What should a right conservative do in the era of globalization?

The first and most obvious thing is to fight against globalization and the left-liberal ideology that generated it. But how? We are divided, deprived of resources, we (our ancestors) renounced our nations, temples, traditions and brought the leftists into the house, and when they came to, it was too late. They are everywhere. In all structures of power, they exist even in the Church. We are doomed?

But no matter how it is! The first thing that really should be remembered for each of us is that we should not be afraid. After all, what are we really afraid of, what cold horror hides us with our dead frost?

We, the right, adore the human heritage. For us, everything or almost everything is valuable. This leftists are ready to destroy the old world to the ground in order to build a new one. And what about us? We cry on the humiliated Bolsheviks of Russia. The connection of times is broken. But this is a lie, the connection of times is preserved, as long as we remember our past. We are experiencing, they say, Sweden is decomposing into an unknown tolerant slime, and Ireland has accepted gay marriages. So let it be. Let the old world, so beloved, we rub in the dust. The grave does not carry away the modest charm of the Midwest, nor the flag of the South African Union, nor the Victorian style.

We, of course, should love and appreciate the achievements of mankind in the era of Tradition. But in order to plunge into this glorious time, we should not waste our efforts on meaningless and useless attempts to preserve the illusion of the old order. We must preserve ourselves, our idea, our worldview. The first Christians fought in the catacombs and slept on the bones of their brothers. Huge temples, lavish liturgies and hundreds of saints appeared later. And in the beginning Christians lost everything. They lost God, they let Him die in their arms. But without this death there would be no new life.

Today we are talking about Russian monarchism, Polish nationalism, the American alternative right movement. But we should not talk about this. Do not look at this point. When the liberally red leftist foam drains from the stones of mankind, then the bones of Hungary, Germany, Japan, Utah, etc. will open to our gaze. And life will glisten in the Russian spirit, in Gallic culture, in German or Hungarian, or maybe in the Japanese way of life. Today's attempts at national revenge in a number of countries and regions are only small pebbles that hinder the millstones of leftist regression. But these stones, of course, will achieve a monstrous mechanism. But they themselves will crumble into dust.

We need to keep in ourselves, in the community, in the cell, in the clubs, our spirit of Traditionalism. Parties and movements are the past and the far future. Only by preserving our culture for ourselves, and not for an abstract national state, do we have the chance to accumulate it so much that it will give good shoots on the ruins left after the leftist storm.

Artem Birlov

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