The lie of the left elites

Having read the other day interview Honorable Prince Karl von Habsburg of Radio Liberty, I noticed one detail. Namely: migration.

The prince said that so far there are too few migrants in Europe, and we can easily accept millions more 15-20 - a wide soul! - and there is no sense in stopping them - they say, it did not work in Rome under the Caesars, and in the European Union with the commissars, and indeed migration is such a thing - only God can stop it.

Behind all this demagogy lies one important question that can still surface in Russia: can such a huge process be stopped at all? How can you deal with such a human mass? Can we stop immigration?

Karl von Habsburg, and other left-wing and left-wing liberals say no, but common sense says the opposite:

1) First, as the example of Salvini showed, any borders, even sea, are closed without any problems, except for the screeching of leftists and globalists. Borders like Ceuta and Melilla are not negotiable at all.

2) The question thus lies purely in the strength of will. Salvini, whose country is on the frontier of the hordes of "refugees" has achieved an almost complete cessation of their immigration, and Sweden, protected by the Alps, and Germany with the Baltic Sea, Sweden - no. The question is trite in the firmware of the brain.

3) The Great Migration of Peoples took place only thanks to the superiority of the military equipment of the barbarians and the decline of the Roman army. Nothing of the kind is now observed even closely, which means that a full appeal to this analogy is nothing more than demagogy.

4) Finally - the absolute majority of today's migrants are rich people by the local standards, who have paid a lot for the cherished Syrian passport or a ticket to the “European dream”. Stopping them is all the more difficult (if there is willpower, of course).

5) And this is not even mentioning the lack of integration of migrants who arrived even decades ago, including in fairly close for the Prince of Germany.

Thus, all the abstruse arguments about simply the absence of an alternative, except for accepting all these “refugees”, raising the white flag in advance, and abandoning their country, history and culture, are simply absolutely groundless, exactly like their entire ideology. The future is unknown, but in any case we have a chance to win it, or at least make it better than it could be. And quite possible victory over the current wave of immigration will be a link in this series of victories.

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