The old right is no more

See them? And I do not see. Because they are no more.

The last bastion fell, the last stronghold of the old right, as a political entity that retains at least some integrity. Dead Russian March.

“Russian march” or, I would say, “Russian” march, because the Russians, as you know, always didn’t care about this march ... and so, though it was, from its very beginning, a model of bad taste, unprincipled and empty pathos and retrograde , but nevertheless united completely different right-handed past generations: from extinguished trimmed neo-fascists to imperial cosplayers in the form of “Janenacist.” There wasn’t there, perhaps, the liberals from Echo of Moscow (except Navalny, who changes his eyes like gloves), but (((their))) events with such names, for obvious reasons, are not interested. On the other hand, the Republic of Moldova was a sort of “brand” of nationalism and conservatism in Russia. Even people who could not name a single domestic right-wing leader, except Zhirinovsky, would surely remember that terrible procession with imperials and ridges. In the end, the "march" took place regularly, there was no other such event in our bald-bearded-fat altrite.

And he died. So much so that absolutely. "In 2018, the nationalists put on an anti-record: 32 activist joined the traditional march along Uralmash", “Russian March” ended on the 56-meter ”, "On the" Russian March "in St. Petersburg, 30 Man Came", "A bunch of strange people with" rotations "in the middle of the concrete wastelands of sleeping Lyublino" and so on - here is the description of the “main event of the Russian nationalists” that took place this year. A shame. This shame. No, of course, the Republic of Moldova has always been pitiful and in the best years showed only the political insignificance of nationalists in Russia, but so that fewer than a hundred people in St. Petersburg ...

Even Saveliev justifies very sluggishlyin passing saying that the initially idiotic initiative with the participation of "national-patriots" in the presidential elections on the side of the Communist Party turned out - oh gods! - destructive in relation to the “Russian movement”. Who. Would. Could. Think About. Andrei Nikolayevich cannot even blatantly lie, as he did last year, in spite of the official and unofficial statistics, common sense, photos and videos from the venue of the "alternative march" in Moscow claiming to be attended by about a thousand people.

What happened? A detailed answer to this question is contained in article by Egor Kholmogorov. Detailed, but not complete. I want to indicate that Yegor Stanislavovich did not mention. In my opinion, the Russian March has grasped an existential crisis: as a political technology tool and as a project. In other words, he was faced with the question: why should he exist - and could not answer.

The street, as a political space, is hopelessly outdated. But still not everyone understood this. Street activism is a means of the beginning of the 20th century — when newspapers were the only serious source of information for people. Now, in full swing of the XXI century, one video about Kirill Nesterov about Fallout, published on Youtube, does more than hundreds of marches to promote the right-wing ideas. And both at the moment, and in the future. (I’m exaggerating a bit here: as the recent FBK campaign showed, monotonous rallies are quite working for maintaining attention to the political brand “Alexei Navalny.") Besides, street activism has several obvious flaws, often turning it into not even a waste of time. , and in the "shot yourself in the knee." In the machine gun queue in the knee. One of them I like to call the “effect Charlottesville". Those rakes, which the American right attacked during the notorious torchlight procession, have long since become a simulator for the face of Russian pravakov. Swasties, ridges (including double ones), schoolchildren, monkey antics, kolovrat, Celtic crosses, skulls, fat bodies and dull faces - and all this is next to imperial and Orthodox symbolism. More effective discredit the right ideas is difficult to imagine.

If we are talking about the “Russian March” as the only global project of Russian nationalists and conservatives, then things are even worse (although it would seem that much). For all the lack of ideality and senselessness of the Republic of Moldova, I personally saw a leitmotif that combines it with I-Russian T-shirts. The need to show people, the state, themselves, that the Russians exist. What they can go out and go through, and shout and wave. That they can become a force, get value. And the need disappeared. The state said: yes, there are Russians. And they are the dominant ethnocultural group. And the nationalist little thing has nothing to do with it - the president is our main nationalist. That's all. There is no longer any sense in either showing “marches” or in the old “nationalism”, which is entirely built on resistance to the “bloody anti-Russian regime”.

My article "Death and Resurrection" half year already. And so, the predicted in it begins to come true. Old ziguyuschie farting scattered sand. Their further fate is to sit in their parties as a sort of ancient mastodons and pose as experts in Russian politics. Until complete extinction.

How wonderful it is!

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