A note about culture

Why all our troubles? What is the root of all evil?
In my opinion, the answer is obvious: this is certainly not corruption, not economic dependence, it is not anything tangible at all.

Our main problem is the degradation of culture. And not in a broad sense, no, but in the most basic and primitive. The culture of communication, the culture of interaction, the culture of behavior, and even the culture of table etiquette has been lost. Here, perhaps many will exclaim: “Yes, we have everything in shit! No money left! There is no freedom! There is no health! There is no life, there is no happiness ... Some worries! What kind of etiquette are you talking about ?! It would be enough money for food normal. ”

And yet I am deeply convinced that in order to BECOME healthy - you need to start behaving HOW HEALTHY human.

You see, well, there can not be a pig, hungrily hunched over a plate of soup, unable to bring a spoon to the mouth cleanly - to choose the bright future of the whole country!

A person who is driving around the queue at the traffic lights and climbing ahead of everyone, not noticing the stop lines, cannot distinguish a silly candidate from an adequate one. Just because the measure to them is the same as to yourself.

There will never be an egoist who does not see the woman with heavy bags rising from the underpass, to take responsibility responsibly to the society!

And these people can be with higher education and completely different ages.

Culture. The basic culture, that's what we need now first. Like air!

Savage, throwing a bottle past the urn and hurrying about his business, will never notice problems beyond his nose!

Degenerate, ssuschy in the vestibule of the train, spat on everyone around!

Cocks, rattling their matt turns and not noticing nearby children, without any shame require a respectful attitude!

The uniqueness of our country lies in the fact that it is absolutely impossible to single out a certain layer of people subject to such "defects".

Calamity is spread over all. From kindergartens to universities. From drunks on playgrounds and to the State Duma. From the magazine kiosks to the main television channels of the country. From announcements in electric trains in English and up to "years mi from for May hart".

And who is to blame? It's my fault! I let them swear at children and feel at home. This I allowed the pigs to throw garbage and pretend that I do not notice. This is how I read the latest news on the phone, that I decided that it would be useful for the grandmother to train in lifting weights on the steps.

This I struck before two drunken bodies, who were shouting and smoking in the vestibule, from which the woman's nose in the car rolled up, and the "men" shamefully lowered their eyes! And I'm no better than them. The same shameful pig! But sometimes I see this creature in the mirror and I become disgusting. So disgusting that I'm ready to die in an attempt to change.

Out of contempt for one's weakness, from the realization of one's own worthlessness, people are born strong in spirit and pure in heart.

It's a hard way and looking for it for a long time, but it's scary to go on it. But I look around, and my heart is boiling in a fit of righteous anger, and above all to myself. For being cowardly; For being weak; for being selfish ...

And what remains to a person under the weight of such a burden? Or fall into the mud - not at once, gradually, first at one knee, then at another, then with the stomach, and then with the head, reveling in the realization that there is nowhere else to fall. Or start to rise, - further from the dirt, higher, from the ground to the goal, which is bigger than I, which will fill with meaning ... And work on yourself, change yourself. For the better, to the ideal. To the ideal in the soul, in the family, in the country, in the state.

"What is this your ruin? An old woman with a stick? The witch who knocked out all the glass, extinguished all the lamps? Yes, it does not exist. What do you mean by this word? [...] This is what: if I, instead of operating every evening, start in my apartment singing in chorus, I will have a devastation. If I start, I'm sorry for the expression, peeing past the toilet and Zina and Darya Petrovna will do the same, the devastation will begin in the restroom. Consequently, the devastation is not in the closets, but in the heads. "

Kirill Fedtsov

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