Under the yoke of the propaganda fist

Including the news broadcasts of the main state television channels and having spent at least half an hour watching them, one can involuntarily fall into a stupor, if not into a coma.

The scale of modern television journalism and the vector of its development are amazing. The overwhelming majority of the airtime of both newscasts and authorial political programs does not occupy a highly spiritual debate on intellectual topics, not historically cognitive films or even general education lectures. No. Almost all the airtime is filled with propaganda programs. Of these, you will never know who should bear and who eventually bears the penalty for another fire in the mall or state embezzlement, when the economic situation in the country normalizes, when the economic and political climate for the development of small and medium-sized business will improve and attract foreign finance and brains. You will not be told about what the deputies and officials are actually doing, and what benefits are brought by the deputies and officials, day after day competing with each other in creating and accepting more and more ridiculous bills.

But you will be informed about the ever growing state debt of the USA, they will tell you about the soulless, decaying Europe (and the whole Western world as a whole) and, of course, will fill up all this already disgusting dish with news from the series "what's there in the Khokhlovs".

At such moments, a critically thinking citizen of his country begins to ask questions about what is happening there, in them, in the West? Say, in the US? Knowing English and having the Internet, you can in a matter of minutes be on the information portals of the largest English-language media. Having spent some time carefully studying the news material, and also not forgetting about critical thinking, we will come face to face with a disappointing conclusion: beyond the ocean everything is the same. However, this is framed by a diametrically opposite viewpoint, directed against Russia. Indistinguishable from each other, puffed up with anger, the expressive faces of TV presenter with nabriolinennymi hair and expensive costumes will spend hours talking about the delights of Hillary Clinton with her Democratic Party and the Tramp racist, the need and importance of raising taxes for the middle class in the redistribution of income in the benefit of low-income families, the interference in the election of the US president personally, Vladimir Putin. Do not forget to invite in the studio and the so-called experts, so that the viewer learned about the importance of equal salaries for women and men, why protecting the rights of transgender people and homosexuals is important, while fatshayming and sexism are evil.

Unfortunately, there is very little difference between news programs in Russia and the United States. The only similarity is, perhaps, propaganda. And then the question arises involuntarily about why it is so important to both of the warring camps at once? Let's start with the introduction of the definition:

Propaganda (lat. propaganda literally - "to be distributed (faith)", from lat. propago - “spreading”) - in modern political discourse is understood as an open dissemination of views, facts, arguments and other information, including intentionally distorted and misleading, to form public opinion or other goals pursued by propagandists.

From it, the motives for using such a powerful weapon by the state media become very clear. Undoubtedly, it would seem insulting to ordinary citizens to use deliberately the media. But still, if you look at it from the outside, then the utility for the state here is extremely transparent. Forming public opinion can easily manipulate not only the behavior of people, but also their way of life. It turns out that with the help of purposeful processing of the population through its false information, the state has practically unlimited possibilities, affecting the creation and change of cultures of different nations, peoples and ethnic groups.

Propaganda itself has long gone beyond the processing of the population and has evolved into a full-fledged and independent war. This war 21-th century, which loudly dubbed the "Information". As Bertrand Russell said: In the war, it is not clear who is right, it turns out who remained.

Then who will win and remain - Russia or the US? The winner will be the one who, as they say, "the gun is bigger," and more it is from the Americans. Much more. The size of the US information rifle is determined by two factors directly affecting its size:

First, the this is due to the attitude of viewers to those forces that spread false information.

Look, you, dear reader, are watching TV. On the screen, in the next pseudo-debate, which is a theatrical performance (which is no secret for anyone), the rogue politicians and experts take part. They fight, yell, swear, pour each other with various decent and not very fluids and screaming about the grandeur and might of the homeland, while scolding the entire Western world. Involuntarily the question arises: what exactly is the state itself that drives you into the heads, like piles in the soil, the mood of unjust enmity and hatred for those countries and even its inhabitants, whom you could never see, with whom you could never communicate and not intersect?

At this stage, the Russian will begin to understand that behind such propaganda, in
In general, it does not cost anything. This is a dummy, a bloated soap bubble, a casing and a mock-up that turned out to be stronger. Following the understanding of who is behind propaganda and in whose interests it is implanted, any sane person will ask himself questions: perhaps it is aimed at protecting my own interests? Perhaps the state protects me from enemies, that they are ready at any moment to attack and kill? And, finally, - what is this state willing to give me in return for my contribution to its future? Alas, nothing. As practice shows, the majority of residents of the largest developed countries to the question of what you know about Russia, will not answer anything except matryoshka, balalaika, vodka and a bear. Now the main measure of the greatness and power of the state is the goods that it produces and supplies to the world market, as well as the level of income of its population. As you know, at the moment Russia does not produce or supply anything competitive in the world market, and talking about ё-mobiles, jotafonas and Skolkovo can only make at least a smile. So why create and develop something of your own, if you can sit on an oil needle, right? The situation in Russia is getting worse every year. The constant collapse of the ruble, the rapid increase in gasoline prices, regardless of the increase and decrease in oil prices, the same rapid decline in wages, tax increases, the regular adoption of ridiculous bills, the endlessly deteriorating situation of the economy, bureaucracy and corruption in all sectors of life societies, reduced purchasing power ... And this is only a small part of what those in power offer who, through the media they control, hang TV noodles on TV owners shek. Exchange, to put it mildly, unequal. After all, giving the state your life, money, strength, ideas, knowledge and time, working for it, you want to get something in return. Modern Russia is incapable of offering anything to the younger generation except for bans, low salaries and rubber clubs of the omon with the whips of the named Cossacks. Therefore, no one believes in propaganda.

In the USA, on the contrary, the state behind propaganda is ready to pay tribute to its citizens. It is not a secret for anyone that today America is one of the most powerful countries in the world with the largest economy. The GDP of the city of New York alone is equal to that of the whole of Russia. The state is trying to create all the necessary conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, attracting young professionals and also for those who want to get an education. It should be noted that this is successful with them. Many people dream of living in America. And the exchange is terrific. I take it.

Second, the the success of propaganda directly depends not only on the methods of its planting, but also on the contingent consuming it.

We admit to ourselves that the older a person becomes, the more difficult it is to change it. With age, the views, ideals and outlook of a person are only strengthened. It is much easier to educate children who absorb all the information around them like sponges. Almost as it is with young people. While they are burning with freedom, while their hearts are alive for honor, while the testosterone level in the blood is off scale, and the desire to fight for all good against all bad wins over cold-blooded thinking that will come to them only with age, they are an excellent material for processing and planting profitable for the power of views.

If you communicate with regular viewers of Russian news programs and try to make up their portrait, it turns out that the vast majority of them are people from 40 years and older. While the last Soviet generation has directed its eyes towards news with Kiselyov and Nightingale's litter, their children and grandchildren have joined the Internet. Among the youth there are no more those who watch TV, and if you say a word about such hobby, most likely, they will ridicule you if they do not stop communicating with you.

Modern Russian propaganda is aimed at adults who have already formed views, and not at the younger generation. This policy of the state media is not that ineffective ... It is absolutely useless. The final nail in the coffin of their incompetence in the treatment of the population is the identification of both themselves and their puppeteer in the person of the apparatus of power from the youth. After all, any manifestations of dissent from schoolchildren and students are perceived by the state and the media at bayonets, which they immediately report in their news. There are no attempts under any pretext to unite with the young generation, which after a while will displace current adults. There are no steps to meet the people, to the last stretching the hand of the state and wanting to be with him. The state media have decided that they are like a god flying over youth ... They do not understand that in a few years their place will be occupied by those whose opinion they do not consider and about whom they are now wiping their feet.

And here the USA again beats Russia. In the New World, the state media are trying to present information in such a way as to attract the attention of the younger generation. They are working with them, they are interviewed, they are interested in their opinions, and their problems are tried to be covered and solved first. The American media has built a dialogue and established contact with young people. In the United States, they clearly understand that, after years, the generation that they themselves will grow will manage both their lives and the life of the whole country. It's unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to show the younger generation, which seeks to enter the big world, that they are needed both for the state and for its older generation.

In conclusion, I’ll just note that more and more people, if not for the accuracy and truth, then at least for alternative information go to the Internet. There, marginal and small publics are trying to engage in the very same primitive journalism, whose main function is just to cover the events despite the endowment of value judgments. Thus, based on the information that is daily absorbed by readers, they can make decisions themselves and form their point of view regarding the things and events around them. This is what is lacking in modern mass journalism. This is what people want to see in the media. In the end, this is the answer to the question, why and why people leave the TV on the Internet.

We are glad to see both the senior and the younger generation here. Their problems are discussed, they are told about, they are trying to help them. However, TV men and the media, having understood and accepting the reasons for their defeat described earlier in this article, are trying to win back the last frontier of freedom and to penetrate the largest Internet portals due to their unlimited money ... But I will tell you about this another time.

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