“Bridge” that failed

Widely announced the film “Crimean Bridge. Made with love! ”, Directed by Tigran Keosayan, fails at the box office.

The scriptwriter of the film “Crimean Bridge” and the director of the film “Crimean Bridge”, they also cohabitating (it is incorrect to call them husband and wife, as they are not officially married) Margarita Simonyan and Tigran Keosayan

A family contract (the director and the author of the script are cohabitants, his former wife and niece play in the film) clearly did not bring success. On the film allocated 300 million budget rubles. At the time when I write this text, the fees amounted to 43 395 905 rubles. This is roughly 14,5% of the budget. To succeed, a film must not only reach the amount spent on it, but also make a profit. Film Rating on Kinopoisk - 2.581 (at the time of writing). And the family of creators was already indignant, calling the voters "bots" and "sick people." Temperamental and hot, they are terribly offended that their film is not popular with our viewers.

Director, producer and screenwriter of the film “Crimea” - Alexey Pimanov. At present, his family is already on the screen - the film “The Indestructible”, where his own wife, Olga Pogodina, is co-producer and co-star of one of the main roles. Poster of the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”

A film about the struggle of two men for the heart of a girl is inferior to the Anglo-American film Bohemian Rhapsody, which launched at the same time as it, about a rock band Queen and its leader - Freddie Mercury, who had a very specific personal life. The limitation for this reason is 18 +. And fees - 323 268 599 rubles (at the time of writing). However, because of their limitations, they go in the evening and at night, so the cashier is replenished due to high prices, including. But they are coming to it, young people are coming, fans of the group are coming. If you remove a homosexual from the film (without which the image of Freddie, I must say, will be incomplete), then there are a lot of interesting and well-captured moments in the film. Here and the music Queen, and costumes, and restored Wembley 1985 model of the year. The film was clearly responsible in this regard, and the producer of the group Henry James Beach (Tom Hollander plays in the film) as co-producer and as music consultants Brian May and Roger Taylor actively participated in its creation.

Director, producer and screenwriter of the film “Crimea” - Alexey Pimanov. At present, his family is already on the screen - the film “The Indestructible”, where his own wife, Olga Pogodina, is co-producer and co-star of one of the main roles.

But “Krymsky Bridge” is praised by friends and acquaintances of the creators of KA. This makes them very happy. But the money and the rating does not add. No luck to our cinema with films about recent history. “Crimea” Pimanov turned out to be extremely slop and vile. “Crimean Bridge” absolutely no. But what kind of people were doing this! Here you are also the president of the Open Society “Krasnaya Zvezda” (received support from the Ministry of Defense), and here is the director of a large Russian television channel broadcasting abroad and leading our counter-propaganda. People who in modern Russia are not in trouble and enter the high classrooms. But a stone flower does not come out from them.

Summer movie

However, here we have some good biopics and films about rock musicians as well. “Summer” of the carer Serebrennikov (the man also mastered the budget, but broke the unspoken rules - “don't get caught” and “don't bury yourself” and his patrons were not too strong) turned out to be extremely boring, although not without some interesting points. Yes, somehow everything. There is also the sadly famous director Teacher (he also mastered the budget, but was lucky, unlike Serebrennikov) wants to make a film about Tsoi, so many have tensed. However, once the Teacher shot “Rock”, but it was a documentary and quite another.

Russian rock legend Egor Letov

Although about Tsoi could be removed excellent biopic, and about Mike. It would be even more interesting to watch a biopic about Yegor Letov - here a competent and good director could film his real life story in such a way that the film would be used en masse and not once, and any Bohemian rapsody would smoke unevenly on the sidelines. Instead of a driving and non-politically correct film, we are offered either a dull dullness or “a good, wonderful, good Soviet-style movie”.

Vertinsky in a stage image

And the author of this text would like to make a biopic about Alexander Vertinsky. This, in my opinion, should be completely black and white (I confess, I don’t see another way, besides there is some inspiration from “Summer”), there should be Alexander Nikolayevich’s songs in it, like the original ones. and re-recorded, under it, the film will surely be what our neo-bolsheviks call the “crunch of the French roll”, as well as the “seditious” thought that Kiev, the birthplace of Vertinsky, is a Russian city. And so on. More noir, and let the “Soviet good light” go to hell.

It’s a shame for our cinema, in which budgets can be mastered perfectly, but to shoot - for the time being somehow not very good, although recently there have been several good attempts. Will hope. that something still good will happen and we will have a good movie on the screens and not one.

I decided to finish this text with music. So enjoy the music, voice and great video for the song. Bohemian phapsody.

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