Did that day be called the Day of Russia?

Logically, when you celebrate a national holiday with a loud name Day [insert the name of any country], choose a certain memorable date for the establishment of statehood or a great victory over the enemy that threatened its very existence.
Agree, it is strange in this case to choose the day in which the country signed in its worthlessness, in which the state proclaimed itself "independent "from their people, their lands, their conquests, glory and honor.

But this is exactly the 12 of June 1990 of the year for Russia, the day when the Russian statehood fell for the second time in a century.

Can this happen in reality? There is a certain unreality in this, as if a holiday celebrated with fanfare in our country, got into calendars by mistake from a parallel universe, a universe where everything obeys the laws of post-perestroika Russian reality.

Well, maybe then make a trip to such a universe?


You see Japanese celebrating the Day grounds of state Japan. It does not pass 11 on February, but, say, 6 or 9 August on the day ofмbards of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Traditionally, on this day, the Emperor of Japan accepts the US President at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. At a dinner in his honor, tall guests are treated with hamburgers, sushi, French fries, pizza and diet coke.


The most ambitious festivities in Berlin take place on May Day of German Unity. On the holiday, timedohm to the post-war partition of Germany, the crowd is traditionally divided into two camps and builds a wall of multicolored Lego cubes between them.


In 1999, the celebration of the Day of Nation in Serbia was postponed to 24 March the date of the beginning of the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces. Prior to this, the holiday was celebrated on June 21 in honor of the proclamation of Croatia's independence. On this day on the main squares of the country concerts are organized, pop artists from across the ocean and national ensembles from Albania are invited.


If in June you will be in France, be sure to visit the military parade of the Wehrmacht technique in Paris on Day of France. The festival is held on 22 June, in day capitulationцin ВThorough МIrova Вoine. In the Compiegne Forest, there are theatrical performances, and in Vishy all those who wish can take part in the charity race with their hands up. After sunset, the Eiffel Tower is traditionally highlighted in red-white-black colors.


The National Day of Spain fell out this time on 8 August, andspaniards Honored by Sir Francis Drake and note the defeat of the Invincible Armada in the battle of Graveline. Well, it happens.


Purim happy holiday, wine flows like a river, hostesses bake gomentashn. Jews around the world happily celebrate the beginning of the Babylonian captivity.

Central America

I wonder how they would call the Aztecs (if they were alive), their national holiday, timed to the day of Ernan Cortez's arrival, could be Thanksgiving or something like that?

Italy, 9 of the Nativity of Christ

Let's move for a moment into the past. In the eternal city noble quirits staged a triumph in the Teutoburg Forest, the Army of War was defeated by the Germans. Quintile Var is proclaimed a victor posthumously.

USA, our days

The seal of freedom. Supporters of Hillary Clinton celebrate the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential race, turn on nothing unusual.


In one young European state it seems like they are celebrating their independence day on the day of the opening of the visa-free travel with the EU ... So, stop. They really do! Ukraine пPerhaps the only state that can celebrate its/on absolutely any calendar date, as at it any overtaking always turns to zradu.


The history of Russia knows so many glorious dates that no other country in the world can boast of. Nevertheless, we celebrate Russia Day on a day when Russia's independence has not left a stone on the stone, we are celebrating Defender of the Fatherland Day, he is also part of the day of the Red Army, a day not mentioned in the history of Russian weapons.
Russia's day can not and should not be associated with the dates of military or geopolitical defeats, but on the contrary it must be a day tied to victories. Perhaps, it is impossible to find a better date for celebrating the Day of Russia than the date of returnя Crimea "in the native harbor, "it's a day in the modern history of RussiaWhen we did not loseи territory, а On the contrary returnedи previously lost.


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