Ukraine, as a challenge to Russia

Do you know what the Ukrainians (or rather "Ukrainians") succeeded in? They cultivated the national myth in every possible way. Let it be false and any artificial, more than half licked from the Russian, Cossack, half-invented, but still it is somehow, they cultivate it in every possible way, which has created a huge passionarity.

I'm sitting on the Internet in Donetsk. The territory of the DPR, but legally it is Ukraine. There are various pro-Ukrainian advertising, including, for example, the offer to buy "patriotic shirts." Naturally, with tridents, blue and red-black flags, Bandera, etc. Since the attainment of independence, the Ukrainian state has spent great moral and material resources on the creation of the nat. myth. It is the creation, not the development. Look, all these embroideries and towels, in principle, are an all-Russian heritage and were distributed throughout Russia before the revolution. Ukrainian (that is, Little Russian) patterns on towels and clothes look like Great Russian and Belarusian to the point of confusion. "Ukrainians" prior to the beginning of the 11th century considered themselves to be Russian people. "Ukraine" is not a nationality, but a political movement created for the rejection of Ukraine from Russia. Traditionally, the "Ukrainians" kept the Russian identification (the term itself is taken in inverted commas, for it does not mean "people" but a kind of party mimicking an independent ethnos), and among the population there was a self-name - Rusins, throughout Malorussia / Ukraine, and not only in the Carpathians. Only since 20 the self-name "Ukrainians" began to be imposed by force. Dissenters were destroyed. And then, as in central and eastern Ukraine, and in the Carpathians Russophile sentiments were preserved, Ukraine was perceived as a purely Galician substratum. In Galicia, the pro-Ukrainian moods are stronger, because this idea and the force methods of its execution there for the first time and tested.

"Ukraine" is hatred. Not a light and righteous hatred of God's enemies, but a black and inhuman satanic hatred.

Typical, for example, is the following excerpt from the magazine "Ukrainian Hut" (1912, No.6): "If you love Ukraine, you must sacrifice love for other geographical units. If you love your language, then hate the language of the enemy ... Be able to hate. If we are talking about Ukraine, then we must operate with one word - hatred for its enemies. " And further: "The revival of Ukraine is synonymous with hatred for his wife - a Moscow, for his children - katsapchats, for his brothers and sisters katsapam, for his father and mother katsapam. To love Ukraine is to sacrifice the Katsap family ".

Why such aggression of "Ukrainian"? Yes, from where, and from Ukraine itself. From hell. This is a synthetic ideology created for the rejection of one part of the Russian people from the other. On aggression and hatred, all this is kept. The locomotive of the idea is precisely this blind, aggressive hatred of the Russians and Russia, which shows up in every judgment, in every assessment, in the perception of any event, past or present. Without this psychopathic aggression, with adequate sober consideration, the idea of ​​"Ukrainianness" is crumbling to the nines. People who understand and know the history will simply renounce this narcotic sleep. Hate - she's blind. Aggression does not give a sober assessment of the situation. Ukrainians are Russians with brainwashed (as one Romanian from Bukovina said). Aggression in this case is a means of controlling the crowd, which is set on blood brothers over an all-Russian heritage as dogs. Aggression, like a shroud, does not allow these "Ukrainians" to see the truth. It atrophies the mind. "Ukraine", as an ideology, will not stand up to truthful arguments, anti-heroes (such as Mazepa) will not stand before the Heroes. So this aggression in turn proves the artificiality of this very ideology. Ukrainians - they are the same Ukrainians by nationality, as I am by nationality Volzhanin. Because there is no such nation, but there are Russians who do not live in the Volga.

A sober assessment will help them to know that they are Russian, that Orlik's constitution never really existed, that Mazeppa took the village of the peasants to the Tatars, that his Cossacks refused to fight the Russian Orthodox co-religionists, in fact, why Mazepa fled. And also that Lviv region is actually Chervonnaya Rus (Russia Rubra), and that even in the Vatican Ukrainians are still called "rutheni" (that is, Russians, Ruthenia is one of the forms of spelling a word Russia or Russia in Latin). And that Vladimir the Great is, it turns out, a Russian prince, not a Ukrainian, and that he founded the city of Vladimir north-east of Moscow. And that Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder (or rather, "renamed") of Moscow, is the prince of Kiev. But a sober assessment will give them an understanding of themselves by the Russians and the idea of ​​reunification in one country, and not a demand on the grounds that, say, Yuri - the Kiev prince, to annex Moscow to Ukraine, because it was occupied by "evil Muscovites" that they then, in fact, the same kind. And yes, even let the trident (Vladimir's seal) be returned to us, if they are not Russian. Rurik, in fact, in the Novgorod land rules (Ladoga).

Let them return everything they stole. But they will not return, because they will remain completely naked. And to recognize yourself as a regional group of Russians is not allowed here is this hatred.

Well, okay, back to the "accessories". Here I look at this advertisement of football tridents and remember how years 10 back in Russia for a t-shirt with an eagle and the inscription "Russia" could visitors from the sunny south or antifa-shavki stick (the essence of the claim - you are a fascist, skinhead, etc.) .). Now this is no longer the case, in Russia their right marches are held, and T-shirts with patriotic attributes are freely worn. And thank God! But the problem is that we lost a lot of time. Due to inaction (or direct opposition), we did not in time form the very national myth, which unlike the Ukrainian one will not be aggressive and eating from within. Because it, again unlike the Ukrainian, is not artificial, but a real one, rising from the depths of centuries, with its own not invented history and deep philosophy. Russians are self-sufficient, they have no sense in such aggression. Especially to their own people, albeit with "brainwashed".

We have both a national culture and a national myth. We need to cultivate it on a fertile soil, and not synthesize in the laboratory some crazy professor (like Grushevsky).

Still, the chivalrous nobility of the White Movement does not compare with the "rural bandits" Bandera (last name by the way, the Spanish, Oops ... Although, in fact, it is difficult to say for sure, there is Romania next to the language of the Romance group ...)

And the thick volume of Ilyin is much more intelligent than "Ukraine has not died".

Well, we started the national myth.

What is the error of the Russian leadership towards Ukraine? The mistake is precisely in the misunderstanding of the importance of ideology and the national myth. Actually, the mistake was made by those who, for the sake of economy and profit, prevented the Russian national myth from developing. In unison with the Ukrainians, by the way, realize yourself as the Russian People and create. And not to smash the capital - Moscow, Kiev - without a difference.

Instead of financing cultural and national pro-Russian organizations and projects, they financed the ruling beau monde, for his loyalty to Russia, fed him huge gas discounts, renting for the Sevastopol base of the Russian Navy. And where is he, this beau monde? Today one, tomorrow another ... And yet, the ruling beau monde has a tendency to support those who give more money. You can also change this beau monde. A fed ideology, values ​​that nadmaterialno and out of time, has long been Crimea (that is Tavrida - we say correctly!) Would be Russian. Beaumonde is shaky, especially in Ukraine. It can be changed to suit the ideology, not the economy. Even if the economy can be somehow pripleshi, but the ideological factor always prevails in the field of passionarity.

The mistake of Russian politicians is that they just plainly frisked Ukraine with such mundane foundations, frankly speaking, placing a bet on "wine, bread, and spectacles."

Our geopolitical opponents knew this, and the stake was made for ideals. False, anti-Russian, aggressive, arbitrarily inadequate and artificial ideals ... But still on ideals. On the myth. Throughout Ukraine, only you can hear - "heroes do not die out" ... Yes, Heroes Do not Die. Our task is to explain to these people that these are not heroes. Our task is to show the true heroes.

"Our hope is for those young people who suffer from fever, devoured by green pus of disgust, at those young souls who, being true gentlemen, painfully trail through the structure of the pig troughs. Our hope is for their rebellion, which will require a great destruction of the world of forms, which will require explosives to clear the living space in the name of a new hierarchy "
"Heroes, believers and lovers do not die. In each generation they appear again, and in this sense the myth triumphs at all times. "
(Ernst Jünger).

"When we look ahead and into the distance, and see the coming Russia, we see it as a national state, protecting and serving Russian national culture. After a long revolutionary break, after a painful communist-international failure, Russia will return to free self-affirmation and independence, find its own healthy self-preservation instinct, reconcile it with its spiritual well-being and begin a new period of its historical flourishing. "
(Ivan Ilyin)

The Russian state should invest its forces and resources in ideology. Russian ideology. Only then will the state be a true empire.

Dmitry Zelinsky

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