Moscow spring

In the Russian Federation, the next season of the show "people's choice" started.

There are two news: good and bad.

I'll start with the bad and boring: we again do not choose anyone. There are clear and warm-up leaders of the race for the voices of the elderly. The agenda has been formed, the governors (where there is imitating fervor) have already received the keys from the regions and have posted their own images wherever there are open surfaces.

None of the acting officers. managers did not offer any exciting development program (i.e., did not even pay an adequate amount to PRShchiku), except that in our conditions, the talk of the town has been "working hard, thinking no time".

The sailors have no questions.

In general, the booth is busy, comrades, wait another 5 years.

Good and expected news: "the imitators of the third grade" have ended, we have to take the second one.

Public policy, paused, missed one generation of surrogate shorts.

ZUBRs 90-x have died out or are in public prostration, and terrible 50-year-old Komsomol members with skills of conducting a market economy in the shade prefer to rest at distant seas.

Politics is uninteresting for them, they have no training, the business has long been sold to an unloved motherland for favorite banknotes.

Everything is OK.

Now people unauthorizedly go to the stage, BUT, somewhere remotely in the fog and twilight of consciousness resembling the beta versions of those who theoretically can choose REAL officials.

Take for example Moscow, as the key territory of the country and one of the bridgeheads of the game democracy.

OK, and what is the history of the election of the mayor for the period of "free and independent Russia"?

The post appeared in 1991 year, in 1992-m it was climbed by Yu.M. Luzhkov and before 2010-go attended the viewing platform.

The election for this time was already 3. On them the manager, the beekeeper and just a good man were confronted by equally colorful characters, such as:
- Pal Palych Borodin (who remembers, he will understand: the Kremlin, repairs, Swiss Albanians);
- Sergey Kirienko (after 1998 year used a springboard for jumping aside);
- Alexander Lebedev (London, gudbai, I'm a stranger here!);
- German Sterligov (no comment);
- Nikolay Lifanov (Association, Progress and fraud in a particularly large one).

Some of us, thank God, we can not even find in the pages of newspapers, and some do not-yes, and they will come forward with their opinions.

In the running elections, the mayor's office expected to play its card with the collection of budget votes, without giving any chance to independent candidates without an administrative resource.

On the other hand, what do we see in the bulletin?

Yes, there are the same empyreys, but with interesting nuances.

It is absolutely useless to talk about ideology, as you understand, so I will say something else.

Among 5 candidates for the post of mayor of Moscow:
- the only person from the village is the current mayor. Two of the major regional centers. One of Moscow, one of the nearest Moscow suburbs (with a Moscow education and a career in the specialty);
- all have a higher education. And, yes, everyone is not brilliant, but not shameful. 4 is received in accordance with the natural cycle of training, without jumping in place. The worst in quality - the current mayor;
- 3 of 5 candidates have connected biographies. It is clear where they came from, where is the money and why (why) does this exercise. There are no people from the workers 'and peasants' families (they are over).
There are no people who do not have the functional skills of reading and writing. They were full-bodied.

Politicians at the regional level in Eastern Europe may well be Mikhail Degtyarev or Ilya Sviridov. They are at the age when they enter the role, so through the 2 cycle, that is, 10 years, they can be experienced and adequate to the situation by the managers.

Contemporaries, and not the usual dinosaurs.

Yes, Mikhail has an exotic, largely dictated by party affiliation, reputation, but it's a politician, not a whipping doll.

The case of another Michael, Balakin, is understandable (asked for a kit), although with the biography there everything is in order.

Vadim Kumin is the second person after Mr. Sobyanin with incompleteness in life's path, but not at the level that was practiced before 2013-th year inclusive;

- each of the alternative candidates has a program and they are able to say 2 – 3 related words about it. The programs themselves are not particularly connected, but not all at once 🙂

There is a healthy criticism of the acting mayor without shocking and blasphemy. Dialog!

I saw a kind of normal economy in Mr. Sviridov's time. Hooray!

It's not even these details.

Do you know what is most important?

After 27 years of political pseudo-freedom in the public space for the first time there were some demographic figures that candidates are trying to interpret and analyze. Those. they do not work from the shoulder "what people need" with emotional support, but operate with interest and shares. They are able to do this in direct speech without stuttering.

Be it not skewed into the "known side" of the swing, immediately the movement would start.

The theater was built, the actors were called, we are waiting for the importation of caring spectators 🙂


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