Why women are not able to joke?

A very interesting fact is connected with the fact that men throughout the history of mankind have dominated women absolutely in all branches of activity. Science, technology, sports, painting, music, literature, poetry, military, cooking and even humor. Let's face it - this list also includes beauty contests for women.

Feminists have repeatedly tried to prove to the whole world that the main reason for their centuries-old fiasco is not in the desires of women themselves, but in the fact that men constantly forbade them everything. But here's the ill luck: as soon as they had the opportunity (which was before) to prove the opposite, nothing really changed. All scientific discoveries are still made by men. They are also architects of both large and small structures. And as soon as women start to design something, the result is the death of people.

Do not believe? In the middle of this March, a bridge under construction collapsed in Miami. The consequences of the crash - 6 dead. The chief designer, a female engineer named Leonora Flores, in an interview earlier stated that the participation of the woman at the head of the bridge design is extremely important, since they have a “different perception” and “artistic approach” to the design. The company’s official statement said that there has never been such a thing in the 40-year-old company history ... Guess why.

With sports, too, everything is extremely clear - men are stronger than women, and also more developed physically. When trying to prove the opposite to others, it becomes ridiculous, to say the least. Suffice it to recall the case when the women's national team of the USA on football lost to the junior academy of children of Dallas, which was played by boys up to 15 years. Or a conflict situation when a professional player in CS: GO Ant1ka moaned about the fact that they do not take women into the men's teams of the same discipline. The reasons for this were shown by Zeus e-sportsperson, beating 1 on 1 on all three maps:

With military affairs, everything is also very clear. From ancient times, those who were physically superior to other individuals were engaged in hunting and creating weapons. There is a similar situation with cooking. Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart lies through the stomach, and it is representatives of the stronger sex who like to eat tasty food. Hence, such a large number of male chefs. Even if you look at (or imagine in your head) the stereotypical image of the chief chef in a characteristic cap, it comes to a man with a big belly, mustache and a characteristic French or Italian accent. Remembering the figures of music, we again come to the men, because the main figures studied in various musical educational institutions, as well as the magicians of generally accepted classical music were also men. Very funny, but modern music still continues these traditions, despite the pernicious emancipation of women. With literature and poetry, I suppose my educated reader perfectly understands everything himself.

But what about humor? Really representatives of the weaker sex can not be funny? Is it true that the bloody patriarchy has so lowered its roots that it is now impossible to even go on stage with a microphone and start joking for the fair sex? Females have long been emancipated, so excuses are kind "I do not have rights" it won't work here.

In fact, it turns out that even this sphere of activity is beyond the control of women. In an attempt to prove the opposite, American actress Amy Schumer announced the start of a stand-up career. As a result - her shows had the lowest ratings among all stand-up comedians, and many jokes were stolen from, you would not believe, men. By the way, men head the lists of the best stand-up artists. Women on the stage look ridiculous, because all their actions are reduced to attempts to imitate men.

Why is this happening? It's simple. As always, the answer lies in the history of human development. For a long time a man has always tried to attract the attention of a woman. Someone was limited to his physique and physical strength. Others tried to melt the heart of the ladies by singing serenades under the windows of the beloved. Still others competed with competitors in improving their drawing skills to impress with their masterpieces and mastery of the brush of young and innocent beauties. And someone, on the contrary, having become the winner of genetic bingo, did not particularly bother at birth, and the women themselves jumped into bed in it.

For those who did not possess any of the above skills, as well as professional skills, the odds were almost equal to zero. But even they did not despair, and began to hone their skills in the art of comedy. Professionally making people laugh is extremely hard. This is a very subtle craft, with units having a sense and boundaries. But the stronger sex has been practiced in humor for many centuries. From here and such superiority in a comedy. And women simply did not need these abilities ... And they are not needed until now.

Can women be funny? Yes. Are there any good comedians among the weaker sex? Yes. If a woman wants to do something, then no one will disturb her in this. However, there is only 2 "but":

At firstyou should not put pressure on pity. Nobody likes it, just as absolutely no one will give up in competition to you just because you are a woman.

SecondlyYou do not need to hide behind the fact that you are a woman. If you want at least a little to become the same as male comedians, then just do your job without being linked to gender.

And, in the end, do not go against the laws of nature. Understand: nature can exist without man, but man without it can not exist, since it is part of it.

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