Cathedral tomosyatiny

December 15 held the long-awaited so-called "Unification Council", organized to create a unified Church, which Tomos will receive about autocephaly from the Istanbul Patriarch Varfolomey.

"The Emperor" Poroshenko at the "Unification Cathedral"

The One Church is perhaps the most necessary and beautiful in a country that is divided in many ways. Is this happening around Christ in the new Church? For an inexperienced reader, the word "TomOS" is not much different from "TomAs". Most recently, even in the church environment, few people used and knew this "magic" and "spell" word - Tomos, thanks to which, of course, all problems will be solved in the personal life of Ukrainians and in the life of the country as a whole. About this in the pre-election period in Ukraine day and night information flows from the screens. Here Poroshenko decided to catch "TomAsa", and for this all methods are good.

The One Church is perhaps the most necessary and beautiful in a country that is divided in many ways. Is this happening around Christ in the new Church? For an inexperienced reader, the word "TomOS" is not much different from "TomAs". Most recently, even in the church environment, few people used and knew this "magic" and "spell" word - Tomos, thanks to which, of course, all problems will be solved in the personal life of Ukrainians and in the life of the country as a whole. About this in the pre-election period in Ukraine day and night information flows from the screens. Here Poroshenko decided to catch "TomAsa", and for this all methods are good.

Soon the election. Poroshenko catches Thomas

What happened at the "Cathedral" and who came to him?

The “episcopate” of the two schismatic structures, the UOC-KP and the UAOC, came to the “Unification Cathedral”. Despite the high expectations of the organizers (it was assumed and dreamed that up to one third of the episcopate of the UOC MP would be present from 10), despite pressure from the Ukrainian authorities through the SBU on the Orthodox clergy of the only canonical Church in Ukraine, only two hierarchs appeared at their will: Alexander (Drabinko), Metropolitan Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vishnevsky, and Simeon (Shostatsky), Metropolitan of Vinnitsa and Barsky. Disappointed “autocephalist” Sofroniy (Dmitruk), Metropolitan of Cherkasy and Kanevsky, disdained to appear at the “Sobor”, motivating this with complete non-canonicality "Robber cathedral" and the consequences "Istanbul Yoke, which is much worse than Moscow. ” As always, in the Ukrainian realities, “Peremoga” becomes “an impossible woman and go to the camp of peremohy.”

"Unification Cathedral" dissenters in Hagia Sophia under the auspices of the Russian imperial coat of arms

At the "Unification Council" was proclaimed the creation of a new structure called PCU. After many intrigues of the KGB-ist Comrade Antonov (aka Misha Denisenko) that had been hardened in such cases, his protege Epiphanius (Sergey Petrovich Dumenko), the “Metropolitan” Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Boryspilsky from the former UOC-KP, became the head of the PFC Thus, Comrade Misha beat Poroshenko’s candidacy and Patriarch Bartholomew’s Patriarch, Metropolitan Simeon.

It is very good that they did not choose the bishop from the canonical Church as the head of the CCP, otherwise the schismatics would have had an argument in favor of some "canonicity" of the new structure, which could serve as a temptation for others.

There were quite interesting statements before the “Council” of the Uniate Bishop Boris (Gudziak): "AT The United Local Church will be passed by the priests of the UGCC, who have disciplinary problemsand this transition will be for the UGCC. ” In general, everything is said about the new garbage dump very clearly what kind of organization it will be.

Let's summarize the results of the “Cathedral”:

  1. The dissenters merged, remaining dissenters. In Ukraine, there was one less denomination.
  2. The selected head of the CCP does not have this dignity, since he was “ordained” defrocked, stripped and anathematized by Mikhail Denisenko. The head of the CCP is only a layman, Dumenko Sergey Petrovich.
  3. The Canonical Church of the UOC-MP remained the only canonical Church possessing Tomos, as well as independence, much more than the newly formed structure.
  4. According to the Uniate Boris (Gudziak), the UOC was cleared of the clergy with an "alternative" perception of life. There was no mass transition from the UOC to the PCU.
  5. The split in Ukraine was exacerbated by the so-called “recognition” and parody of the Council among the schismatics of heretics-ethnophyletists, which strengthened their anti-cathedral and anti-church consciousness. PCU is a new Ukrainian-hulled religion in an Orthodox wrapper, with a targeted political task.
  6. The CIA, the patriarch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Bartholomew, legitimized the killings and seizures of churches perpetrated by schismatics, and gave a limit to future atrocities.
  7. The lawlessness of Fanara gives rise to a split in Universal Orthodoxy.

What will happen after the "Cathedral"? A series of grievances

“The Witnesses of TomAs” are extremely pleased with this process, especially Uniates and Catholics in Ukraine. In more detail about their participation in the organization of provocations and sabotage in the preparation of the "Council" said in my recent article “Who needs tomos the most in Ukraine?” Perhaps these are the only beneficiaries in this situation with a great prospect. The participants of the Sobor themselves, Bartholomew, Poroshenko and Simeon, were disappointed by the fact that they did not choose the latter as the head of the CCA. All together, the splitters with the Uniates were also disappointed that there was no mass transition from the UOC to the PTsU, even under the repressive pressure of the SBU. And the recent actions of the organizers of the “Sobor”, based on lies and threats, even loyal and sympathetic to legitimate autocephaly, such as, for example, Metropolitan Sophrony, finally forced to reject the possibility of participation of such a scam. But the main trump card - Tomos remains in the hands of Bartholomew.

Puppeteers Tomos

The Patriarch of the Communist Party Bartholomew is dissatisfied with the fact that he could not fully fulfill the CIA’s order to separate the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church. I was not able to promote the canonical bishop Simeon to the post. By such actions he lost authority in other Local Churches. Bartholomew is also dissatisfied with the fact that Filaret beat him with his candidate, remaining the “honorary patriarch”, who actually managed the CCA.

Poroshenko is dissatisfied with the fact that his pocket candidate has not passed, that in the person of Filaret he has gained an even bigger opponent. He didn’t achieve much raising the rating before the elections. And how much he had to spend the "blood" money ... Mama Do not Cry!

Filaret is dissatisfied with the fact that the statute of the CCA significantly limits its rule and new structure, making it practically a branch of the Istanbul hierarch, which may give rise to another stage of confrontation between them. He is dissatisfied with Misha Denisenko and is tormented by the fact that, as a connoisseur of canons, he is well aware: the legitimate recognition of the CCP did not happen, and the parody of the “Sobor” and the “recognition” by the Communist Party of Labor are canonically insignificant, only wishful thinking. But Bartholomew may also cancel his talents ... Filaret is not satisfied with his minions from the new structure and that they will have to give part of the church property to the submission to the Communist Party. He is also dissatisfied with the fact that his diaspora parishes are now subordinate to the Communist Party.

Uncle Uncle Sergei Dumenko, who immediately after his election, was quick to call the head of the UOC-MP the canonical Metropolitan Onufrii (Berezovsky) a schismatic. Self-esteem does not give him peace of mind that, compared with Onufriy, he is only a layman Seryozha. Not a single Local Church has congratulated him so far for more than a week!

The “hierarchs” from the former UAOC are also dissatisfied, because their parishes during the reorganization (i.e., carve-ups, as there cannot be two or three bishops in the same department), the “bishops” from the UOC-KP, who have more powerful support from the state apparatus . At best, they will be able to remain powerless vicar bishops.

The “Metropolitan” of the UOC-KP Mikhail (Zinkevich) remained dissatisfied, because the victory was so close, the fortune smiled at him, but under the pressure of Poroshenko and Denisenko had to give up the cherished dream. An internal struggle or even another split can unfold around his personality (see my article on this "Game of Thrones" ).

The former UOC clerics, Metropolitan Simeon (Shostatsky) and Metropolitan Alexander (Drabinko) remained dissatisfied; they have lost their congregations and the flock, which now stigmatizes them with Judah. Now they are banned. And their alternative notions about life come out for public discussion, and somehow we still have to live with it. Previously, they were respected and beloved bishops of their flock, and now they are nobody recognized by any Local Church. They just have to engage in self-suggestion: "everything is canonical."

There remains one more question in the short term: are they needed, “Moscow priests”, without parishes and without a flock, to Philaret or to Bartholomew? Well, maybe some time will be needed to whine everywhere that Moscow is bad ... "There is no love." Now, for the banned Metropolitan Simeon, it remains only to hand out state employees to the budget for filling the temple of the Roshen chocolate bar. Oh, how sad it looks like cookies Nuland on the Maidan!

Instead of the saving and canonical Church, schismatics hand out Poroshenko “Roshen” chocolates to state employees. Good mine in a bad game ...

In this whole story, the United States was partially satisfied, they had already twice congratulated the new Primate of the CCA, Serezhenka, and he had already managed to meet with the US Ambassador, where he again thanked "for supporting the creation of an independent church." In general, these congratulations give an answer to the question about what happened to the unification of the schismatics and who owns such a “church”.

Analysis, prospects, forecasts, conclusions

I will begin with the main initiators and beneficiaries of the “Council” - UGCC. In this favorable period, it is advantageous to proclaim your “legitimate” patriarchy, like the one that some Uniate churches have. And the motivation is excellent, because it’s not for nothing that in pots they jumped over the euro value, in order to add Ukraine to them and break with the Russian World Orthodoxy. The PCU does not have its own patriarch, for the greedy Bartholomew will not give it, but a good father will give it! Moreover, the Uniates still claim to Orthodox shrines, for example, the Pochaev Lavra, a number of monasteries in Transcarpathia, which previously belonged to them. Will the Vatican do this? Option is possible ...

Communist Party, Patriarch Bartholomew will go to the end and will give out Tomos with the most beneficial for themselves with the "Hellenic formulations", which can be interpreted in two ways, as the "Greeks are evil”. And there will be there the magic word “autocephaly” for internal use, and, as it were, exarchate - for the outside. It is quite possible that they can "ban" the head of the UOC Metropolitan Onuphrius, as they did in relation to the holy confessor Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Tikhon (Belavin), supporting the Renovationist split.

The patriarch is angry with Filaret, who beat him like a baby, and there is a high probability that a sacred sacrifice can be made of him for the better promotion of “Ukrainian auto-identity”.

The Patriarchs of Constantinople fully supported and recognized the absolutely lawless, heretical and anti-canonical schisms, which crushed the Russian Orthodox Church: Renovationist schism 1922 – 1936, Lipkovsky schism 1921 – 1930, Sikorsky 1942 – 1944 schism. Recognized and united dissenters PTSU in 2018, the city of Bartholomew knows perfectly well that in Ukraine there will be bloodshed for the shrines, but his interests are above all! He had already forgiven the sins of the "Witnesses of Tomos".

PCC and, in fact, its manager, who has not lost professionalism in intrigues over the years, is Antonov agent Mikhail Denisenko - “honorary patriarch”. He gained even more strength and influence after the “Council” in his midst. No laws will stop him before the seizure of Orthodox shrines, and he will go for it. For the bill number 5309 in the Verkhovna Rada just voted with his submission.

The population of Ukraine is catastrophically decreasing, and for the most part, where schismatics and Uniates are traditionally located, in Western Ukraine. Their leaders state the fact that the incomes that were before Maidan are no longer there, the flock is decreasing.

For all its pompousness and ostentatious triumph of the creation of the PCC, it is not a nationwide "church." The statements of Epiphania Dumenko that they are counted, according to statistics, 7000 parishes, do not correspond to reality, since half of the parishes are only on paper, and those that are - endangered. According to more realistic statistics, the maximum, CCP has about 4 thousands of parishes. The attribution of inflated statistics to the schismatics is associated with their desire to select the parishes of the UOC-MP in the future.

Poroshenko (speaking of him, we mean the USA): elections are soon, and he has no support from the population, but he likes the USA, obediently fulfilling all their whims, for example, in creating an “auto-church” (his Freudian reservation) for the sake of his future presidency . He needed not “autocephaly”, but provocation of a religious conflict. On the declared war, Russia is not the fifth year. To prolong martial law, conflict and blood are needed. He happily signed the unconstitutional law number 5309. But the renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church into the “Russian” Poroshenko, thereby, cram the population of Ukraine back into the “Russian World”, with which it is fighting.

Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church is in the unity of the family of Orthodox Churches and is the Church of Holy Russia. She is waiting for persecution. The “Civilized West” will not be silent about this, it will welcome persecution, since it itself initiated such a scenario. And I hope that it will still be called that way - the Russian Orthodox Church, as great spiritual luminaries and holy elders of Russia bequeathed and prophesied: Rev. Seraphim of Sarov, Rev. Laurent of Chernigov, Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov, Archimandrite Seraphim (Tiapochkin), sihihar Ignatenko).

But no matter how the Church is geographically called, people will not be driven into the ghetto by the Antichrist, and no matter how it was renamed by the atheists, it remains the Church of Christ! Over the past almost 30 years of persecution of the UOC, the flock has developed immunity from the “Ukrainian autocephaly”, the concept of which is associated with murder, persecution, betrayal of faith. The believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church have developed the realization that this is the only Church of Salvation, and God lives in it. And this is the only thing left among the devastation and grief in the country, they want Poroshenko, Uniates, schismatics, the Antichrist to be taken away from them. People “vote with their feet”, even though it is a secular dictum, but the faithful children of the UOC-Orthodox do not want to go to Judas and they will not!

Brothers and sisters, the Lord God is with us: «These things I have told you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but take heart: I conquered the world! ”(John 16: 33). “Holy Russia keep the Orthodox faith, in it is your statement”!

Writer, publicist, doctor of theology,
Master of Religious and Philosophical Sciences
Archpriest Oleg Trofimov

The author because of the persecution in Ukraine is deprived of property, housing. Those who wish to help can send funds to:
Sberbank of Russia card: 5336 6900 3926 2896
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