conservative, traditional society. Never thought what kind of word is "gay"?

Gay (English gay) - English adjective, originally meant "carefree", "cheerful", "bright, theatrical." However, in modern English (with 1960-x-1970-x), this word is usually used as a noun or adjective, which denotes same-sex sexual orientation - homosexuality.

In his book "Love of Heavenly Color", the sociologist and sexologist IS Kon writes: "Gay" is not just a man who loves men, but a bearer of special self-consciousness, a member of the corresponding subculture, a community or organization, a fighter for his civil rights, etc. But why is this word chosen? In fact, it is for the most part not just a word, but an abbreviation, derived from three words literally translated into Russian as "not worse than you" (good as you - gay). You feel, in the phrase itself, an attempt is made to convince oneself and others that homosexuality is the norm.

That is why, homosexuals organize gay parades and in every possible way try to promote their sexual desires to the majority. Their actions are tantamount to the fact that if a person, losing one hand, would run through the cities and villages of our vast homeland, cutting to the right and left all the counterparts and transverse limbs, shouting at the same time that in fact the absence of one hand is the norm, and have two hands - a relic, unacceptable to modern man. Is it funny? However, there is nothing to laugh at here, it's time to cry, considering that our society suffers from such destructive activity, primarily children and young people, who were not defined with a value choice. And all because of the complexes, some other people's uncles and aunts, or what do they call themselves?

Second Is the distortion of historical reality or the search for "one's own" among the great historical figures. It is done to cheer yourself up and convince everyone around you by transferring your ailments to other personalities who have left their mark on world history, and thus to prove to everyone that their deviation is not only the norm, but also a sign of extraordinary, positive spiritual qualities. For example, heard a bike that supposedly Spartans were homosexuals? Here's a typical example. This is nothing but the transfer of their vices to others, the desire to prove to society that all such manifestations are a norm, even a distinctive feature of genius. The usual self-justification of complexed.

The third - you need to make it so that everything around the complex. Then a person who has mental instability, it will be a little easier to realize that he is not the only one who suffers, but everything around. That is why the majority through the media imposed a feeling of guilt in front of a minority and hang labels. For example, a person who opposes gay propaganda (so-called homophobia) is accused of latent (hidden) homosexuality, a Christian who adheres to traditional religious beliefs - obscurantism, a Muslim - potential terrorism, a person proud of his nation - Nazism and racism and etc.

The white population, especially in the US, is constantly nuzzling that their ancestors were engaged in slavery and therefore their descendants are obliged to all black for life. Europeans are accused of being descendants of the colonialists and therefore should shelter themselves from all the people from their former colonies. It is not so important who and what to blame, the main thing is the very fact of forcible and persistent imposition of accusations against society. And all at the same time should be ashamed and ask for forgiveness for what they personally are not to blame. Why is this done? Everything is very simple, for the triumph of a new world order it is necessary that the majority submissively bow to the minority and to any unreasonable minority aggression, be it a terrorist attack, or the procession of homosexuals would find an excuse in their heads: "Oh, because they suffered from us ... we are to blame ... we deserve it, "" we made them so bad. "

Thus, a society that since childhood has been inculcated with an inferiority complex as a kind of thinking and behavior becomes more manageable and ready to tolerate all the tricks and bullying of minorities. In this case, this is done according to the plan of ideologists and architects of globalism, and the guides of these ideas are the minorities, who are vaguely suspecting of this, guided by their psychological characteristics.

Ideologists of globalism skillfully play on any human weaknesses, for them all means are good, for the sake of achieving a cherished goal.

To be continued

Andrey Dorosh

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