The culture of communication in Russia is degrading at full speed

In fact, we generally lost any acceptable forms of treatment. The Soviet government wiped out the form of "lord." Now the scraper "trams" is also worn out, and the "citizen" has also remained only in places not so remote. Good.

At the same time, the “master” in the new Russia did not succeed to reintroduce it. It really sounds ridiculous in many cases. Not developed any intelligible forms. We refer to strangers as a “man” or “girl”, or if this is a man of our young age - “friend”, “brother”, “boyfriend”. That, in principle, rudeness, regardless of anything.

People familiar, but not close - for business communication are addressed by name and by you. Complete nonsense. To the gray-haired peasant 25-year-old puppy addresses not otherwise, for example, "Dmitry, hello." Or two grandfathers seriously with each other by their names. This is acceptable only when the eldest refers to the younger.

I do not know, have we really forgotten that there is an absolutely sane address by name and patronymic? Typical, Russian-Russian thing. Suitable for all ages, in any social context. Are people embarrassed to ask for a middle name or are they embarrassed to introduce themselves by their full name?

What conservatism, what Russian identity if the Russians communicate with each other completely formlessly? Unlearn talk like American traffickers. Our names are more beautiful, deeper. Russian conversation should always be worthy and exponential, and not be the bazaar of “business people” in some unintelligible language.

If we want to become the Russian Lord, then the interlocutor should first begin to address the Russian custom.

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