Praise the atomic angels

Nuclear apocalypse soon! The happiest of us will go to PARADISE as a STRAWLER

Not long ago, a supercomputer developed back in 1970's predicted the end of civilization as we know it in 2040, as reports Daily Express.

Against the background of this wonderful news, the words of the President of Russia, who declared at our Valdai Economic Forum that our country is ready to use nuclear weapons against the aggressor, naturally look natural. Incredible noise was raised in social networks - some supported the desire to protect our territories at any cost, others did not support the cataclysm.

I, of course, belong to the first type. But this is not only the support of defense, sovereignty and all that is sensible and legal. I admit, I'm fascinated by post-apocalypse. And here are my seven reasons for SUPPORTING a nuclear war.

Those people who believe in God will truly go to Paradise

They will die without doubt in the righteousness of their doom. I am sure that in the last milliseconds of life, in clouds that are bubbling with lightning, we will see a rider on a white horse with his sparkling entourage, and Christ will personally come to judge our soul. Agree, this is an incredibly pretentious ending.

Those who do not believe in God (and the aggressors) “just die”

This, of course, is sad and all that, but atheists still have no higher goals for existence. Many of them - just a machine for the consumption of pleasure, depressive and lonely. I in their place would also choose nuclear fire, it doesn’t even hurt.

Russians have great chances to survive as a population.

Fortunately, our country has many villages and territories that are far from being hit. I am sure that somewhere in Taiga there are hermitages, which are not marked on the map, to which radiation can hardly reach. Nuclear winter, giant mutant bears, gangs of techno gangs and devastation will make life a little harder, of course, but the Russians, let's be honest, are already adapted to such a life.

Our review of the Cyberslav trailer here:

All the “intelligentsia” will die and the triumph of the reaction will come.

Since 99% of “creative thinkers” and propagandists of sex education live in cities, there will be no more supporters of gender equality and other nicselpixels. Progress will be dropped for a thousand years, and the Father-Mother-Child sacred triad will again be the foundation of civilization. Of course, such things as gay rights and gender reassignment clinics will have to be sacrificed, but I am willing to pay such a terrible price.

In the beautiful new world of transgender and feminist mutants will replace

The entertainment industry is finally coming.

The modern world is designed in such a way that, with all the negative features of ancient Rome, whether it be imposed multiculturalism, degeneration and moral decline, we did not inherit the cool features of dying empires. I want to see gladiator fights, run of captives from beagle-mutants or swim in acid! I don't like Netflix anyway.

You can start your group!

There is nothing more fun, stylish and traditional than life in the style of Mad Max. With a group of friends who, just like you, are not lucky to turn to Heaven, you can romp in the remnants of the old world, build fortresses and fight. Of course, you just have to make your own cyber implants and dress in strange clothes (I now want huge gray cloaks with crosses and sharp hoods) to make it even more aesthetic.

Post-apocalypse is interesting

As far as we know from games such as Fallout, Metro 2033 and STALKER, the post-nuclear world is very fascinating, colorful, and, importantly, in fact, represents fantasy, with artifacts, mystical sleeping robots and the Game of Thrones for clean water. Who among you did not want to live in fantasy, let the first cast a stone.

Who will you become at the moment when the atomic angels create a new world for us? Do you want to go to Paradise or stay on Earth to subordinate it to your descendants? Think at your leisure.

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