King cancels 282

In connection with the coming mitigation of 282, the surprised party-goers, of course, began to crawl out, screaming “wow that with the king something to do"

For us, nothing surprising in this. We told you that the state rules, and rules without the participation of, in fact, the right.

In the full sense of the word, of course, you cannot call Putin right or left. Yes, there are elements of conservatism in the policy of the ruling regime, thanks to which he has successfully held power for twenty years. Yes, we have a market economy, albeit with noticeable state intervention in it (however, some traditionalists generally advocate a kind of “socialism”, so the market cannot be the only criterion for defining “justice”; I’m more pleased with the state plan, if there was some kind of work and at least a percentage on 90 is as effective as the market one, its model). But still, to call Putin right is the same thing as calling a randomly taken FSB officer a conservative. Well, for the order, dude, for the hierarchy, the state protects, the typical conservative, not?

And nevertheless, the state, obviously, rules. And it is expressed not only in the beginning decriminalization of a politically correct article, but also in a number of other actions of the ruling regime in 2017-18 and indirect signs:

  • demonstrative disregard centuries of revolution;
  • Moreover, in this very century, the news about the installation of monuments thundered Stolypin, Ivan III and, attention, Alexander III in Crimea, and in the latter case, the president attended the opening of the monument in person (!!);
Opening of the monument to Peter Stolypin in Chelyabinsk
Opening of the monument to Ivan III in Kaluga
President at the opening of the monument to Emperor Alexander III
  • there was a lot of smaller news about successful de-communization, perpetuation of Russian tsars and politicians (you can find them on the website of the society "Double eagle");
  • the leftists lost in court two high-profile cases - oh dismantling of the monument to Kolchak and about comparison of Lenin with Hitleralthough many expected a different result;
  • left anarchism in Russia was destroyed as a political subject;
  • the struggle against ultra-left revolutionism was carried out on all fronts: from arrest Udaltsova to smaller matters that you can find in various socialist, communist and other media resources;
  • was accepted law on native languageswhich, in fact, assigns the status of the dominant ethnocultural group to the Russians;
  • a lover to get into the business of film distributors Medina "suddenly" stopped and decided not to introduce quotas in 35% for the rental of foreign cinema;
  • and finally: pension reform; I, not being an economist, do not intend to comment on its effectiveness (although I am amused by this whole discussion of the level “YOU, CHO, HITLER AND EATING CHILDREN”, which were mixed by various kinds of opposition lay people - naturally, serious economic reforms should be discussed in this way) but regardless of whether it was the right step, it’s impossible to argue with the fact that this is exactly the right reform.

Surely this is not a complete list showing the movement of the Russian Federation to the right. If you have something to add it, write in the comments. Putin’s speech on “gender equality”, please do not spam, better think for a little more than a minute.

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