Organizers of the torchlight procession in Charlottesville are preparing for judicial battles

The level of freedom of speech in the US is again off scale. Leftist activists and antifa have sued one of the main organizations of alto-raytov in the United States "European Identity" (Identity Evropa) and its leaders for the fact that they dared to hold in a free country the torchlight procession coordinated with the city authorities in defense of the monument to General of the Army of the South Robert Leigh.

Recall 12 August in Charlottesville, Virginia after a night rally with torches under the slogan "You can not replace us!" the clashes of supporters of the demolition and the defenders of the general began. The result of the fights, including the use of a rammed vehicle, were one dead and 34 injured.

"The" European identity "and its leadership represented by executive director Eli Mosley and founder Nathan Damigo are sued in connection with our involvement in the rally for the unification of right-wing movements 12 August. We are confident that these claims are superficial and exaggerated, but they are trying to destroy our movement by litigation, "the leaders of the identities said.

In response, the organization intends to file counterclaims, including against the Charlottesville authorities, with whom the security issues of the rally were carefully coordinated. It seems that for the opportunity to show themselves alto-raytam will have to pay a lot in the literal sense of long litigation. In this regard, the founders of the "European Identity" called for urgent collection of financial resources for judicial protection.

"We, in advance, a few months before the rally, began working closely with the police department of Charlottesville to ensure the safety of all parties, including our opponents. Our meeting was controlled by law enforcement agencies that created a scenario that led to huge damage and casualties, "said the veteran of the war in Iraq, Damigo in his video message.

He clarified that 12 August, the American "OMON" pushed back the identityists and other participants in the rally towards hundreds of opponents of the meeting on the part of the antif and did not attempt to prevent clashes.

In his opinion, it is the authorities that are responsible for the clashes, and the organization intends to prove this in court.

"First, we proceed to legal protection of our leaders and organizations, which will allow us to file civil suits against law enforcement agencies and the government for corruption and negligence on 12 August. It is hardly possible to overestimate the importance of this legal campaign in the history of our movement and its significance for us, "the American" Europeans "stressed.

Igor Sivtsevsky

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