The silence of the majority or the first commandment of tolerance

To date, one of the most effective rams aimed at destroying the national and cultural identity is obsessive tolerance. Modern neoliberal ideology, is aimed at completely rejecting any ideological and cultural principles of the majority (still the majority) in favor of the minority (still minorities).

At the same time, it is paradoxical that the rights of the overwhelming majority of citizens are absolutely not taken into account by the "advanced" ideologists of our time. Propagating the notorious tolerance of the majority, the fighters for world peace, do not require any concessions from minorities, in relation to the majority.

In this case, we are talking primarily about sexual, national and religious minorities that may completely disregard the rights of the majority, and may violate the rights of the majority by their actions, which they actually do with pleasure. At the same time, most are commanded to remain silent! And if someone tries to counteract the aggressive behavior of minorities, unfortunate defenders of traditional morality will immediately be hung with a negative label, as an example: a racist, a xenophobic, a fascist, a Nazi, an extremist (we will examine in greater detail the meaning of such terms in the next article of this series) it all depends on the specific situation.

Thus, it turns out that any representative of the majority is simply obliged to compromise with its traditional ideas and principles for the sake of the minority, which in turn not only does not want to integrate into the majority, but also in every way puts out for public view what it considers natural and correct, t .e. in fact, there is a process of imposing minority norms on the overwhelming majority.

Well, what happens next is the most interesting. There are a lot of examples here, but we will dwell on the most common - the parade of sexual minorities. For any traditional religion, such an event is not natural. On the contrary, he is severely condemned! But in view of the fact that the ideologists of neo-liberalism did not want to spoil the majority, with its obsolete (according to the above-mentioned ideologists) principles, such parades are held in cities practically all over the world. And just try to provide at least some resistance, referring to violation of your rights, you will immediately hang a negative label, and then there will come a persecution in all strictness of the current legislation. Consequently, to impose the majority of minority norms on the ideology of left liberalism, they use their main weapon - the fear of a citizen before negative labels and public condemnation. And if no minority action can even be criticized, then most require only silence or approval, the third is not given.

Thus, the majority is deprived of the right not only to condemn, but also to protest against the norms imposed on it by the minority, even though the minority grossly offends the moral and ethical standards of the majority, and sometimes even jeopardizes the safety of society by their actions.

The result - The first precept of tolerance is the silence of the majority!! If there is no silence of the masses, then there is a natural protest against unacceptable norms, there is condemnation and criticism, which in turn are factors restraining a minority from any reckless acts. But in the absence of such counteraction, the spread of negative phenomena for the majority inevitably begins. Any minority becomes more bold, all the more aggressive is its demonstration of its norms and rules in society. And even the most disgusting stupidity becomes the norm ....

Under the submissive silence of the majority

To be continued

Andrey Dorosh

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