Liberal Gulag

Recently, a note was published on Knife, which said that there should be no right to freedom of opinion. You never know, having suddenly thought of “Genderfluid versexual” you inadvertently insult a non-binary gender lesbian, and how can this be allowed in the public interest? And therefore, according to the author of the article, it should be, and the entire wording (“The Knife”, not ours), you should not have any right to freedom of thought, and all deviations from the line of the general party should be punished - think only that it is said in the next higher schools of equality.

In general, you can notice one interesting detail. Speaking of the fact that there are intolerable beliefs (including on the basis of “homophobia”), and that they must be fought, i.e. To treat them intolerantly, those who assert this themselves become intolerable on the basis of all the same religious reasons, and no longer “homophobia”, but homophilia. That is, in fact, all their words about the need to ban the right to freedom of thought for those who are intolerant, should be applied to them. Some do not want gay parades in their cities - and such a left-liberal is ready to completely ban the freedom of their thoughts, in the best traditions of not even the Soviet Union, but the DPRK to achieve absolute peace and harmony under the guidance of sensitive and wise general secretaries from the “Knife”, "Equolith" and other gender stages.

The result is all the same oppression under the sauce of freedom, but there is no freedom in it, on the contrary, as Goethe said, the most hopeless slave is a slave who is not aware of his slavery. At the exit, it turns out that the traditional patriarchal society at the expense of less oversight and computerization was much more free than such a digital GULAG.

An unprecedented wave of violence and intolerance threatens the Western world — but it does not threaten from the right, but from the left, left-liberal side. After all, identifying "heresy" is now much easier than it was then, and to prove it too, and with the recent trend of the absence of the presumption of innocence - that’s all. And there is no doubt that punishment is planned for it.

The Inquisition returns in a new and worst, left-liberal form, and we must stop it.

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