Evan McLaren: "When we arrange another procession, then you will definitely hear about this!"

Developed after the victory of Donald Trump, the infatuation of leftists and black racists spread like a fire throughout North America and grew into demolition of the Confederation's monuments and a campaign to rewrite history. Goals far-reaching: to begin with, under the pretext of the struggle for equality, to erase from it the heroic past of the Southern States, so that in the end, the stone on the stone will not leave the historical heritage of all whites on the continent, beginning with Columbus.

Evan McLaren, Executive Director of the Institute of National Policy. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Kenyon College and a Doctor of Law degree from the Law School in Carlisle.

The action gave birth to opposition: at the monument to General Robert Edward Lee in Charlottesville (Virginia), which was attacked by cultural Marxists, gathered his defenders. In August, after a night rally with torches under the slogan “You will not replace us!”, Clashes between supporters of the general and defenders began. The result of the fights, including the use of the car that had rammed the crowd, was one dead and 34 victims. However, in October, the next torch procession took place at the monument. Executive Director of the National Policy Institute (American Alt-Wright Intellectual Center) Evan McLaren (Evan McLaren) told the author of the journal of the conservative revenge "VESPA" Igor Sivtsevsky about those who came to the defense of the monument in the crisis time of the struggle for the racial identity of the United States.

"Who are all the people gathered at the torchlight processions in Charlottesville?"

"There were three separate torchlight processions in Charlottesville." On the processions in May and October came people with whom we are directly connected - it's either employees Institute of National Policy or members of groups with whom we maintain friendly relations. For example, on both marches there were numerous supporters of the organization "European Identity" (Identity Evropa). And in the August march took part a much larger number of indifferent, including those with whom we are not directly related.

- Why exactly after the election of US President Donald Trump the movement to rewrite the history of the country and ban the legacy of the Confederation has risen?

- There are many complex reasons why such a powerful movement developed against Trump and one of the important parts of the White Heritage, which are the symbols of the Confederation. The struggle for a change in the country's racial identity has been going on for a long time, and it is now reaching a crisis point. Those who aspire to such a change, as well as those who oppose it, and also those who are just beginning to understand its significance, feel that we are approaching a potentially decisive historical moment.

- The authorities of Charlottesville have already decided what they will do with the monument to General Lee?

"I'm not sure the Charlottesville authorities made the final decision about what to do with the monument." However, regardless of this, we are going to continue demonstrations to preserve this monument, as well as other similar ones throughout the country.

"Are you going to rebuild the monument to" Guys wearing gray uniforms, "which was dropped on the ground in Durham, North Carolina?"

"Personally, I do not know how things stand with the monument in Durham."

- How often are you going to hold torchlight processions? Can they be expected in other cities?

- The processions will be continued. We will conduct them from time to time. And when we arrange another procession, then you will definitely hear about it!

Igor Sivtsevsky

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