China can not colonize Siberia

Rumors about the "Chinese threat", the Chinese colonization of Siberia and the Far East, are quite frequent in our society. They serve as a reason for anything - for just decadent and capitulatory sentiments, for appeals to be taken from America, that for almost everything that will be convenient in the current conjuncture. But do they correspond to reality?

In the picture you can see the fertility rate for the regions of China. As you can see, the highest fertility rates are in the west, among the Uighurs (as can be seen from the second map), as well as in the south, where there are also quite a lot of national minorities. The lowest birth rate is down to 1 or less 1 (!) Children per woman have large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, where more and more villagers flow together every year, being crushed by them in demographic terms, and ... regions of Manchuria bordering Russia ! And this, I recall, against the backdrop of mass migration to larger cities to the south.

Districts of XUAR by dominant ethnic groups. As you can see, the birth rate is the most where the Uigurs dominate or are simply represented.

In addition, the population of China is settled extremely unevenly. 93% of the country's population lives in the territory indicated on the third map in red, and only 7% lives in yellow. China cannot cope with the colonization of even Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Tibet, with which, perhaps, its new, so tough measures in that region are connected, and young Chinese mostly travel to major cities, where their demographic potential is essentially ground up. So what is the "demographic pressure" China has on Russia?

93% of the country's population lives in the red territory, 7% - in the yellow

And although, of course, you can never relax, and current trends may change more than once, yet, so far, at this stage, you should not worry too much about this. However, be that as it may, but the policy of settling Siberia and the Far East should be implemented - either it’s the case that there is no need to fall into excessive alarmism either.

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