Sanity test

How to identify a mentally ill person among normal people?

In social networks, they actively discuss video that has gone on the Internet, in which a girl in the subway pours a mixture of water and bleach on men sitting in the subway with their legs wide apart. The administrative code calls it petty hooliganism. The main character of the movie calls all this “struggle with menspreding”.

Menspreding - a word from the vocabulary of modern feminists, as well as adherents of the left-liberal worldview. Terms like this create the appearance of the scientific nature of their theory, but this is nothing more than an appearance.

But back to the video.

The protagonist of the acclaimed movie name is Anna Dovgalyuk. To some she may seem a feminist, but she is not her. If only because Dovgalyuk in every possible way emphasizes his sexuality and frankly exploits her, while real feminists categorically deny female sexuality and struggle with it in every way. A modern feminist cannot look attractive, and already by this criterion it can be determined that the action of Dovganyuk is nothing more than an attempt to catch a little (and if you are very lucky a lot) hyip on the resonant theme, using the terminology and agenda of radical feminists as a reagent.

On this, with Dovgalyuk, we will finish and talk a little about real feminists and their friends.

If you follow the activities of the so-called. “Leftists” (LGBT, feminists, “contemporary artists” and other degenerates), they certainly noticed that common sense is not about them. Definitely, there are things that make them mindless, but, as they say, all leftists are insane, but not all insane are leftists.

How to distinguish them?

There are three simple criteria by which you can determine not only a real feminist, but also any other carrier of ideas of cultural Marxism (for more information about who they are, be sure to read HERE) among the frankly insane people and people with a moving psyche.

1. Appearance

Carriers of the left views often look carelessly or pointedly defiant: they dye their hair in unnatural colors, wear non-standard glasses, prefer challenging clothes. A woman of cultural Marxist views, as a rule, denies sexuality, therefore she does everything to stop being a woman not only internally but also externally: she ceases to look after herself, does not struggle with her shortcomings, but also vice versa - shows them off. At the same time, the fight against female sexuality for feminists does not at all mean that the intimate topic is taboo for them. On the contrary. They love to talk about menstruation and discuss the vagina. On occasion, even in this vagina getting out.

You will recognize her from a thousand. It is not difficult.

Unshaven legs and armpits, cellulite and obesity, unkempt hair, or a short male haircut are true signs that the mistress of all this goodness professes leftist values.

On the left, a girl before cultural Marxism came into her life, on the right - after.

If we talk about men, then very often the situation is exactly the opposite. Men of left-wing ideas pay increased attention to their appearance, they can use cosmetics, behave capriciously and hysterically.

Sometimes it happens.

2. Name and surname

As a rule, leftist-minded people like to take catchy pseudonyms and / or neutral informal names. So quite adults and even older people will present themselves as Masha, Sasha or Misha, instead of Maria, Alexander or Mikhail. Not the surest sign, however, if an adult person appears at a formal event as a neutral informal name - you should be wary.

Masha Hessen as a vivid example. By the way, for a long time Masha could not understand or did Misha still?

3. Terminology

The most important and sure sign. If you hear incomprehensible terms that your interlocutor confidently belches from himself with a serious facial expression, then he is most likely a carrier of Marxist cultural ideas.

If they start telling you about body positiv, victimization, gaslighting, menspleiling, slaturing, harassment and other sexism, then you are definitely at risk.

You can expect anything from this person, so he should stay away.

For example, now cultural activists are actively promoting a campaign for “Acne positive”. It sounds like a beautiful, but in fact behind this lies the banal attempt of fat pimply schoolgirls to prove to those who do not have acne, that acne is cool. Not the most noble initiative, is it? So, any left-liberal term, where there is a word “positive”, covers disappointment. Take a look at the bodypositive. Well, what's the positive? I want to cry.

It would seem like a “positive”, but what the hell is why looking at this blood comes from the eyes?

Recently, a good marker for identifying a mentally unhealthy person can be identified by the fanatical use of so-called. feminitives - warped words contrary to common sense and the rules of the Russian language in favor of the theory of feminism. If suddenly you saw the word AUTORKA on any site, then you should know that your mental health on this site is under threat.

Approximately the average AUTHOR and BLOGERKA looks from the hotbed of primitive feminism Wonderzine

The substitution of definitions by beautiful terms is a favorite occupation of those who suffer from cultural Marxism and at the same time is its main trick.

Ask the Russian language to explain to the feminist the meaning of any foreign term, and you will see how embarrassing for her to explain the true phenomenon.

As we can see, of the three signs of feminists described above (and of the other cultural Marxists), Anna Dovgalyuk corresponds to only one, while at least two signs should coincide to identify a truly insane person.

Therefore, if one day you meet a fat, unkempt woman in years, who introduces you to Masha Bronstein and at the same time tells you about the problems of sexism, harassment and slattinging in society, there is only one advice RUN!

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Ruslan Boshirov

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