On the alliance of right and left in the fight against globalism

Dugin gave a good reason to talk about a very important, extremely popular and no less harmful idea: “not the right against the left, but the populists against the elite”.

The topic is not to say that the dominant among populists, but it is found everywhere. This agenda is promoted by Bannon in the USA, and the identifiers in Europe, Le Pen and many others. The situation is normal when a new, far-right party in Europe prescribes in the first line “we are not right and not left-wing!” Is it really time to end the division?

Dugin in the video does not hide his admiration, like Bannon, he calls the creation of a populist government in Italy the beginning of a new era of struggle with the elites, when ideological differences will be rejected for the sake of anti-globalism and the struggle of peoples against the elites. Exactly the same thing said Le Pen and a number of other populist politicians.

In the case of Dugin, his old national-Bolshevism plays undoubtedly: there is still a strong attachment to the left economy and sympathy for all sorts of communists and other leftists. Dugin apparently yearns for socialist conservatism, just can not wait for a real working example. Bannon just wants to destroy the global world order and it doesn’t matter to him who is ruining the EU in Europe. The rest, like identists, take on a fashionable idea or are themselves obvious modernists like Marine Le Pen.

In fact, the one proposed by Dugin is falling apart at the very first glance at the question - he says that global elites combine progressism with a market economy, and populists, on the contrary, conservatism with socialism. It turns out such a cross-division of values ​​- something that Dugin likes from left and right - populists leave, and the elites don’t like it. Reality carries a beautiful picture to the nines.

You have to be a real socialist to call the Western welfare states that are the mainstay of globalism, with their decades of social democrats in power and over-regulated by the English Channel economies, market economies. Neither the USA nor the EU in the 20th century is an example of a liberal economy, if we compare them not with the USSR and the DPRK. The elites are progressive both economically and socially, even if the progressive economy is transformed into a socially oriented market economy due to the influence of moderate “conservatives”.

Similarly, the message of the left economy of populists is false, at least now, to such a merger with the leftists. All the right parties of the EU except the obvious old-fashioned Nazis, fascists and Le Pen are the most market-based in their countries, except for scaring (justifiably) citizens with the collapse of the welfare state under the pressure of migrants and promising to protect it.

But this is the economy. Socially, it is true that global elites are completely liberal. Neocons - “right-wing globalists”, as Dugin would call them, deny social conservatism - take a look at (it won't work, he died) McCain, Merkel, May and anyone else, for them European traditions and identity mean nothing. But there are no conservative left-wing populists in Europe ...

Nobody pulled Dugin by his tongue when he himself offered us left-wing allies in Europe and America: Mélenchon, Wagenknecht, BERNIE SANDERS, etc. Dugin (not in this video) also supported the Brazilian communists against Bolsonar (although these are rather personal accounts with the ideologue of the Brazilian extreme right, Olavo de Carvalho, that type). But none of them is not only a traditionalist, but at least a moderate conservative. Is that Wagenknecht pays little attention to SJW-theme, trying to play the old pro-Russian Communist for the rights of workers. But contrary to what Dugin said about her new movement - she is a loser and squeezed out of the party by a powerful wave of cultural Marxists. It prevented the Left from winning by its old-fashioned European workers and soon no one would need it. In the political field there is no place for the old left; they have become obsolete.

Mélenchon and Sanders are radical progressives, the first out of hatred of Europe will completely eclipse many leftists who have already made a name on the destruction of our civilization, it is not for nothing that they call him a communist. Union Melanshona and Le Pen will forever remain in the fantasies of the National Bolsheviks. Once again we will not write about Bernie.

One of the strongest and most successful left-wing parties of Europe is the Spanish Podemos: they hate Europe, they hate Christianity, they hate any right, they are ready to sell Spain to anyone for the sake of fighting Castilian chauvinism. The Spanish socialist government, which is supported by Podemos, is called the hope and model for globalist Europe, and Soros himself advised the socialist prime minister.

[Note: “Conservative socialists” of course exist in the world, but somewhere in Asia and the Middle East there is something like BAAS and Syrian national socialists. But here there can be no talk of any populists and elites, the third world is what it is with its other realities. With the disappearance of the Soviet influence, the socialism of all these movements will probably expire with time.]

And if you look, who ever talks about these ideas of unity of populists? Does the left camp reach us? No, not at all. Only the right-wing populists themselves want to build a larger coalition for themselves and try to do a declarative end to left-right division. From Eurocommunists you will not hear the call to reject anti-fascism in order to fight against the tyranny of international capital. On the contrary, they willingly become the most ideological and zealous vanguard of globalists - “to hell with everything, fascism is on the rise!” And there is nothing surprising in this, because they have different interests and values, fundamentally different.

Dugin, Bannon and many others began to play in their confrontation with globalism and America and may have forgotten, but why fight it at all? The proposed concept means that either the right along with the SJW needs to resist the power of the elites, or the communists to give up the lion’s share of their ideas for the very same thing, with which they twist their finger at the temple. Why is this all for what? What is it to us? Is the right against globalism just not because it imposes degenerative progressism and tries to eliminate our cultures and countries? Just like Cuba, Venezuela, the leftists of Brazil and, of course, Europe loved by some antiglobalists.

For them, Dugin and Bannon are fascists and reactionaries, an absolute evil. Such under Stalin lured promises of patriotism and cooperation, and then floated into camps or immediately executed.

But since Dugin calls for a look at the Italian experience, and since we have been closely following the ups and downs of populist politics all this time, we will take a look at it. To begin with, the government of right and left populists is really created in Italy! The League and the Five Star Movement (M5S) have been ruling Italy for half a year already. What is the catch?

It is worth noting that the movement of five stars is a single product and for a long time it did not know where to refer. Civilian income for poor Italians, ecology, nationalization, infrastructure projects and extreme Euro-skepticism is a mixture almost unparalleled in the world, all the more successful. Without EU confrontation, they would be typical Eurolaut, but then M5S is also against migrants! Not strongly opposed, of course, not as a racist Salvini, but still.

The movement itself is generally a network party working through a platform of direct democracy on the Internet - what the activists voted for will be. True cases of disapproval of the party line can be counted on the fingers. The private company manages everything and they say that it completely controls all the processes in the party, despite the fact that its head, the son of one of the deceased founders of the party, is not even a member of M5S. The unique South European infantilism multiplied by the uniqueness of Italy gave rise to the unique political phenomenon of the Five Stars, when a third of the country protests against the entire political system.

Quite aptly, the media called M5S the Italian version of the greens, for good reason they focus on ecology and lean to the left. The electorate also speaks in favor of comparison - these are not only unemployed Southerners, but also progressive citizens. Genoa, Turin, Milan, Rome - all the fiefdoms of M5S. Major European cities have chosen the left-green, and Italy centrist five-star.

It turns out it is not left and not right, it is really ... centrist, no, protest. In Southern Italy, everything is very bad, the EU has the broadest dissatisfaction with systemic politicians at zero, and this is a fashionable party of direct democracy without any ideology, pure populism. (In the end, the Pew study directly showed that supporters of M5S mainly have centrist views. You can’t find a similar example in Europe and one of such centrist politicians - Macron.)

M5S is an amorphous coalition for all good and against the EU. Not for the sake of sovereignty or the nation, but to give money and unemployment somehow removed, well, or just money. Such globalist publications as Politico called the five-star is a much better alternative to Salvini. “Let's give populists a chance,” just not nationalists. M5S themselves wanted to make an alliance with any Italian left, but not with Salvini. To their misfortune - did not work.

The formed composition of the government is obviously forced. Salvini was unable to collect the majority with the other right — he had to conclude this pact. Market Liberal League not only pushed its program, but M5S also constantly puts sticks in its wheels - it condemns and even sabotages Salvini’s struggle with migrants, accuses the League of racism and nationalism, and also tries to drown Italy in even greater debt with its populist socialist.

In fact, Salvini had a lucky ticket. The fact is that M5S is so amorphous, devoid of leaders and agendas that it turned out to be a free hand. Until now, the five-star team actually received nothing, and Di Mayo somehow defeats himself from the charges of complete surrender of the country to the League. With regard to parliamentarians who refused to support the “Salvini law” on migration, they will even arrange a trial; They cannot leave M5S either, because it is worth ruining the government, as voters immediately return Salvini’s power, but already with the prime minister and with an absolute majority of the right. No march to Rome is necessary, such is his popularity. The stability of the government of Italy is firmly secured by the charisma of Salvini and the insignificance of his left-wing populist "comrades-in-arms." If M5S were more solid and ideological, nothing would have happened.

But the deal was concluded and the Five Star Movement became a convenient bridge for the right for power. But then he and the bridge - it is not an ally, but a tool. If he stands still and does not twitch, Salvini can leave him after a long 4. And maybe earlier, if it is very uncomfortable.

When analyzing European politics, the very agenda of the right-left populist union appears vicious, interfering and, at best, short-term. After all, far from all the representatives of the elites are evil, with which it is necessary to fight against any allies, and the unions of right-wing populists with people from the elites turn out to be the strongest. The very concept of monolithic elites is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Kurtz is a good example of an organic union of right-wing populists and right-wing elites for the good of the country. Right-wing populists implement the full package of their nationalist conservative program, the elites do not interfere and provide diplomatic protection from their own friends in the higher echelons of the establishment. Such a union was almost unrealistic during the unequivocal domination of progressive ideas and elites (last time on 2000 Austria received real sanctions from the EU for the extreme right in the government), but with their weakening and explosive growth of the right reaction, conservative elites can retain their power and ease way up for the new right.

It is the “collaborationism” of the conservative part of the establishment that now shows the most effective results:

- Salvini himself still remains an ally of Berlusconi and his perfectly systemic party “Forward Italy” (together they successfully manage a number of regions) and in the case of the collapse of the government will easily win without the help of leftists.

- In the Scandinavian countries (except for Sweden), cooperation of right-wing and center-right governments allowed for limiting migration and adding nationalism.

- In France, contrary to the dreams of right-left populism, the broadest right-wing alliance is being formed, including the conservative Republican establishment, and the National Front Le Pen, and new forces, such as the Du Pont Enian party. Marion Marechal rallies all conservative forces to fight for European culture, and does not dress Mélanchon for striking America.

- AdG in Germany and will not think about some Wagenknecht. Successfully taking the working class away from the leftists, Alternative is ready to work with the conservative wing of the CDU and the CSU.

- In Brazil, Bolsonar protects Christianity and conservatism with the support of part of the establishment, but at the same time world elites would clearly prefer him to be a communist. So who to choose? Is the struggle against global elites going to queer communists to defeat SJW? Should the right fight side by side with the highly anti-traditionalist Brazilian Workers Party?

- Bannon and Burney - this is absolutely absurd peyring.

I call the idea of ​​right-left populism harmful, because it interferes with rapprochement with useful allies and pushes towards real opponents. There is no need to cross the uncrossed when there are obvious examples of healthy cooperation with right-wing people from the establishment.

For the left, I repeat antiglobalism is completely different than for us. It is a struggle against capital, against “market” elites, against a system of (white) privileges and oppression. For them, European civilization does not mean anything, our culture and religion. Not so long ago, Syriza Tsipras was an example of left antiglobalism - now Tsipras has become one of the EU loyalists who supports anything. The globalist project is leftist and it will gradually integrate into itself more and more once the extreme left, moving toward global socialism. Anti-fascists are part of the elites, their infantry, and not one of their opponents.

Left populists are not allies of the right, but their main enemies, just the opposite pole of the radicalization that is taking place. There are a lot of real “left anti-globalists” in Europe and they just want to destroy European civilization as quickly as possible, dissatisfied with the pace and methods of globalists. Dugin wants a national ball, but a national ball is a meme.

Italy, in fact, marks a new political era, but not at all what the National Bolsheviks and radical anti-Americanists, who have made anti-globalism the heart of ideology, want.

What, in our opinion, does the new era mean, which really begins? The new era is the long-awaited end and the debunking of left-wing ideas and progressism, both social and economic. Having experienced a hundred years of experience in various social experiments, it would be time for nations to become more resilient to the promises of leftist demagogues. Ate.

The workers of Europe are now massively supporting far-right parties. The “workers” are the League, the AdG, the National Front, and the MTA. Everything except the front of Le Pen (for the time being) - for a free market economy, low taxes, minimal state intervention. Fighting mass migration and pumping European wealth into the third world is enough to support the workers - no “Third Way” is needed. The argument against the left-right populist union is simple - this union is not needed (if you are not the national ball of course). The right can defeat themselves.

The right must defeat themselves, on their own, with their ideas. No compromise

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