A gang of migrants for years raped young Britons

One hundred and twenty episodes of rape, defilement and forced prostitution. Dozens of victims. At a recent trial in the British Huddersfield, members of a gang of Pakistanis declared their right to do anything with a white woman because of her, as they claimed, "natural depravity." The court showed how political correctness prevents the West from punishing even the most heinous crimes.

Every few months, the amazed world community finds out about another criminal case against child molesters in the UK. Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, Newcastle - the names of these cities, where violence against minors has been going on for years, have bypassed all the world media.

The other day, this sad list filled up the city of Huddersfield. There were convicted gangsters who seduced minor local women and forced them into prostitution. The investigation revealed that all such crimes are carried out as a carbon copy. It can be said that child abuse was put on the conveyor in Britain and acquired just an industrial scale.

Just like in other cities, the mob of molesters in Huddersfield consisted exclusively of Pakistanis. Among their victims there was not a single Asian or black girl, only white. Pakistanis found their victims among children from dysfunctional or simply poor families, as well as in a local orphanage. The age of girls ranged from 11 to 17 years.

Involved them into prostitution according to a long-tried scheme. The men got acquainted with the girl, swore to her in eternal love, watered them with alcohol, and allowed them to smoke marijuana. Then she was raped in an unconscious state, and after that she was considered the common property of the gang. Leaders regularly sold girls to their countrymen. And they were not only forced into prostitution in Huddersfield, but also taken out for the provision of sexual services in other cities.

As in other cases of group corruption, the local police for years let everything go to chance. Bande from Huddersfield was charged on 120 episodes - including rape, defilement, forced prostitution. The number of their victims has dozens of people. The gang has carried out its criminal activities since 2004. And all these years, the local law enforcement services did not even try to protect local children from bandits.

The leadership of the Huddersfield orphanage was simply not interested in the fate of their pets. None of the authorities wondered what adult Pakistanis were doing to their pupils, who took the girls straight from the orphanage and took them away in their cars. This begs the suspicion that the police and the authorities were simply in proportion with the bandits. However, as always, no criminal cases were initiated against them.

Parents of girls who fell into the clutches of the criminal community tried to somehow protect them — at least not to let them out of the house. However, the gangsters came to their home, smashed their cars, beat the windows and threatened to kill their daughters. The girls themselves were regularly beaten and drugged. One of them tried to commit suicide, the other thugs thrown out of the car, driving at full speed.

Statements to the police did not work: just as in Rochdale and in Rotherham, the policemen persuaded parents and victims not to make a fuss, otherwise everyone would be accused of “racism”. The first allegation of rape was Huddersfield police in 2013. After that, the heinous crimes continued for several more years. Only last year, the local Sherlock Holmes was able to gather enough evidence to start a criminal process against the Pakistani gang.

Some differences in history in Huddersfield began just at the stage of the trial. The fact is that the murderers in Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford demonstrated the entire racist background of these ruthless crimes.

The gangsters at the trial behaved extremely arrogantly. They denied their guilt, insisted that everything happened “by mutual agreement,” and regularly made themselves openly racist statements against white girls. Their performances fell into the newspapers.

All this began to resent even the most politically correct Britons.

So, in the case of the Huddersfield gangsters, it was decided to classify the trial simply. The case was heard in the city of Leeds. Neither the names of the criminals, nor the composition of their crimes were disclosed. For more than a year, the process went behind closed doors. Not indifferent citizen Tommy Robinson tried to conduct a webcast of the court session from the square in front of the court building in Leeds. For “contempt of court,” he was sentenced to 13 months in prison.

Nevertheless, even by the meager remarks of the judge, one can see that the trial of Pakistani gangsters was no different from previous trials. The judge specifically noted that none of the rapists expressed the slightest repentance and did not even try to apologize to the victims. Instead, they blamed the victims for lies and “white racism.”

Twenty people received sentences. The gang leader 35-year-old Amer Singh Dhalival (by the way, a married man and father of the family) was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole no earlier than in 18 years. On his account 22 rapes minors and forced prostitution. Several of his accomplices got a great time.

However, most of the gang members got off with light sentences. Subject to exemplary behavior, they will be able to go free within three to four years. Then they will return to Huddersfield, and the nightmare may continue. Everything will be exactly the same as in other English cities, where the victims await with horror the return of their rapists from places not so distant.

For example, the leader of the Telford gang of molesters, Mubarak Ali, was sentenced to 2012 years in prison in 14, but he was released in November 2017. He immediately returned to his hometown. Only the protests of the parents of the victims (and all in Telford about a thousand girls were raped and involved in prostitution) forced the authorities to send him to jail again.

The Huddersfield case is just the tip of the iceberg. Gangs of Pakistanis who trade in underage white girls are regularly revealed in different cities of the country. More recently, such a criminal grouping was laid in London. Every month, UK police detain more 400 men on suspicion of the sexual exploitation of minors.

The motive of racial hatred for which sexual offenses are committed against minors is obvious to any open-minded observer. However, any discussion of the involvement of the Pakistani diaspora in the mass sex traffic of underage British women is an absolute taboo in the British media.

An attempt to even formulate the problem of the Pakistanis' racial hatred for white leads to the fact that diasporas are hysterical and accuse everyone of “racism” with the full support of the liberal media.

A year ago, the ex-prosecutor of the country, Lord MacDonald, became a victim of such harassment, saying in an interview with the BBC that “to treat young women as garbage, to consider them readily available is a big problem in some of our diasporas” Islamic activists and their rooftops instantly accused the lord of "racism." At the same time, human rights defender Sarah Champion, who risked writing in the article, was also boycotted that "in Britain there is a problem with Pakistani men who are raping and exploiting white girls."

So far it turns out that the Pakistani minority has received complete freedom to rape the local residents and keep the white majority at bay. The judicial authorities understood this hint well. Never in all the time in the mass crimes against minors judges did not find the motive of racial hatred, which would make the article heavier and increase the sentence. At the Telford gangster trial, the judge even stated that “the accused chose their victims not because of race, but because of their weakness and vulnerability”.

But for some reason, white girls from the working class — the most oppressed minority in modern Britain — are always weak and vulnerable in such matters.



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