Mikhail Butrimov: We will continue to act, young Russian people!

Interview with an ex-deputy of the municipal assembly of the Veshnyaki district of Moscow, a confidant of presidential candidate Sergei Baburin in the election of 2018, leader of the movement "National Patriots of Russia".

Vespa: We want to remind readers that you were suspended from municipal elections, t. the slogan "Moscow-Russian city" put forward by you was recognized as extremist. How are things developing? Is it possible to call Moscow a Russian city or is it already prohibited by the judges?

Butrimov: Not certainly in that way. The court considered that it had sufficient grounds based on unfounded statements drawn up in the claim of the interested person and the judge's personal opinion in order to make a decision according to which the allegedly posted note had signs of extremism but was not considered extremist. Therefore, Moscow can still be called a Russian city, because it is not only for quite objective reasons (more than 90% of people living in Moscow during the census called themselves Russians), but according to the National Policy Strategy of Moscow for the period up to 2025 in which the following is said: "The foundations of national politics allow the city of Moscow to personify ... and fulfill the historical mission of the center ... of the Russian world ..."

- "Representatives of more than 160 peoples live in Moscow. The most numerous groups from among the persons who indicated their nationality are Russians - 91,6%, Ukrainians - 1,4%, Tatars - 1,4%, Armenians - 1%, Azerbaijanis - 0,5%, Jews - 0,5%. The remaining groups are less than 0,5% of the population. "-" Unity of the urban community on the basis of the historical multinational heritage, Russian culture and the Russian language as the native language of the Russian people, the language of interethnic communication between the peoples of Russia and the post-Soviet space. "

- "Preservation, proportional development and support of the existing national structure of the urban community through a rational demographic and migration policy." However, it should be understood that when it says: "Moscow is a Russian city," it means its cultural, historical, linguistic and other basis, the core, and it does not mean an exclusivity, that this city is only one or for one nation.

Although, of course, this normative act is ornate and evasive, and can not be compared with a similar Strategy of the Kaluga region, which reflects the following (as an example):
- "The preservation and development of the historical, based on Russian culture and language, the national and cultural community of the peoples of the Russian Federation residing in the territory of the Kaluga region, while preserving their identity and spiritual community";

- "Ensuring the rights of the Russian people as a national majority and the rights of national minorities living in the territory of the Kaluga region, building harmonious relations between them."

- "Accounting and ensuring the rights of the Russian people as a national majority and the rights of national minorities living in the territory of the Kaluga region, and the harmonization of relations between them."

Not often in our country, normative acts are adopted at the level of the constituent entities of the Federation, which not only talked about the Russian people, but also about its rights as a national majority.

As for the further development of the situation on the cancellation of my registration as a candidate for deputies, in March, a cassation was filed, the case was requested from the Perovo court by the cassation instance for examination. I'm waiting for the meeting to be held.

Vespa: Michael, there were elections of the President of Russia, you as an ex-deputy of the municipal district of Veshnyaki, can you comment on how they were honest and objective?

Butrimov: To assess and understand the electoral processes, it is not necessary to be an acting or former deputy. Rather, it is simply the ability to collect information and be able to analyze it. The evaluation of "honesty" and "objectivity," especially in connection with elections, is a complicated matter.

On the one hand, of course, everything was fairly transparent and seemed to be honest. But the candidates were obviously not on equal terms, as required by law, in comparison with the president, whose election campaign was replaced by the execution of the president's powers.

And when the President's Administration sets the task that 70% of voters should come to the polling stations, and 70% should vote for the incumbent president, such figures willy-nilly suggest the possible manipulation. Already too specific figures in such an unclear area as human preferences.

Vespa: You were the confidant of Mr. Baburin, one of the few national patriots admitted before the presidential elections in Russia in the last 30 years. Very few votes were collected, what is the reason for this?

Butrimov: There are many reasons. Both objective and subjective. The objective reason is that the election campaign budget was small and it was not enough to tell many citizens of Russia, and who simply reminded who Sergey Baburin was and how much positive he was able to make and with which program he was running. There is little debate on federal and regional TV channels.

For subjective reasons, you can include a number of points, the main of which:

1) Engagement of the media. If we look at the analysis of quoting, then in the first place will be Vladimir Putin, in second place Pavel Grudinin, on the third Ksenia Sobchak. And Putin's gap in quoting from Grudinin from 5 to 50 times.

2) The reluctance of citizens themselves to go into details of the election campaigning of candidates, lack of faith in themselves, that they or their voice can change something, they are also in their lives - with fear and without strength and faith in themselves. They vote for someone they know, and not for someone who has a more thoughtful program, better, more literate. I'm not saying that "people are not the same", rather my words about a deep psychological crisis in our compatriots. Unfortunately, it turns out that the support of the authorities is insecure people.

But there would be more money from Baburin, he would be recognized and remembered as many citizens as possible, and the result would be completely different.

Vespa: Does Sergei Baburin convert these results into some kind of political weight for his movement?

Butrimov: Yes, we are just working on this now. In the near future, my article will be published, in which we will have many letters, where I will reveal where and how we will move.

Vespa: Н(under the auspices of the National Democratic Party) (not registered) You took part in the debate with political activist Alexei Zhivov. You said that Russia is slowly but surely moving towards the development of democratic institutions and civil society, can you comment on our readers, how far are we from the goal?

Butrimov: We are far from the goal. The measure of the development of democracy and civil society is the involvement of citizens in the management of the territory and social processes (for example, the developed trade union movement). The higher the involvement (turnout in elections), the higher the level of the nation's political culture, the more mobile and quicker the nation responds to the current political agenda. And when the municipal elections in Moscow comes on average 14% of city residents, what kind of democracy can we talk about? People are given the right to choose, the right that is won with weapons in hand and blood, and they reduce it to a dacha, a shish kebab or sit on the couch. And then they will criticize and complain that corruption and corruption are bad, and they are being robbed. And they are not worthy of another.

Vespa: You are the leader of the movement "National Patriots of Russia", at the moment what actions and actions does the movement plan to influence the political situation in Russia?

Butrimov: Union with the political party "People's Union", whose chairman is Sergei Baburin. The development at the first stage of several party organizations within the framework of the new strategy, which we will strengthen with our associates (Moscow City and Moscow Oblast), and a number of other regions. The development of regional organizations will be based on project activities. With a small number of public events social and political plan, but powerful in its effect. We do not need rally meetings and round feasts, we need an effective party of Russian business executives, traditionalists, entrepreneurs and activists of local communities. I will repeat, in more detail about all this I will present in a special article. The main task that we set for our union is that in the regional assembly there should be at least one deputy from the People's Union party in order to facilitate our participation in the elections to the State Duma of the year 2021, participation without collecting signatures.

Vespa: Michael, how do you assess the international situation. War is coming, or, conversely, Russia, after going through a narrow thread, will be the winner of the current crisis?

Butrimov: On the territory of Russia there will be no military actions with the participation of the armed forces of foreign states. Our country was not destroyed in 90, when everything and everywhere lay in ruins, come, take NATO soldiers, even with bread and salt would be met on the wave of love for Americans in those years. But no one came. And now Russia is much stronger both economically and militarily. And for some reason, many people perceive our nuclear weapons as a set of words. And it, by the way, is a tangible deterrent. Well in this regard, Vladimir Putin said: "If someone decides to destroy Russia, then we have a legitimate right to respond. Yes, for humanity it will be a global catastrophe, for the world it will be a global catastrophe. But nevertheless, as a Russian citizen and head of the Russian state, I want to ask myself: but why should we have such a world, if Russia is not there?»

The war in Syria showed that our army, fleet and aviation, and what modern weapons we have, can. More real can be military action in the territory of third countries and then with a bunch of reservations. Russia will be able to pass through a narrow thread only if the ruling elite becomes national, when the level of political culture rises, the number of poor and very rich will decrease, and up to 90% the number of people classifying themselves as middle class, alienated share in the common ownership of the subsoil and the resources of our country.

Vespa: How do you think in the elections to the State Duma will there be new political players?

Butrimov: Certainly. And these players will be you and me - young and kind Russian people, national patriots who will create for 2021 the year, for elections to the State Duma, an effective political organization whose candidates will be represented in the parliament of our country, in regional assemblies, and in 2024 year nominated a new candidate-national-patriot for the post of President of Russia and will participate in the constitutional transit of power. On the other hand, it will be a party of an extremely liberal type. Quite likely such a configuration in the election of 2021 year - the pro-government party, the Russian party, the Social Democrats party and the liberal party.

Vespa: And the most topical question at last. Blocking the telegram messenger, is this the way to democracy and the relapse of dying totalitarianism?

Butrimov: Neither one nor the other. This is a hardware struggle and confrontation between different groups. Telegrams simply became a convenient object in this confrontation. I do not exclude that in May-June the head of Roskomnadzor will be fired and related persons, too. And the agency itself is waiting for reform with possible reassignment.


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