Why do we need and how does degenerative propaganda work?


Modern propaganda is multifaceted and extremely diverse. And no, this is not about the Russian federal media (which, by the way, is very, very far behind in it), but about freaks. Methods of planting information in society change every day, and now often have to watch the activities of urban madmen.

For the most part rabid heralds live on the Internet. The world wide web is the most accessible platform for a person, because absolutely anyone can place their material and become famous here. So who am I talking about?

The main characters of the article are the brilliant figures of “science”, calling themselves “gender researchers”. These include, for example, the feminist “Nixelpixel” who is sick in the head. In her videos, she tells about the materiel of intersectional feminism, as well as the significance of its distribution in society.

Key issue

Most often in conversations about them with both the older generation and the youth, the most common reaction is the rubber phrase:

Oh, well, what's the difference? Nobody listens to them anyway!

She is at the same time fatal and extremely erroneous. On the one hand, these people are right - to listen to the speech of the stupid feminist girl 3 waves about why white people are Nazis, simply because they are white - at least, it is extremely doubtful. For sane people, there should not even be a question about the logical perception of such “sacred” knowledge seriously.

However, if you look at it from a different angle, the aforementioned phrase can become fatal. Low knowledge in the field of propaganda propaganda methods among the masses, nevertheless, make themselves felt. People who do not take the information of the same nicselpixel seriously, are very, very much mistaken right away for 5 reasons:

At first, as the saying goes: "Enemy need to know in person". Understanding what people with headaches are talking to the camera with a serious air is extremely important because a competent commander should always study the enemy from the inside. His habits, behavior, lifestyle, thoughts, ideology and even appearance - all this is necessary to predict and anticipate further changes on the side of the opponent’s board and give a competent response in time, making a knight move.

Graphic illustration

SecondlyIn no case can one be guided by the principle: “If I stop paying attention to this, it will most likely go away.”. No, it will not go away, but on the contrary, it will only more actively begin to decompose and destroy everything around it. Do not believe? And on the Niki channel, meanwhile, 423 already has thousands of subscribers, most of whom are schoolgirls.

Thirdlydespite all the nonsense that they carry from the screens of monitors, they are actively promoted in leftliberal media. It happens that the heroes are told in the Internet media. It even happens to watch interviews with them in the press. There are frequent cases of creating joint videos with colleagues in the workshop to expand the audience by increasing the number of subscribers.

And if it comes to presenting information about people in a negative way, then such advertising is also forged by workers in the field of journalism for a reason, and in order to attract even more attention to the person being promoted, because black PR works much better than usual.

And, of course, do not forget about the golden rule of absolutely any media, which says that no news appears there just like that.

Fourthly, the main consumers of the content of the same “nickel pixel” are children. In the literal sense of the children. I think you understand perfectly well that it does not matter much for them where to gain life experience and where to get information from.

Fifthly, the main motive of their activity is not the imposition of any ideas (although it is worth admitting that they are doing great at it), and reserve for the future. No matter how ridiculous and disgusting the “women” like “nicselpixel” were, their main motive of their activity is to lay their ideas in the heads of the generation that will run the country in 10-15 years. And such propaganda, even despite its ridiculousness and stupidity, penetrates very tightly into the minds of adolescents, and makes itself felt in those moments when they grow up and begin to bear responsibility for their lives.

The main consumers of the content of the same “nickel pixel” are children

In contrast to the overwhelming majority of Russians, foreign political consultants are well aware that the state is not fat-bellied and bellied bureaucrats, but people. It is people who decide how to live. So by directly and indirectly implanting a certain ideology into their minds, one can change the destinies of entire countries.

The main idea of ​​this point lies in one simple rule - it’s not important how stupid things are said by left-liberals, but how many children and teenagers will be able to put ideas and thoughts that are corrupting society.

Reasons for popularity

On the one hand, the popularity of the feminist who has traveled, who in her videos tells about the menstrual cups and the “bloody” patriarchy, should cause surprise and a storm of negative emotions. But, as practice shows, this is far from all. So why are the bloggers who went so popular, especially among children?

The answer, in general, lies on the surface. The thing is that children and teenagers absorb all the information around them, like sponges. Their fragile minds crave for knowledge, new information and discoveries. Add to this matriarchy, which only increases in post-Soviet Russia after the collapse of the scoop and leads exclusively to the destruction of the family, puberty, accompanied by regular hormonal surges, problems in the modern education system, preparation for useless school exams for admission to no less useless Russian universities, lack of understanding from adults grown up in the traditions of Soviet culture, and you get a nuclear mixture, ready to smash everything around at any second of its existence.

And while the parents are busy with themselves, and not by studying the way of thinking of their enemies and raising children, young Internet users will look for an outlet and company in the person of such personalities as “nikselpixel”. And she is always happy to teach your children what is good and what is bad.


It’s certainly silly to argue with the fact that

If you are an adult, then in the modern world, which has long passed into the information age, you should learn to filter information professionally. You need this skill as well as your computer, internet, smartphone, public transport, and bank card skills.

Well, if it seems ridiculous to you, and your time is not worth spending it on studying the content of “nikselpiksel”, then do not be surprised when your child refuses to eat meat at once, he admits to you that he is a homosexual and starts to spread In his instagram photos with unshaven and painted armpits.

You're not up to raising your own child, right? And in general, it's on the Internet there are all fools and assholes, nobody pays attention to them and nobody needs them!


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