White population of South Africa undergoes real genocide

"Rainbow Nation" - this is how the president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, who was elected in 1994, named the inhabitants of his country. Soon the term was borrowed by one of his compatriots Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who christened the "rainbow nation" South Africa of the post-apartheid era ...

At the present stage, the population of South Africa has a multicultural character. Representatives of different races and ethnic groups live on the territory of the country. The oldest, primordially indigenous people of South Africa are Bushmen. Since the 15th century, nomadic nomadic peoples began actively ousting them. It is their descendants that make up now the greater part of the population of the country. They are Zulu, Kosa, Tswana, Ndebele, Tsonga, Pedy, Suto, Swazi, Venda. During the period of colonization, immigrants from India were brought into the country to work on plantations of sugar cane.

As a result, about 80% of black Africans live in the territory of the South African Republic, including immigrants from neighboring countries, in particular from Zimbabwe. The white population (Anglo-Africans, descendants of Boers, Germans, Portuguese and French) is only 10%. Another 8% are represented by the so-called "color" - the descendants of mixed marriages of early settlers with the indigenous inhabitants of South Africa. The remaining 2% of the country's population are descendants of Indians.

Such racial and national diversity in the country, on the one hand, has always contributed to cultural interchange, and on the other, has been the reason for the isolation of some population groups from others. No matter how much you want to be tolerant and politically correct, you still have to admit that in such a case - and South Africa is the most striking example - the separation of local and foreigners is a regularity. The way of life and the way of thinking of Europeans and black Africans was and is too different.

Too different to live together

Until the middle of the twentieth century, the power in South Africa could not be divided by the Boers and the English, interested in the rich natural resources of the country. As a result of Anglo-Boer wars and subsequent political processes in 1948, power in South Africa has completely shifted to the Boers. In the same year, the apartheid regime was introduced, which was abolished only in 1994 year.

As a result, forty-six years of apartheid, that is, the separate residence of white people of European descent and black Africans and, according to the leader of Afrikaner, Dr. Dan Roodt, only about 7 thousand killed in clashes with police of local criminals. But twenty years of democracy brought more than 70 thousand killed, raped and physically injured white, plus thousands of innocent blacks who died at the hands of their own brothers.

Today the situation in the country is extremely unstable. This is manifested, first of all, in the level of crime, originating mainly from the environment of blacks, and in discrimination against white citizens in virtually all spheres of life. It should be emphasized that whites in South Africa (the second place are Indians) are the most educated and able-bodied representatives of the country. Readiness for difficulties and vitality, worked out by their ancestors, are firmly embedded in the genes of modern Afrikaners. They are not afraid of work. In view of the fact that since the fall of apartheid the Black Government systematically deprives white citizens of the rights to adequately paid skilled work, they undertake any proposed work, the quality of which remains at a high level. Posts that require special training, knowledge, a certain level of skill, are increasingly occupied by unqualified black Africans.

Indigenous Africans, it must be admitted, are not the most intellectually developed race on earth. But this is not a reproach or an attempt to discriminate against them, it's just a statement of fact. People, since the emergence of Homo Sapiens and up to the 16th century (when the colonization of Africa began), living in a traditional way of life that has not changed in the history of the African continent, can not voluntarily make a leap in development overnight.

But the Europeans have not passed one stage of development before reaching the level at which we are now. Africans did not have the conditions for the gradual evolution of consciousness. Therefore, since the arrival of the European colonialists in Africa, its inhabitants had to automatically accept an absolutely uncharacteristic way of life. Formally, they did it, and even successfully, but the internal traditional settings have not changed. And to reproach them for this would be unfair.

However, the whites never demanded instant changes from the aborigines, because throughout the history of colonization, black people were offered a work feasible for them, meeting their physical and intellectual capabilities ...

Today, the situation with jobs looks dual, as, indeed, everything that concerns the black and white matter. On the one hand, having implemented the BEE (Black Empowerment Economy) policy, which is precisely to provide the black people of South Africa with the best jobs with good pay, in the past, "oppressed" received many privileges after graduation, and as a result, more high quality of life. On the other hand, the level of education in South Africa was forced to decline at the legislative level due to the fact that Africans are not able to absorb the material so well to pass the exams. By the way, the quality of education in South Africa during the apartheid period was one of the highest in the world.

Returning to the topic, I would like to emphasize that it is not a matter of a bad education system, or lack of staff, but of natural abilities. Africans, of course, have other inborn data, for example, they are surprisingly plastic, nature itself has created them for dancing and music - almost all have excellent hearing and soft voices. But in order to achieve the necessary statistics in the literacy and education level of the population, schools and universities had to lower standards, so that black students could easily pass the necessary minimum. Accordingly, specialists leave the universities at all the level that is necessary to obtain a high post. But they, nevertheless, receive these positions by law ...

Thus, the government of South Africa discriminates against the white population in the following sequence: when recruiting for any position in the public sector, the advantage will be first a black man, then a black woman (both as former oppressed by race), then a white woman (as a former oppressed by sex attribute), and only then they consider the candidacy of the white man.

Because of this absurd system, most white people in the country work more for themselves, rather than for the state - most often young people inherit the family business or create their own. But in order to open an average business it is necessary to hire a certain number of blacks, and this is already fraught. Usually they are hired on the basis of feedback from people who have already worked as a candidate. This option is the safest.

It's no wonder that many white people get education and leave the country. Over the last 20 years, about 1 million white people left South Africa. Those who can not afford higher education and immigration remain at home and take the situation for granted.

Chronicles of Nightmare

In addition to discrimination in employment, white people in South Africa are subjected to physical violence. It is difficult to say whether the growth of violence is growing only because of the race, or whether the reasons for this are of a different nature. There are two opposite opinions that the Afrikaners themselves adhere to.

The first says that today in South Africa, crime on the basis of race is flourishing. Adherents of this position believe, and it is not unreasonable that black Africans often attack without any thirst for material gain, and do so, rather, to avenge the colonial past. There is a reasonable grain in this, and that's why. According to statistics, hacking houses and killing their owners are not always accompanied by the theft of things and money. But, with rare exceptions, the murders of whites are accompanied by cruel torture. Why torture a person so that later, after his murder, steal valuables from home? Is not it easier to choose the time, and in the absence of the owners to rob the house? Or just shoot them and take everything you need?

There is a special project devoted to the statistics of murders, rapes and torture of all whites over the past few years. Data is collected scrupulously from all provinces of the country. News are updated daily. This is personally supervised by the author of the project (www.sunettebridges.co.za). And this is what we have today: if a house has broken into a gang, its inhabitants have almost no chance to survive. This applies to both women and men. Moreover, the fate of those and others is not enviable. Women and girls 95% will be subjected to rape, including group. If they survive, then the same 95% guarantee them HIV or AIDS, which almost completely infects black Africans.

The age of a woman for a black person does not matter, female individuals are subjected to violence from 8 months and up to 90 years and older. The description of torture is not the most pleasant thing, therefore I will only say that different "tools" come into play - from wooden sticks to hot water or hot iron. According to the victims, women are often raped in front of husbands, sons and brothers, and then they are killed on their own eyes. The last kill a man - so he could see the death of the family ...

That is why to date, most white people believe that a genocide is flourishing in the country. According to the international organization Genocide Watch (www.genocidewatch.org), headed by Dr. Gregory Stanton, the level of genocide in South Africa according to the corresponding scale stands at the levels of 6 and 8. The sixth level is identified as the preparatory stage of genocide, and the seventh is the stage of extermination. The eighth stage does not require comment. By the way, Mr. Stanton was once a member of the movement aimed at combating apartheid.

A large proportion of white killings are accounted for by farmers - people who make the country have first-class dairy products, meat, fresh fruits and other food. Since 1994 in South Africa, at the hands of blacks, about 4.000 white farmers have been killed. This figure does not include those who managed to survive ...

There is another position, according to which it is pointless to talk about genocide, because everything is the same in the black population: the same level of violence, the same torture. Just blacks in the country 44 million against less than 4 million white. And a similar way of life for the first - the pattern. Moreover, who will consider the blacks killed, and even keep statistics? This is not necessary, first of all, by the black Africans themselves. Human life is not a value for them, death for them is in the order of things, even if it is violent ...

Survival guide

From the outside, it may seem that living under such conditions is simply unbearable, but the descendants of brave Boers have been following rules for more than twenty years, which somehow help to protect their lives. Any foreigner who first came to South Africa, these rules will be announced. But you need to have common sense and understand that no rules are a guarantee that you can sleep peacefully at night. The recommendations are as follows.

Do not carry cash with you, do not spread electronic equipment (including at home). As for the protection of life and health, it is better for women not to wear shiny jewelry, otherwise you can remain without ears, do not sit in the car with the door open, on the highway try not to lower the windows of car windows, most importantly - NEVER, NO PRESSED CONDITIONS do not stop on the road in response to a signal to give a lift. Another advise not to dwell on the red light in big cities, if around too many dangling blacks - can smash the windows of the car, shove all the passengers out of it and steal the car. Well, if you do without victims. There was a case when a pregnant woman was asked to leave the car, and when she came out, she was shot in her stomach.

Houses of whites all over and over have lattices on the windows. Moreover, there is also a forged iron door-mesh, which is placed outside the usual wooden door. In my naive question: is it not better to put a solid metal door, there was no answer - indeed, it makes no sense to put an expensive door if you can get into the house by simply smashing the windows, removing the gratings on them. Those who can afford to install an alarm in the house. Pleasure is expensive, the installation itself costs about 20.000 rand, that is, about 80.000 rubles.

On the outskirts of Johannesburg and Pretoria, white residents are surrounded by high fences with an electric current. Wealthy citizens are trying to acquire housing in special complexes that are protected. Living in them is really safer, but few can afford such a luxury.


All white South Africans know that one should not approach the townships - black communities, mostly near big cities. For example, I want to bring one of the most beautiful cities in the world Cape Town. The city is located at the foot of Table Mountain on the Atlantic coast. The beauty of nature and the cozy Cape-Dutch architecture coexist with dirty gray townships, where black criminals are born and grow up. Buildings that can hardly be called houses are built from boxes, rusty metal sheets, half-rotten boards and other waste construction materials. The roof is often served by films that look like torn black garbage bags, crushed by stones, so that in case of windy weather they are not demolished. Sewerage in the townhouses is not, accordingly, everywhere total unsanitary conditions. So live thousands of blacks.

White people in Cape Town and the surrounding area live quite differently. Private houses with a garden and a swimming pool, or wineries and other farms - this is the favorite home of the Dutch descendants of the Western Cape. But this is the most "white" province of South Africa, where people can really afford it, engaged in winemaking, floriculture and agriculture. Earned. Have built. Enjoy ... until the blacks touch. And often they really want to take what they have earned with honest white labor.

Alas, more or less well-to-do life can not afford much more than white. A lot of white South Africans live at the level of blacks, and even worse. The inability to find work ends in the fact that people actually find themselves on the street and live in buildings like townhouses. There is a charitable project, which through Facebook attracts help from the white people who are in distress. The project is called Vriende van Nehemia, which in Afrikaans means "Friends from Nehemia." The goal of the project is to find not just humanitarian aid in the form of food and clothing, but also to teach these people to fight for life again, because many of them, having lost hope, simply stop doing something. Direct humanitarian assistance is necessary, but often it turns people into bezambitsioznyh beings who are accustomed to constantly coming help and believe that they can not cope with their own problem.

Volunteers teach needy whites to different crafts that allow them to earn at least some money. But for a more successful development, the project itself also lacks funding. The ruling party in the country ANC (African National Congress) refuses to help indigent Afrikaneram, while many of their black fellow citizens get from the government chic cars almost free. It is worth paying close attention to the roads of South Africa to drivers of brand new foreign cars - 90% of them are black South Africans ...

I must say that the Afrikaners are friendly and sympathetic people. Of those I know personally, many helped neighbors who were at some point without means of subsistence - they gave clothes, bought food for their money. Free of charge.

So why did the Afrikaners find themselves in this position? There is a version that the events taking place in the country are a response to apartheid. Among blacks, first of all, from the youth league of the party African National Congress, the song "Kill the Boer" ("Kill the Boer") is very common. It is believed that first it began to sing at one time Nelson Mandela. On youtube there is a video on which you can see Mandela and his fellow communists chanting this song in chorus (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcOXqFQw2hc).

A logical question arises: how can a person who wants democracy, sing songs of a racist nature? The answer is one: Mandela wanted a BLACK DEMOCRACY, not a universal one, and therefore was for apartheid under the rule of blacks. Authorities claim that the Boers have taken the land from the people and now pay for it with life. According to ANC party members, the land of South Africa has always belonged to their ancestors, and now they want to get it back as legitimate heirs. And since now it owns white farmers, the only way to avenge such an injustice is to kill them.

But, firstly, the ancestors of modern blacks, as already mentioned earlier, were the same "strangers" in South Africa, as well as white people. Secondly, why should they land with which they did not do anything before the arrival of whites, and do not do until now, even if they have them? The answer is: why not! I just want power. Absolute. Revenge for apartheid is just a cover, although many still believe that under apartheid their ancestors lived badly, although this is not so. But the realities of apartheid are the topic of a separate article.

The South African government, represented by the leading party of the ANC and recently re-elected President Jacob Zuma, denies the genocide of whites, arguing that attacks on farmers are common crime. But it suggests the fact that the authorities have stopped keeping statistics on such crimes. This suggests that the real number of killed and injured whites is much higher than the officially named figures.

The founder of the organization Genocide Watch Dr. Stanton believes that the killing of farmers is not accidental, at least because of the incredibly cruel torture that black people use to them. Such torture to rob a house is an exception to the rule. But in South Africa, such "exceptions" happen almost every day. And this is, you can say, the system. By the way, the UN defines genocide as"The deliberate, systematic destruction of a whole or part of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group".

"We do not yet know who plans these murders, but we are asking for an international investigation to find out who is behind this,- says Mr. Stanton. Studying the issue of genocide in the world for several decades, Gregory Stanton came to the conclusion that what is happening now in South Africa already took place and be in other countries. The same was in Burundi and Rwanda. Similar recently occurred in Zimbabwe. By the way, from the regime in Zimbabwe, not only the white people, who were robbed of the farms, but also the blacks themselves, were affected. The latter had to seek refuge and work in neighboring countries, including in South Africa. I personally know two immigrants from Zimbabwe who successfully found work in South Africa in a town called Mtunzini. Both work in the local Bush Pub (Bush Pub) They work like everyone else and are grateful that they can somehow help their families who stayed at home.

As for South Africa, Genocide Watch is sure that all violent crimes are clearly planned, and that behind this is some kind of extremist group. In this statement there is logic. If you go to the outback of South Africa, to places that are very far from the settlements of white people, then people live their own life - truly African. They do not have cars, no telephones, no TV. At the sight of a white man they look at one side with anxiety in their eyes, with interest on the other - it's not often that white people come here. One of the people close to me told me how he used to go to a place like this for geodetic calculations, in order to get electricity to the houses. When the local learned about this (through an interpreter), their joy was no limit. Women began singing laudatory songs in their own language, offering food as a token of gratitude. These people said that the appearance of a white man in their land is a good sign, promising good changes in life.

The Panther Jump

Despite all that is happening, this case somewhat changes the perception of black people in Africa and their attitude towards whites. And you can be sure that there are many such cases. Then it turns out that brutal attacks on whites and hatred towards them are the lot of a certain group of people. And if there are performers, then there are customers.

Many Afrikaners believe that the mass extermination of whites in South Africa is the Party Black Panther (Black Panther Party). On the FBI website, it appears as"An extremist organization of black people, based in Auckland (California) in 1966."But its activities were directed against imperialism and the struggle for the civil rights of black Americans. And no violent methods of fighting on their part were observed.

Contradiction? No, there simply exists another organization with a similar name - the New Black Panther Party, which arose in 1989 in Dallas, Texas. These two names are often confused, taken for one organization, although the New Black Panther party is not the direct successor to the Panther of the 60-ies. This is confirmed by the founder of the sixties Dr. Hugh P. Newton. In an open letter, "The New Black Panther Party does not exist," he writes that the New Panthers have no right to claim such a title, since it is illegal. Moreover, their goals are absolutely opposite to those of the original Party.

The fundamental principle of the Party of the Black Panther was, in the words of Che Guevara,"A real revolutionary is driven by a huge sense of love," and, in addition, her activity was based on a love for blacks, and not hatred for white people. "And the New Panthers are self-appointed leaders who use violence against whites precisely because of hatred towards them ...

The idea of ​​creating the New Panthers belonged to Michael McGee, an Alderman from Milwaukee, who threatened in 1987 to disrupt all events organized by white Americans, until the number of jobs for blacks was increased. It was then that he announced his intention to create a New Black Panther. If we give a brief description of its ideology, it basically boils down to the nationalism of black citizens of the United States, socialism, pan-Africanism, the superiority of the negroid race over the rest and anti-imperialism. The emblem of the organization depicts a black panther against the background of the African continent. The inscription reads: "The New Black Panther Party is freedom or death. "At present, the head of the Party is Nasim Nsinga.

The New American reports that the New Panthers visited the African continent more than once. In particular, they are proud of their "historic" trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa. In an online conference, members of the Party let slip their idea of ​​completely exterminating South Africans of European descent. The participants of the conference claimed that they would "raise the black army", organize military training, work closely with those who had already killed whites and, finally, would demand even more murders on racial grounds ...

Not yet evening?

Today, human rights defenders are trying to draw the attention of countries in Europe, America, and Australia and New Zealand to the problem of racially motivated crime in South Africa. One way to help white people is to take them abroad and recognize them as refugee status. But the problem is that the massive immigration of 4 million South Africans is impossible! For example, in the United States there is a quota for Africans. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Afrikaner blood flows European, they fall just under this quota. Moreover, analysts believe that permission to immigrate to whites can undermine the status of the late Nelson Mandela, which will dispel the myth about him and the ANC as "fighters for freedom and justice".

In 2010, a march-protest against the genocide of whites in South Africa took place in Sweden. Radio The Right Perspective reported: the participants of the march believe that"You can no longer sit and do nothing, because what is happening now in South Africa, can happen in the future with us."In 2012, a protest was organized in Los Angeles and in 15 states in the USA. Leaflets with information about the genocide in South Africa were distributed to all random passers-by. The organizers of the protest were pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of people and their desire to support Afrikaner.

In South Africa itself, the Afrikaners implemented a project called Red October (www.redoctober.co.za). The project is designed to raise the awareness of citizens, as well as the world community about the high level of racial crimes against national minorities of the country. 21 March 2014, the participants of the action released dozens of red balloons into the sky to commemorate the unity of minorities in the struggle against racial discrimination and genocide ...

... The problem of mass killings of whites in South Africa was hushed up for a long time, and representatives of the white minority could not draw attention of other countries to it. I want to believe that the situation began to change for the better, and that the descendants of the Boers will finally hear the world. And let the status of the titled "freedom fighter" Nelson Mandela suffer, but the Afrikaners - this unique ethnic and cultural people - will survive to convey the rich cultural traditions to their future generations.



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