Terror in the Name of Tolerance or the Second Commandment of Tolerance.

It would seem a strange phrase: tolerance for people whose worldview, behavior radically differ from the generally accepted standard, and terror, whose aim is to persecute people for their beliefs and participate in social protest against what they consider unacceptable for themselves, because of their beliefs and morally moral qualities or traditional religious views .... However, as practice shows, in the modern world there are notorious "Human rights" and "freedom of speech", but not for everyone!

Neo-liberalism and the new left recognize these rights only for the so-called groups, which, in the opinion of the "pre-eminent fathers of mankind", are oppressed.

Perhaps because of some peculiarities they were persecuted because of the specific nature of the representation of traditional European culture, various social institutions. But over time the situation has changed. Now the "strangled groups" and the left-liberal "elite" persecute everyone else. In many cases, the struggle for a tolerant, soulless world acquires truly cosmogonic, fantastic outlines, reminiscent of the usual schizophrenic delirium of the average mad mid-twentieth century. But, unfortunately, it became a reality ... a harsh reality of our time.

For example, not so long ago in the US a white teenager, 17-year-old Anthony Dwight, filed a lawsuit against his parents for having given birth to him as a European, and not as a representative of a Negroid race. This is reported by the World News Daily Report.

According to Dwight, he, as a child, "tried to wash away the whiteness of his skin" for hours, but he did not succeed. "Are there not enough white people on earth yet? Have not we brought enough racism and oppression to it? "The young man asked, talking to reporters.

The satirical American publication reports that Dwight's judicial representative, a certain Robert Hoffmann, explaining his client's position, said: "Why should he bear the burden of hundreds of years of slavery and racism only because his parents from their selfish interests decided to bring another white child to the world ? "

Dwight wants to sue the parents 20 thousand dollars, which, according to his calculations, should be enough for procedures to change the skin color to black. Dwight, after turning black, is going to take the name Jamal Freeman.

I wonder what would have been done with this young man in modern American society, if everything were the other way round, i.e. An African American teenager would have sued his parents for having given birth to him in black and thereby violating his rights? The situation is predictable. The young man would immediately be declared a racist who subjected African Americans to racial discrimination. I am sure that he would be immediately prosecuted against him with all the ensuing consequences.

Another interesting fact. Movement Black Lives Matter, acting in the US, acting as if in defense of America's black population openly calls for the redistribution of property belonging to the white population in favor of the black. And no persecution! Is not this racism? Is not it racial discrimination? She is the most. The only difference is that this racism is not white, but black. And if it is black, it means that there is nothing illegal in this, because the black population oppressed the white .... Here it is, the logic of the new World Order. Do not dare to stammer on the violation of the rights of the white population. Any statement in defense of the white population is extremism! Indeed, what is allowed to Jupiter, then the bull is not allowed ....

Not so long ago, the Norwegian police banned the rally of outraged parents whose children are trained in new tolerant educational technologies that necessarily include sexual education, regular communication with LGBT activists propagating the "advanced" values ​​of modern society, namely homosexuality and various sexual perversion.

So what is it like not terror in relation to people who have a different, not homosexual orientation? The real persecution. And most importantly, such actions by the Norwegian authorities, applicable to rightly indignant parents, are in conflict with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on Human Rights and all other international rights and agreements. Gay parade to conduct in an enlightened Europe is possible, but to protect the right of children to childhood without corruption is impossible!

Here you have the end of freedom, the beginning of oppression by a minority (which quickly turns into a majority) of the majority. Terror against the family, the church and thus the traditional state as an institution. It is nothing less than the genocide of the white population of Europe and America. On the consequences of the genocide of the indigenous population of Europe and about what it will lead to in the near future, we will talk in detail a second time.

Now let's touch on the events in Russia. It's no secret that there are plenty of people and organizations lobbying the interests of "oppressed" minorities here. At the same time, they actively use the principle of introducing their agents of influence into various social institutions, then through them they broadcast their ideas to the broad masses, try to manipulate the public consciousness, and organize persecution at the legal level of active citizens defending the right of the majority to preserve their cultural and ethnic characteristics. It's about hidden agents of influence, their name is legion.

There are also open agents of influence who have received the fair name of "pro-Western organizations" in the people: first of all, human rights defenders of all stripes, the so-called "anti-fascist" organizations (acting as combat groups), LGBT communities and separate groups of perverts of all stripes.

Mostly their activities aimed at imposing their "advanced" values ​​on society can be divided into: (1) cultural terror (the holding by various communities of the dubious reputation of theatrical productions, the production and display of specific films, the publication of propaganda literature, the development and introduction of morally corrupt programs in schools and universities, the organization of zombie marches, gay parades, clubs with specific interests, "live libraries" .P.). At the same time, all this is presented under the sauce of tolerance, advanced European views. The only goal is to prepare a fertile ground for the adoption of relevant laws, which in turn will put everything on its head. All that is required at the beginning is to destroy the people's masses of natural rejection of what was yesterday considered impossible and unacceptable. A kind of preparation for the cultural revolution, and in some cases the very real revolution, which was termed "orange." As Professor Preobrazhensky said: "Razorha occurs first in the minds".

(2) Physical terror - an attack on leaders of conservative organizations, activists, scientists, journalists, politicians who defend and protect the people’s right to be themselves and to preserve their identity. The goal is physical destruction, serious bodily harm, intimidation. In fairness, I note that such cases are not so widespread, but they do occur. Such methods were not widely used, not because the leftists, as some people think, are peaceful and not bloodthirsty, but because they are very tricky and cruel guys, and they are also well aware that martyrs are nothing but seeds. faith (hence conservative ideology), they learned this lesson very well, and therefore physical terror is carried out by them only on the occasion of extreme necessity, or by their mentally unbalanced supporters.

Moreover, why should you dirty your hands if there are many much more effective and inconspicuous ways to break an unwanted person, to destroy an unwanted public association.

(3) Legal terror - carried out by left-liberal “human rights” communities in alliance with the existing lobby in power structures. It is extremely aggressive in nature, aimed at suppressing the activity of any "intolerant" groups and individuals who adhere to traditional values ​​and are able to defend their beliefs. And increasingly, such persecution ends with large fines, bans, and often real deadlines against those individuals to whom artificially grown pseudo-cultural pseudo-values ​​are alien.

(4) Moral and psychological terror - is carried out with the help of controlled media, social networks, the environment of the victim of left-wing liberalism. Participation in the organization of persecution is accepted by all interested persons, from among those who practice tolerance and left liberalism as a religion (this will be discussed in our next conversation). As a rule, applies to leaders of conservative organizations, citizens who have an active personal position, scientific or religious figures. The goal is to discredit, at any cost, an individual enemy of the new world order in the eyes of the broad masses of the people, and also to take the victim out of psychological equilibrium, simply to morally trample.

(5) Social and Economic Terror - harming the defender of the traditional social system by exerting pressure on his direct leadership through existing agents of influence. It's no secret that many people who are not indifferent to the fate of their people and state, soon lost their jobs or started to experience serious pressure from their colleagues and management. Personally, I know about a dozen similar examples, and they all had a precedent not in some tolerant Sweden or the Netherlands, but in the Russian Federation. Already here and now! And the struggle unfolds with might and main, gaining momentum without sparing anyone!

All in the name of a new world order!

And who is right and who is not, the new judges will decide - the executioners of tolerance!

To be continued.


Andrey Dorosh

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