The new political party will be socially-patriotic

Have we been waiting for this?

Yesterday, rumors were leaked to the network that a new party was being created in Russia, which could press the traditional “left” structures. The new political organization, as the organizers report, will be led by United Russia’s parliamentarians, who refused to vote for pension reform in July — Natalya Poklonskaya and Sergei Zheleznyak.

Word "left" in the description of the party, many commoners were discouraged, but if you expect Natalya Poklonskaya to suddenly turn into Katya Kipping (co-chairman of the German party “Left” - ed.) and about frantically promote the ideas of feminism and LGBT in society, do not expect.

“Left-centrist” in modern political Russian, this means that the party will be only social and populist in everything. Our Liberal Democratic Party is also “liberal democratic”, but how much liberalism is there?

Against the background of the history of pension reform, the EdRa rating is rapidly creeping down, “United Russia” is already tightly associated in society with a hand taking. The new political force must balance the system, playing the role of a giving hand. Even despite the fact that these are hands of a single political organism. Managed social populism is necessary for the Kremlin and it will receive it.

Considering the personalities of the declared leaders, the patriots-statesmen will also be pleased. If the extensive list of merit on Natalya Polonskaya's national-patriotic field is well known to everyone, then Sergey Zheleznyak’s patriotic activity is not so obvious. For reference, Sergei Zheleznyak in United Russia was engaged in the foreign policy direction and it was under his leadership that EdRo concluded cooperation agreements with Alternative for Germany, the French National Front and the Hungarian Jobbik, so you can’t exclude Europe's new right. Zheleznyak has experience, and connections remain.

“The Power of Russia” plans to participate in the parliamentary elections of 2021 of the year, where it may well take the place of “Fair Russia”, which has developed its resource and the social agenda entrusted to it does not fully work out. Probably, “The Power of Russia” will become what Motherland should have become at one time, but it never did.

Will this party be exactly what the right-conservative forces were waiting for? Most likely no. And there are a number of reasons for this, the main one being the most banal: the conservatives have not yet learned how to impose their agenda on society, promote this agenda and form a request for it. They did not learn how to organize, organize and use their ideological potential. A lot more Right-wing conservative forces have not learned and that is why in Russia there appears not the party we want, but the one that is given to us. Of course, the social-patriotic party in parliament is much better than without it - the new force will definitely act as a counterbalance to the liberal influence in Russia, but only right-wing conservative political forces, which will grow out of the needs of society and not be lowered, can fully fulfill our aspirations.

In the meantime, we need to keep a close eye on the new political party, and rejoice in the fact that in the scorched social and political field where the liberals manage, at least some alternative has appeared. And this is really good news.

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