Happy new year!

Dear friends, the editors of VESPA congratulate you on the upcoming new year!

The editors want to thank you, our readers. In many ways, thanks to your help, we not only started regular journalistic work, but also went offline: we held a series of educational lectures (special thanks to Andrey Afanasyev). At a low start cultural, socio-political and other offline projects.

We have done all this thanks in large part to you, our readers. We did it together.

2019 year does not promise to be simple, perhaps it will be for all of us a year of great challenges, but it can also be a year of breakthroughs - personal and public. We wish you not to stand aside and take part in the formation of a healthy conservative society, leaving in your life a place for accomplishment and creation.

We, as before, will continue to light the way. Per aspera ad astra!

See you in 2019 year!


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