She is vishishko-chan, you are a reactionary. What to do?

In the backpack of Fjällräven she has a Polaroid camera, she wears textured sweaters and pastel shirts, tucking them into jeans. She, if you remember, has colored hair, most likely trimmed under the square, round glasses, make-up under the color of sucking and, it seems, a damn low self-esteem. He drinks a lot of cheap wine, is proud of the fact that it is cheap, as if he tried phenotrope or ketamine, hedonist, feminist, supports LGBTKIA ++, subscribes to tape, listens to the Cloud with friends no less complicated and unique than she.

You know exactly who I'm talking about - it's difficult to go to a cafe or art space, so as not to see this, and at any humanitarian faculty of any university there are THEY. Of course, I generalize. But the fisherman, who throws the net into the sea, does not expect to catch unique fish. He just catches them, the fish is a fish.

Vishishko-chan has little to do with hipsters of the early 10. Claim for identity, rebellion against the mass market and a passion for adventure - not about them. They want to be sad and they want memes. The fact that each of us is ready to join, and surely someone once experienced.

They are attractive to guys on the edges of society - lonely, spending a lot of time online and not living like everyone else. So the girl who reflects these values, and promises to understand sadness and loneliness, seems ideal for almost any guy, expecting that she will understand the pain that he once suffered.

But this is not so. Vinishka is a sock, it's a dummy. They do not really know how they feel what they are trying to portray, and they just play the person they want to be, for the sake of aesthetics and self-esteem.

But this antisocial mask of alcohol, memas and notes, is where you have a common - if not in a conversation, then in a psychological sense. They do not just imitate outcast people. They are not lost and deprived of the meaning of life, they just do not know how to express it, while you are capable of dreaming about something bigger than yourself.

Dreaming to understand what you understand, they can only fill the emptiness inside themselves with substances and promiscuous sex, so that through sensations you can give meaning to your existence. Achieving small goals, they do not have a great goal, and it oppresses and frightens.

If you think that it is worthy - just give it sense.

Then everything will rise to its natural place.

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