The boycott is just Kashin. Journalists argued about a place in Russian culture

The editor-in-chief of The New Times magazine, journalist Yevhen Albats, and countless handshaking forces who joined her, fiercely attacked journalist Oleg Kashin for lack of respect for Ukrainian culture and the cultures of other small nations.

“There are world cultures, there are local cultures. There are, in general, controversial cultures, like those guys who killed an American preacher from bows the other day, if you remember. That is, it is foolish to deny that it’s not that some are more equal - that some have more contributions, others less, one third - in general, Ukrainians, sorry, ”- Kashin said on the air of Echo of Moscow, discussing the question of in honor of which poets it makes sense to name airports, and in honor of which - not very.

“What Kashin said is Nazism. Classical Nazism, which divided the people into full-fledged and inferior, ”exclaimed a well-known journalist in narrow circles. And she announced that she would boycott the publications of the Republic, Rain, and even, it is possible, Ekho Moskvy, for giving the word to Kashin. She called on all her readers and subscribers to join this boycott: “Maybe Kashin needs medical help, but this does not change things, you need to build a sanitary cordon around such people.”

The funny thing is that Yevgenia Markovna is not the first time trying to expel someone from journalism. In 2006, she became famous for shouting: “Get out of the profession,” with whom she pounced on the live air of Ekho Moskvy itself on journalist Anna Harutyunyan, who dared to suggest that the late Anna Politkovskaya was not so much a journalist as a human rights activist and political activist.

Evgenia Albats

At Harutyunyan’s career, Albats’s heart-rending screams have had an effect, but not for the worse. And now, again with the same rake about the same place - those who remember the previous “Won!” Already laugh and rub their hands in advance.

Expel Kashin from somewhere, who, like it or not, is the whale of Russian journalism (especially if you take its opposition spectrum) Albats is certainly not under force. Even unlikely to move.

Kashin, let's not argue, he is still a fruit. He is scandalous, and eccentric, and occasionally provocative game. Being, as it happened, a kind godfather in his Moscow journalistic career, I went through completely different stages of treating him as a person and an author, from extreme disgust, from regret about his cruel beating (although he himself was ready beat) to periodic sympathy for some of his actions (business trips to the Crimea and Donbas in the first days of the events) and texts.

Dmitry Medvedev at the meeting with Kashin recovering from the attack. 2011 year.

But one thing is absolutely certain - the Kashin phenomenon is 100% alive. He responds to some external and internal impulses with spontaneity and talent. And even if he does some kind of nastiness, it is the muck of a living person, the causes of which exactly humanum est are anger, greed, envy, curiosity, eloquence, and egocentrism. Are you others?

Evgenia Markovna Albats in this sense is a completely different matter. This is a real cadavre of Russian opposition journalism. A person who claims to play the most disgusting role in it: to shake hands and not shake hands, to decide who has the right to broadcast and who does not. And all this is subject to the canons of her one slave liberal orthodoxy.

At the same time, some of their own outstanding journalistic achievements, except for the cries of "Get out of the profession!" Have not been listed as Yevgeny Markovna for the years "–– twenty" The New Times magazine, for the salvation of which prospective readers collected 22 million rubles to read, is impossible and, in general, almost no one reads.

I am deeply antipathetic towards Echo, Dozhd, I just can't eat when I see Novaya Gazeta, but from time to time I read something interesting or at least outrageous and ridiculous there. "TNT" failed to catch my attention once.

And his own main insult, which was inflicted by Kashin Albats, was connected not with his "intolerant" statements, but with the ironic remarks about the noisyly advertised collection of 22 million on a fine magazinewho had previously quarreled Albats with the liberal politician Schlosberg.

“I meet Yevgeny Markovna in London, somewhere in a dark alley, and she tells me, looking into her eyes with her inherent gaze:“ Give me 100 pounds on the magazine. ” Of course I will. I will give, I will give, I will give and I will say thank you for not stabbing. But at the same time, of course, such rates and sums, when in the morning 19 millions, then 23 and 25 in the evening - it doesn’t look suspicious, it looks, of course, strange, ”said Kashin, further, however, he said that doubt the feasibility of such a collection has not.

Oleg Kashin in the Central City Library. V.V. Mayakovsky (St. Petersburg) 2014 Year

And it is here, perhaps, the main hypocrisy of our liberal grants. Being personally offended by the personal, not entirely flattering mention and criticism, Albats, instead of expressing his personal offense against Kashin and challenging him to a duel (why not, he tried to summon a certain Elmira Geider from Mariupol to a duel of the Black Hundred Purishkevich) , Yevgenia Markovna chose to screech “Hitler!” And settle personal scores with the help of strained ideological accusations. Below the maw it would only include #metoo and blame the harassment.

Did Kashin really say something neo-Nazi? Of course no. Neo-Nazism does not consist in dividing nations into more or less equal cultural contributions to the treasures of world civilization. And in that, to link everyone the obvious inequality of peoples and cultures with their biological, if you want, and genetic, origin. In this sense, the classic neo-Nazis - for example, are Albats’s own colleagues, like Alla Bossart, who wrote about “Khodorkovsky’s benign genes,” who allegedly predetermined his wealth, beauty, and intellectuality. And in the same phrase held on the "passion for theft, inherent in the Russian nature."

No Nazism, racism, discrimination, to indicate that there are great historical peoples, whose contribution to culture is enormous and has universal significance - like the Greeks and Romans, the British and French, Russians and Jews, and there are those whose contribution is rather limited and meaning only to themselves.

“The peoples are the essence of what their actions are,” Hegel once wrote. The actions of some nations change the planet and the lives of people - they build the Colosseum, fly into space and discover penicillin, give Homer, Shakespeare and Dostoevsky to the world. Others were remembered by neighbors only by conquering, plundering and destroying - like the Huns, but remembering and becoming a part of world memory! Still others live on their local level, catch fish, “sleep garneau”, and sometimes merge with great nations - partially or completely.

Russia has always tried to preserve small nations, including at the expense of the great Russian, and sometimes even to its damage. But still, the desire to join the culture of Pushkin and Dostoevsky not to overpower and force people to remain at the level of “tribal gods” of the “national cultures” of some republics constructed in Soviet times is a violation of the constitution, its article 26, which clearly says: everyone has the right to determine their own nationality. If a person wants to be Russian in Russia, and he is artificially forced to consider himself a “penguin”, this is unconstitutional to no less a degree than if he were forced to consider himself Russian.

It is to this, the fact that it is impossible to limit the rights of the objectively great, Russian culture of world importance in its own homeland, in Russia, and wanted, I think, to point Kashin. And it can be understood - in the history of this culture, it is not without reason that he is counting on "a place in the footnote", at least in the chapter on the history of journalism. One can understand, however, Albats’s indignation - she seems to have nothing in this story.


Yegor Kholmogorov

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