Right of the "ultra-right" National Front or 20 years before the disaster in France

In France, where the mixture of nations encouraged by the state led to the fact that on the platform of the Northern Station in Paris there are often only Africans and there are no whites (even Arabs), it is not easy to be to the right of the National Front, which was branded ultra-right and "fascist".

However, we found a party to the right of which only the wall. The Secretary General of the French Nationalist Party (Parti nationaliste français) Andre Gandillon told the author of VESPA magazine Igor Sivtsevsky about what awaits France after the election victory of Emmanuel Macron and his party Forward, Republic, about the future of the party Marin Le Pen and the enemies of the followers of Joan of Arc. According to his forecast, in 20-30 years in France in its traditional form can not be.

- In France there were elections of the president and the national assembly, on which Emmanuel Macron and his party "Forward, the Republic" won. What does the political landscape of the country look like now?

- Macron created the media. He could not have won without the support of journalists and the money of the transatlantic dark forces. But he will have to give this debt, work out the support - to weave France, which previously was independent, into the globalist networks. Despite the fact that the French do not want this. We're not Anglo-Saxons! We have our own way, life style and we want to keep it. And the European bureaucrats from Brussels and the atlantists want to bind our country even more tightly to their organizations. Macron is their man for them. Yes, he received a majority in the new national assembly, but many voters did not take part in the elections - as many as 56%! This is very much. Many French people have ceased to be interested in politics, justifying it by the fact that the authorities are doing what they want. Indifference seized many.

And when the economy weakens and it is necessary to change the rules of the game for the workers, what will happen in France? Today, there are striking differences between cities and rural areas - small towns and villages. Cities and students chose Macron, but the workers and peasants voted against him. And the current government does not represent these parts of the people.

- What will the new Macro of France bring in the coming years?

- Macron has a guru - Jacques Attali (one of the architects of the globalist project, the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and a prominent member of the Bilderberg club). And now it is absolutely clear that France will be woven into the transatlantic government. Prime Minister Edouard Philip is also an atlantist. These people are in France, but they are not French in their minds. I hope that people will wake up after the socio-economic situation worsens.

- Why did not win Marine Le Pen? Many hoped that, after Breckzit and Trump, it would be a continuation of a series of choking choices for globalists.

- The ruling class demonized Marine Le Pen, it is exhibited by the fascist, all over France are reminded of the Second World War with reference to Le Pen and the slogan: “We don’t want a repetition!”. Therefore, no one hears her words that she is a supporter of democracy. Her father Jean-Marie Le Pen at the time of the Fourth Republic was a center-right deputy of the National Assembly and the National Front itself is, in fact, a center-right party. But the political system of France as a whole is left, so the National Front turned out to be right-wing radical.

In my opinion, today she has no chance to become president. Governments and presidents create media and secret societies. The French Republic has become a Masonic republic, one should not only confuse the name with the republican form of government. It is an ideologically Masonic state. And if there are people like Marin Le Pen, who oppose this system, then they do not have the opportunity to get into the government.

- Then what is the future of the National Front?

In my opinion, in the coming years this will be a niche party, including for right-wing Republicans. It will remain right-wing and will be able to get 15-20% of the votes, not more. At the same time, left-wing radicals, such as Unredeemed France, led by Jean-Luc Melenchon and the like, will remain at the level of 20% popularity. In the middle will be the centrists.

- Is the new political force that has emerged in France, led by the president and his “Forward, Republic” movement, to radically change the existing political landscape?

This movement gathered socialists and right-wing centrists who are Republicans. For a long time these people communicated and built bridges with each other. They are right-wing socialists and left-wing republicans who sit in the National Assembly. The movement is new, but in it all the same people.

- Is it possible in the future in France the same political upheaval as Brexit or the election of Trump?

- This can happen, but only in a revolutionary situation, when the French take to the streets and organize a riot and strike.

- It is likely that the prerequisite for this should be an economic crisis?

Yes, it is possible. Today, there is speculation all around. The last crisis of the year 2008 taught no one anything and therefore the situation is shaky. I believe that this economic and financial situation will not last long.

- What is the Party of French Nationalists?

- The founders of the party wrote a program, including provisions on the independence of the financial system of the country and a fair economy. Fairly liberal, but with a strong state power. We are participating in the struggle for Europe, its Christian values ​​against left liberalism, against the transatlantic peg and globalism. Our task is to build a confederative Europe consisting of nation states.

European civilization from Iceland to Vladivostok is almost the same and we do not need a struggle between our peoples. We are also concerned that in Siberia there are only a few million Russian Europeans, while in neighboring China there are billions. Another of our pressing problems is the establishment of Islamist order in Central Asia, because, in fact, our people face the same problems.

For the French government today, our party is worse than the National Front. We explain to people questions of history, economics, philosophy, Catholicism (after all, France is still a Catholic country like Russia!) And thus create an elite that understands where we came from and where we want to come.

- How many members does the party have?

- 400, but this is our strong backbone. We have a branch in the province of Lyon, in the largest cities of France. As a general secretary, I travel from city to city all year round and talk with people, including people who are far from our ideas. Our party has developed a doctrine of nationalism, which is not an ideology, it is based on history and national experience. It opens the eyes of the French to the understanding of today's world.

- Does the party intend to participate in the elections?

- In the elections you can participate if you have money. Such participation is a way of propaganda. But we are not going through the elections to go to the government. The current authorities will do everything so that we do not get there. But the situation in France and in the West with radical Islam is such that the current political system will not last long. We are preparing the elite, and when the political situation rolls into the abyss, we will be able to create a government of the French tradition. Everything is unpredictable. Remember, a hundred years ago, World War I changed the whole of Europe. And World War II made Europe hostage to the US and global capital.

- How many “Nefranzuzs” live in France today?

- Between 10 and 15%. Most of them are Muslims.

- How fast is this number growing?

- Today, the French, like the Germans, have few children. And the visitors have many children and in the coming years their number will grow significantly. It is possible that in the coming 20 years, Muslims will make up a third of the population of France. At the same time, Muslims do not change their way of life in our country, and when there are a lot of them, they will want to create an Islamic republic in France. Imams in mosques we are already talking about this. Today, they won't be able to do this with 15 percent, but when they are one-third, and a significant part of the French are old by then, they will try.

- What will happen then, your forecast?

The French, to whom France is dear, will raise the uprising, and it may come to a serious confrontation. But, of course, not only in France, but also in Germany and other countries of Western Europe. Our struggle is directed to the future.

- What do you think, how many years are left before the civil war in the West: 20-30-50?

It's hard to say, but I think 20-30 years.

- What role can Russia play in this conflict in the future?

- Vladimir Putin mentioned the threat of separation of the West and Russia at the security conference in Munich at 2007 ... What can Russia do for Western Europe? Russia can increase its economic power. We do not live in the times of Tsar Nicholas I, who in 1849, at the request of the Austrian government, sent troops into Hungary ...

Today, Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe look much healthier than the West. For us, this is hope. The policy of confrontation with Russia is not our policy. Our civilization has the same interests, it doesn't matter whether it is Russia or France. But the financial and other forces that rule in Brussels, New York and Washington oppose our civilization. These are our enemies.


Igor Sivtsevsky

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