Tropical Trump leads election in Brazil

Who would seem surrendered to the policy of distant Brazil? Isn't modern Latin America a dull swamp of populism and corruption? Just not now! Already not today, but in a couple of weeks, Zhair Bolsonar, the real far-right conservative president, can lead the 8 th economy of the world.

In the second round left Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad. Source: TSE via Reuters.
In the second round left Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad. Source: TSE via Reuters.

He justifies the military dictatorship, directly humiliates minorities and feminists, is going to appoint the military as half of the ministers, and take the heir to the Brazilian throne as the head of the foreign ministry. In politics, he promises to firmly establish order in the streets, distribute weapons to citizens, liberalize the economy and, of course, not a single inch of left-handed liberals with their progressive values. He also promises to eliminate all quotas and privileges of minorities.

In sharpness, he has long surpassed Trump, with whom he is constantly being compared. Only Bolsonar is already Trump “tropical”.

His slogan: “Brazil is above all, God is above all”. This is the only candidate mentioning religion in the campaign.

Maybe it's not for nothing that the Brazilians called him “Mito”, which means “Legend”?

His takeoff can be called truly legendary. A former paratrooper in politics for a long time, since 90's he was a member of a number of small right-wing parties, but rather became famous for his harsh and even very radical statements, such as justifying the destruction and torture of communists (for twenty years the dictatorship in Brazil suffered about 1000 people, about three hundred of whom were killed and went missing). He insulted gays, claimed that no one owed anything black for slavery to blacks, and called slave descendants futile, incapable of even self-reproduction. Brazil seemed all over the country left, so hardly anyone had heard of Zhaire until this year.

But his time has come. After more than a decade of leftist rule, everything is expected to end with a recession and a phenomenal increase in crime. The money of the economic boom was handed out to the poor, the economy was regulated, the weapons were taken away, and society was filled with barriers of positive discrimination in order to guarantee the equality of black, white, women and how many oppressed and oppressive social groups there were. With 60 thousands of murders a year, Brazilians seriously fear for their everyday security.

Moreover, the entire ruling class of the country is smeared with accusations of corruption, which destroyed the career of Lula da Silva and Dilma Ruseff. 70% of Brazilians generally do not trust the authorities. Extreme conservatives are probably the only ones not involved in anything, and besides they offered a solution to the problems facing the country. Brazilians needed a miracle.

Dilma Ruseff
Dilma Ruseff

Bolsonar held out an iron hand, frightening the dictatorship, and (for some unexpectedly) the Brazilians grabbed for it. Yes - to the weapon! Yes - the war against crime. Yes - traditions! No - to the communists!

Anti-communist slogans and moods are almost the basis of the campaign. “Do you want to live like in Venezuela?” The example of the collapsed Bolivarian Republic does not please anyone in Latin America. First of all, young people and educated people. Unlike Europe and the USA, Brazilian elites do not seek self-destruction. Entrepreneurs and professors do not choose communists, on the contrary - they vehemently support the right. Young people are impressed by the use of social networks, in which Bolsonar is the absolute leader.

Foreign policy for the Brazilian voter does not play a big role, so little attention is paid to it. But it is clear that Zhair intends to be friends with Trump and fight with China. The left regimes of Cuba and Venezuela for him - a cancer that kills the region. And yet, analysts say that Brazil is too big to abandon an independent policy. Will Bolsonar's policy be pro-American, will it be a surrender of Brazil to globalists?

Starting with the role of the main rival of the imprisoned Lula, Bolsonar quickly became the leader of the electoral race. In early September, he had somewhere 25% of votes, when an anti-fascist who had gone mad stuck a knife in his stomach right at a large rally surrounded by supporters. The bittener was of course well beaten and taken away, but Bolsonar barely survived and could not continue the campaign.

But then his son said “The striker just chose the president”. In an instant, all of Bolsonar’s security thesis was confirmed, and the pool of his supporters began to grow at an incredible pace. Any news or phrase was snapped up by journalists, and the country only watched his health. Having managed to give a couple of interviews straight from the hospital bed, Bolsonar returned as the absolute leader. Brazilians recognized in him that very “Nation savior“Which was previously seen in Lula.

From the day of his return, Mito attracted several million new supporters every day during the week, coming to the first round of elections with 40% of votes. Mito himself promised to win immediately, without a second round, but for this it was necessary to gain 50%. Bolsonar said that instead of the second round, Brazil will relax on the beach ... It didn't turn out that way, although it was close.

In the first round, Mito scored a brilliant victory and scored 46% of the votes, leaving most of the Brazilian mainstream with nothing. Addd received his 28% due to the predominantly black and depressive northeast of the country, which always supported the left. Analysts and the media have actually given the victory to Zhair - the left has almost nothing to oppose such popularity and mobilization. Addd asked other candidates to support him and form the anti-fascist front, but so far he was coldly promised to "think."

This is how the course of development of one of the most important countries in the world and the foundation of all of Latin America is changing. Indeed, in Brazil, not only five minutes to the right president. His National Conservative Party won the first place in the congressional elections and will provide him with strong political support. Previously, she was on the outskirts. We are waiting for 28 number.

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