What do women desire?

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One of the main issues throughout the history of mankind still remains: "What do women want?". If not all men tried to answer it, then almost everything. The study of the motives of women's behavior has been practiced since the days of Ancient Greece. Then for a hard work with great passion, local philosophers undertook.

The tradition is still alive today. Throughout the history of mankind, the topic of the relationship between a man and a woman has been one of the main issues in fierce disputes among workers in the scientific and cultural sphere, and in everyday everyday conversations of ordinary mortals with a pint of ale. Naturally, all people are different, and because of their biological and cultural characteristics, they often find diametrically opposite answers to the same questions. Someone is more optimistic about love affairs. Some, on the contrary, indulge in the extremely austere ideas of Arthur Schopenhauer's philosophy.

However, even the culprit of the celebration does not know the answer to the unfortunate question for homosamens. The situation is noticeably complicated due to the extremely high pace of life and the speed of the rhythm of modern man, who simply does not have time for even short-lived and frivolous relations.

Concerns about the problem

In response to a tough question, you should admit to yourself that Russia is a matriarchal state. The rights of women in its territory are much greater than those of men. This embarrassing circumstance is connected, first of all, with the “great” Soviet past, which left us with the legacy of the idea of ​​universal equality. The theme of equality, of course, touched the relationship of the sexes. first, which comes to mind is a holiday "8 March", whose history is as shameful as the very advancement of destructive communist traditions in today's Russia. Undoubtedly, one day a year does not play a serious role in the life of citizens, but it is able to act as an indicator of the attitude to the values ​​that the disbanded Soviet Union put forward.

Secondly, we can not fail to note the fact that, from a legal point of view, the engines of progress have been left out of equality and a positive attitude towards oneself. The majority of courts against men end up with much tougher sentences than the proceedings for exactly the same articles for similar crimes already against women. This is partly due to the large number of judicial personnel among the fair sex.

The victims of slave politics are now men. It is enough to recall at least the fact that children are given to women during the divorce, and their husbands are forced to pay child support. In the reverse situation, the weaker sex is not obliged to do the same for some unknown reason. For single mothers, some countries generally give the right to take advantage of social benefits at the expense of taxpayers.

The greater part of the property during divorce is also often given to a woman. It comes to ridiculous - young "beauties" have learned, without having any dowry behind them, to stick to the purses of wealthy men. The signature in the registrar's office for princesses now became a signal for the rapid start of a long process of division of "acquired by difficult collective efforts of property". With such anti-masculine laws, a strong sex does not want to be bound by handcuffs in the form of a dangerous marriage contract. In response, the young ladies, who are quite expected from them, start screaming loudly about "boring, irresponsible, cowardly and weak" husbands who, for some reason unknown before, were transferred.

Urgent army, by the way, is mandatory for passage only for men. And an uneducated fool understands that the modern urgent service is not needed either by the state or by employees in it. The last year in the barracks, in most cases, only spoils life, because the conditions of detention there are sometimes comparable only with staying in places not so remote. Teach you for a year the army, too, can not do anything. In the daily routine includes painting curbs, hiking in dresses, cleaning potatoes and getting a face from "authoritative" dumps and higher military.

ThirdlyThe cultural factor also plays an important role in the process of establishing matriarchy. Modern women believe that a man necessarily owes them only because he is a man. The legs here are growing just from the fifth point of the theories of feminism, which have now taken the thermal-toxic stage of the complete suppression of the male will to hunt for females. The feminism of the third wave is exactly the mirror reflection of the mockery of women by themselves.

Representatives of the stronger sex are necessarily rough rapists, and the ladies are extremely poor victims. In fact, everything turns out the other way around. Often in the news you can watch the news about how the girls teenagers were dealt with defenseless animals for the wave of popularity, as representatives of the "jadeemarey" clashed in a fierce battle for the place of their children in the sandbox, as the three sisters brutally punished their father, like a mad mother froze a child hunger to cure him of non-existent diseases and how the mercantile divorcee spent her alimony not on the maintenance of children, but on her own whims.

The brutality of women knows no bounds. Often the network pops up video, which clearly shows how a crowd of females mocks over one girl, cruelly beating the outcast feet. But as soon as a man, protecting himself from such aggression, raises his hand to a representative of the fair sex, he is immediately branded as a rapist. Paradox.

Incompatible contradictions

The contradictions that arise in the minds of the fair sex against men are becoming more and more ridiculous and ridiculous every day. It is not surprising that women often want everything at once, but in the end they do not get anything. It is interesting only that today such a problem concerns the continuation of the human race.

All of the above factors directly affect the formation of extremely high and unrealistic requirements for the strong sex. Now nobody is embarrassed by the fact that they are all in a tough confrontation with each other, and their implementation is impossible.

On the one hand, ladies demand from their future husbands to indulge their requests and whims, forcing to pay everything from going to restaurants to shopping in boutique stores. The male must endure its antics, screams, wails, flirting with other men. And he is obliged to carry it for three nine lands to rest on sunny resorts, and it is better that this happens at least 2 times a year.

On the other hand, a man must have athletic physique, regularly go to the gym, have several higher educations, know several languages, dress according to the latest fashion, have a house, apartment and car. And this house should be at least two-story, apartment - four-room and located within the Moscow Ring Road, and the cost of the car should start from 2 million rubles. Otherwise, you will not even be approached by a cannon shot.

Of course, the fulfillment of such conditions is impossible. It is impossible precisely because the males from the second example, since they have extremely high requirements to themselves, will put forward exactly the same conditions for their companion. Alas, most modern women do not understand this. It seems to them that a strong, provided and educated alpha male will certainly grovel before them, satisfying all the whims and whims of a low-ranking female. It sounds funny, but the real world, fortunately, it just does not work.

In front of the weak sex, today there is a choice: either to remain the same stupid and irresponsible consumer, without the opportunity, not even the slightest desire to give something in return, or to try in every way to reconsider their attitude to the opposite sex and try to fix so harmful for their life situation.

A lie is a lie.

It is noteworthy that mass culture plays the most important role in the formation of such behavior in women. A classic example is Erica Leonarda James's erotic novel 50 Grayscale. According to the best-selling book, the eponymous film was later shot.

In the plot of the picture is a modest and slow-moving student of the literary department of an American university named Anastacia, who is a virgin among other things, interviews a young billionaire. Later, a serious romance flares up between them, during which the heroine learns about the passion for BDSM sessions of the beloved and decides to get used to the role of a slave.

The end of the film ends very funny. At the end of the film, the main character decides to personally stop the relationship with Christian, thus denying him the satisfaction of sexual needs.

Very precisely about the main premise of such a ridiculous belch of popular culture. the video blogger said Evgeny Vladimirovich Bazhenov, aka “Badcomeidan”. Time code 28: 36-29: 33:

"One thing is clear. Are you poor, sweet, kind? You will not get a kiss! Are you rich, but a sadist? Yes, even though the hot poker give up to a certain point. And then this moment is caused by the fact that you still need to earn money to continue the money. That it was good with the girls, you should be intelligent, talented, developed in all directions, like you are fucking Azimandias, and at the same time everything is rich. But not working, so that the girl has enough time.

That everything was good with men, you must be stupid, awkward, inexperienced, ignorant, forgetful and in general nothing achieved special. Do not worry in life, the peasant will pull out. Stand at the plate and satisfy his desire, in parallel, raping his brain and asking the same question from time to time. "

But even here, the main, seemingly pro-feminist novel, once again emphasizes the whole nature of women, from which they are trying so hard, but they can not escape. Quite accurate about the movie in one of his commercials video blogger Mikhail Utopian spoke out. 1 timecode: 21-2: 19:

“It’s funny that, despite all these appeals about equality, the book on BDSM is the best-selling book in the West. A book in which a woman is completely given to a man, and a man sexually and physically dominates and dominates a woman as he pleases. A book that could be called the anthem of antifeminism, but written

and gathered a record number of female audiences when her film adaptation was shown in cinemas.

Professor Jordan Burnt Peterson found this Freudian explanation: "The stronger people's desire for equality grows, the stronger the desire to dominate over someone, or above themselves, on the subconscious. That is, the more you scream about equality, the stronger your subconscious will be shouting about the desire for domination over oneself. "

Practice once again shows that no one can change the laws of nature, because it is its integral part. Even at school in biology lessons, teachers repeatedly repeated to us the main phrase: "Nature can exist without a person, and a person without it - no"

Most likely, young feminists skipped classes, otherwise how to explain this behavior on their part?

The only good thing is that such fantasies, which, incidentally, are still made from a male hunter, and from a woman to a life partner, are possible only in the heads of feminists 3 waves, as well as in the pages of fictional novels in the cinema.

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