Interview with the creators of "Beloreche"

As a preface: My wife more than a year ago came across these guys on instagram, and repeatedly addressed me with the question: how can such a project go unnoticed by the broad masses for so long? This misunderstanding had to be urgently corrected, and I decided to take a short interview with the creators in order to tell about as many people as possible about Belorechye.

Я - Your humble servant, Ilya Voskoboynik
D. - Dmitry Zimin, a cartoonist and author of the project

Я - Good evening, Dmitry! I will go straight to the point, I would like to ask you a few questions about the Belorechye project, your team and plans for the future in general. And the first question: who are you and where are you from?
ДGood evening, Ilya! We are all from the city of Riga, Latvia, born and raised here. So far it is difficult to call it a “team”, because now it’s three people: I (Dim Zimin) is a cartoon artist, writer / screenwriter Yevgeny Minin, and our mutual friend Vadim Sokolov, who has taken on organizational and legal issues. He, by the way, moved the project towards implementation.

Я - Where did the idea to make such a project come from?
D. - It all started with my idea of ​​the animated series in fantasy style. However, it was strikingly different from the current Belorechye. - initially it was a general idea of ​​the adventures of an orc, a dwarf and an elf. The project was conceived with an abundance of black humor. I drew sketches and put them on the table. I usually do this to test the strength of an idea. The criterion is simple - if the idea still captures the idea in a month, you have to do it. He took out sketches and asked himself the question: why did I first turn to Western mythology? I am a lover of universes and Warhammer and Warcraft. Not to mention the Tolkien universes, etc. I did not want to do something “next”.

This is how the characters looked according to the initial sketches.

D. - And then I turned to Slavic mythology. I got into reference books / bestiaries and so on and found the following: every third Slavic mythological character was described as follows - portrayed as in an old man in tatters. There was a sense of freedom for interpretation. It became clear that I, as an illustrator, can do virtually anything I want.

And this is what they turned into a new project.

D. - I redraw the main characters. And almost immediately turned to his good friend Yevgeny Minin. At that time he was already a working screenwriter and several cycles in production. Said, "There is a universe. We must raise. ”He responded and also became interested in the idea. So the universe is already overgrown with many details.

Я - What particular peoples mythology became the basis of your world?
D. - At first we called the world by the common word “Slavic”, because, for example, we used Polish folklore. But later they abandoned this idea (there are even animals and names that left the final version). Basically, because of the phonetics. An example is the fabulous beast Gilisteri in any way “did not lay down in his ear”. We still wanted the reader to immediately isolate familiar images. We were faced with the task of synthesizing the fantasy world based on the period of pagan beliefs (not epic, post-Christian, as there many traditions have already been distorted due to historical events), in fact, according to the same Tolkien system. That is, an old fairy tale is taken and, for example, a fantastic character appearing in it in one instance unfolds to a whole nation, to which the history, features, etc. is added, naturally, taking into account the original folklore. So for today, it would be more correct to say that we are still talking about Russian mythology. Although we should not forget that in the legends of the Slavic peoples many intersections.

Я - In this regard, I can not ask one question, although if it turns out to be incorrect, you can not answer it. Do you consider yourself Russian authors?
D. - Of course! In general, the question sounds like “Do you consider yourself to be Russian people?” Yes, naturally. We are all Russian. We are all from Russian families.

Я - In instagram there are a lot of characters, and many are talked about as the main characters - is it a feature of the story, or will there be many books with various central characters?
D. - Today, the main story is detailed, it will be the basis of the series with the working title “Feat”. We have three main characters: the devil of Kokor, the Water Boule and the devil Vasco. But since the story is built on the serial principle, we have a lot of plot branches and a lot of minor characters that will be involved in the plot. But, yes, we have plans for continuation today, and some have a “fish”. We set out to create a universe, not a story about individual characters.

In addition to the main characters, all the characters that they will meet on their way from sworn enemies to good friends are worked out in detail.

Я - Also, as I understand it, another cartoon and platformer game is planned? Or something else?
D. - Today we are doing everything we can do ourselves. Evgeny Minin is a programmer by training and always wanted to plunge into the game room. So the idea to do more and simple games on the universe, which in turn would tell that part of the Law that will not be covered in books. On the show - yes. The project in its original form is a cartoon series and the main goal is to shoot it. The decision to write books came later - in order to lay them as the foundation of the project and to show the audience and potential investors.

Я - You wrote about Tolkien, Warhammer, Warcraft - are there any plans for sending eggs and paschal eggs, or will it be inappropriate in this series?
D. - No, we will not be carried away by references.

Я - Last question, is it rather from me personally: Warhammer desktop or book / computer? Fb
D. - 40, book. I think the best fantasy universe for today.

Platform game, animated series and other projects - the plans for this universe are really ambitious

Я - Thanks for the interview! I hope the readers who have learned about this project from it will stay with you in the role of loyal fans.

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