What should a conservative look like?

Modern mass culture, day in, day, imposes people on the idea of ​​how to live. This applies to both everyday work and aspirations in self-fulfillment, as well as simple domestic issues. Everything great is built on small things, which, it would seem, at first glance do not play much value. One of them is fashion.

On the pages of glossy magazines and popular online media you can regularly find articles on how men really should look and dress. A similar situation occurs with YouTube. For several years now, the beauty blog has been the most popular format of commercials. (beauty - beauty). Noteworthy is the fact that their leading women are mostly women, and they give advice not only to the weaker sex, but also to men.

This approach is based on and is explained by the fact that it is often easier for ladies to evaluate how to choose a trend bow for attracting females. But now it does not work right away for 2 reasons.

First, the all world fashion has become an exclusive weapon of globalization, with the help of which people are pumped out of people and impose false needs on them (You can read about this in this fundamental article).

Second, the due to this reason, the representatives of the weaker sex give their husbands “bad advice”, making them look more and more absurd and feminine.

That's why we should abandon the recommendations of women on how to properly and wrongly dress. We must begin to listen to the advice of men who understand all the subtleties and features of men's fashion.

In fact, the males from females are characterized by an extremely high degree of skepticism to all sorts of innovations and attempts to impose something from the side. It is explained by the nature of man. The man is always the leader, and the woman is the slave. This article is not so much about fashion in all its perverted and rotten through forms, but rather about what things are inherent in the everyday life of every man. It is not necessary to be interested in the fashion of a strong sex, but to keep an eye on your appearance every day is vital.

1 - Pure Shoes

Business card of any man. And the cleaner it is, the better. There are lots of shoe care products made from a variety of materials. When buying it, it can be treated with a water-repellent agent, and before going outside it can be wiped with a special brush or cloth if it comes to the rubber surface. Do not forget about the sponges for leather goods.

One can not deny the fact that it is the shoes most difficult to follow in Russia. The reason for this is not so much the climate as the irresponsible work of housing and communal services. Uneasy weather conditions can easily resist the purchase of appropriate shoes, the benefit of modern technology and the widest range of options give potential buyers this opportunity. But alas, it is impossible to fight chemical reagents, which communal service employees scatter on the streets every winter. They, by the way, corrode not only shoes, but also paint cars.

2 - The ability to use an iron

According to my personal observations, this household appliance is used very rarely by males, but in vain. Stitched clothing must necessarily become a good habit of any man who respects himself in the first place. Buy an ironing board and iron now you can in any electronics store, and if you leave the house too lazy, then order directly to the apartment door.

Small wrinkles on clothes are quite possible for themselves, but crumpled ones, taken out as if you know where things are from - no.

3 - Manicure

There is not only female but also male. A lot is not required here. It's enough just to cut your nails with special manicure scissors and smooth them with a saw, which you can buy in specialized stores.

If you have various kinds of problems with the nails and the skin around them on your hands, it is quite appropriate to consult a manicurist who can not only mechanically perform his work, but also give useful tips on nail care.

The exception is musicians. Some of them, for example classical guitarists, not only do not cut, but deliberately grow their nails on the hand that is responsible for the sound production. But to grow them is half the task. Next, the nails should be filed with special pelts, and also regularly treated with care and strengthening agents.

So if somewhere you see a man with long well-groomed nails on one hand, then do not be surprised. Most likely - it's a classic guitarist. By the way, by the way he's grown on his hand, you can easily determine your fingernails, right-handed or right-handed.

4 - Smells

This includes the regular use of personal care products. You can buy them in absolutely any hypermarket, as well as a small shop near the house.

There is someone who likes it more: ball deodorants, deodorants-sprays - it does not matter. If you have "extra" money, you can get a man's perfume.

Use them is only in moderation. If you overdo it with the body care products, then you risk scaring yourself off by the excessive abruptness of the smell, which gives a combination of the aforementioned flavors.

5 - Wristwatches

One of the established attributes of men's fashion. There are a great many hours of different price categories, forms, types and materials. It all depends on the owner's predilections. Someone likes electronic watches, because they have only once in several years to replace the battery and not worry about the everyday plant. Someone, on the contrary, is attracted by the very idea of ​​the lack of electronic systems in clocks, and in the constant manual institution of the mechanism its owners see a special charm.

By the way, you should not rush to buy elite "Rolexes", because you can buy a mechanical clock within 10 thousand rubles. Some private workshops are generally engaged in the restoration of the old Soviet clock, and sell them at a very reasonable price.

6 - Going to the barber shop

It is now called the English-language "Barbershop". The institution is exclusively a men's hairdresser, where men work masters, specializing in various types of male haircuts.

A distinctive feature of the barbershop is also the beard cutting. Professionals of the business will execute it according to your desire. Someone more like rounded forms, and someone wants to see the vegetation on the face more pointed and angular. Some of the bearded men prefer long and loose hair, which requires regular care and beard treatment with different oils. Some men do not want to take the time to care for her, so they ask the barber to cut his beard shortly.

In addition to the haircuts, you can order additional services, among which are camouflage gray hair, eyebrow correction, hair cutting on the face of a small razor and even pulling hair from the nostrils with wax. Right in the premises of barbershops, professional men's cosmetics for haircuts are also sold: lipstick, wax and clay, as well as various beard care oils. To buy them in ordinary stores, alas, is not possible.

Visiting a barber is an absolutely normal man's procedure. As women watch themselves, visiting beauty salons, so the powerful should watch their own self so that they do not turn into an unwashed caveman.

Fortunately or alas, because of the mass culture and its many attempts to impose on the "right appearance" for men, a very big difference has arisen between the purposeful infatuation with modern fashion and the ability to monitor oneself.

So remember that to get involved, I emphasize modern fashion, regularly buying new clothes according to the latest trends of the season, men simply simply contraindicated. However, it is necessary to look decent and watch your appearance on a daily basis.

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