Vikings and Window Overton

The liberal-liberal media began to broadcast the idea that the real Vikings professed Islam. The bosh is unimportant, but on the other hand it is vital to justify the Islamization of Scandinavia.

A few days ago the curious news came on the Internet: archaeologist Annika Larsson and her colleagues from Uppsala University suggested that some Vikings practiced Islam in the 9th-10th centuries. In favor of this assumption is a previously revealed fragment of silk fabric on which the name of Allah and the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad Ali ibn Abu Talib was embroidered. According to scientists, if among the Vikings were Muslims, this could explain the popularity of silk in Scandinavia of those times.

Despite the fact that Swedish scientists have only just gently expressed the assumption, the left-liberal media have picked up this story and carried it into the world under the headlines that the real Vikings professed Islam.

Your face, when you learn that your god is not One, but Allah.

The bosh is unreal, but on the other hand it is vital to justify the Islamization of Scandinavia, so everything is logical.

It should be noted that the Russian branch of “National geographic” refused from unequivocal assessments and simply wondered how Muslim attributes got into the graves of the Vikings. Knowing the left-liberal background of the western “National geographic”, this material looks suspiciously sensible, but we make an amendment to the fact that this is the Russian version of the publication. I am sure that in the near future a large study on this topic will be published with the necessary conclusions and discoveries. And confidence in this was not born from scratch.

It is curious that the topic of crossing the Islam and the Vikings has already been thrown out most recently in the coolest series "Vikings".

The plot was something like this: in the 16 series 4 season, adhering to the shores of Muslim Spain, the Vikings devastate the city inhabited by Arabs, but amazed by the singing of the muezzin and the magnificence of the Floquet service does not allow the survivors to be killed in the mosque, and his wife Helga adopts and takes with him an orphaned Arab girl. Islam in this series, compared with Christianity in earlier series, was shown very complimentary. Well, now there are Swedish scientists too. What a coincidence!

In general, delightful stories about how the Vikings loved Islam are just beginning. The Overton window has already been opened, so believe me, what you saw is still flowers, all the berries are in front.

Floki, who does not tolerate the spirit in the spirit and for several seasons kills them with packs, suddenly falls in love with Islam and stands up for the protection of Muslims. It's so sweet and poltitkorrektno.

According to the "Vikings", another thing should be noted: each new season became more liberal than the previous one. If in the first two seasons everything was Nordic hardcore, then starting with the third season, frank leftism began: Lagerta got a girlfriend-lesbian, Ragnar sat down on the drug that his slave-Asian got to him, Floki eventually became enamored with Islam.

The series is certainly very cool, but what will happen next?

Black dwarf-transgender, raised in a same-sex family, will become a king?

Dmitry Orlov


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