After the hunt for porn there is a hunt for dissent

Once, mankind began to dream that true freedom would come along with the Internet. Satellites will hang over the continents, which will distribute free internet to all earthlings below, and the broadband will be wider than the Pacific Ocean, and everyone will find everything he needs on the Internet and exchange any opinion on any issue. Fuck you!

The farther, the less free access points in the cities of the "civilized world", and in the first European economies on the highway, even 3G will not get. And as for the “exchange of opinions,” Zuckerberg explained everything to you: who is here without a ban - let him raise his hand. Or maybe recall about the social network Twitter, which removes thousands of accounts under the pretext of fighting fake news?

But it all began so blissfully - under the auspices of the battle with pornography. True, world culture somehow did not immediately coincide with the ideas of Savonarol about obscenity, and naked statues and paintings in the nu genre immediately fell under the distribution. Further more. Again, let us turn to the history of world culture - every time the state collapses on "obscenity", the next step will be to fight against dissent. Today's social networks have more power than many states, and the scheme is the same: today tits - tomorrow “Russian propaganda”, that is, dissent.

They do not agree with the line of the party metoo - in the ban, do not agree with global warming - in the ban, skeptical about the Syrian refugees - in the ban. The same happened literally in front of us for a couple of years. And what happened to that very famous “freedom of information exchange”, which, like a ram, was swayed by the Soviet ideology? But the USSR did not — the thesis could be minimized; it was purely propaganda and its time was gone.

17 December 2018 will die the last social network, which could become Telegram, when Durov was still playing around with Vkontakte, but never became it. She was called Tumblr. It was not very popular in Russia, although quite decent people used it to create their community, for example, for people with disabilities. But the bulk of Tumblr users were people who censored Zuckerberg.

Because since 2007 of the year, since launch, there have been no restrictions on nudity, legal porn and the right to have a completely separate point of view, even though you are left, who proposes to abolish free speech for anyone who thinks wrong, even you are right, who thinks that it is time for some to gather back home under the canopy of sand streams.

Huge communities of art lovers have gathered here - from classical to megaprogressive, which has the courage to refer to any characters and any subjects - right up to those for which they would receive a lifelong ban on the FB - just one simple example of Stu Mead primitive. Because life and human brains are not at all what the new young billionaires from Silicon Valley mean by this.

People are generally harder than their accounts, which trade in “respectable” social networks right and left, and well, if only to the power structures of all nations and countries.

And then after all, some kind of left desk is purely for loot. But the all-American struggle of the progressive public for unanimity would not be so Goebbels, if it had not reached Tumblr.

Used, as always, ingenuous reception, elegant, like the burning of the Reichstag. Suddenly, child pornography was suddenly discovered on the social network. Naturally, it is not clear what exactly they “discovered” there, because under this concept in America they row everything, including family nudist photos, which in Germany, for example, don't give a damn. Well, if this is a real kiddie porn, then you need to know a few things.

Over the past ten years, "child porn" has become a monstrous bogey and a very dumb thing, under which they row, despite their faces. That is why if there is some kind of child porn on the Web, then these are FBI supplies, “catching live bait”, and real perverts are not kept to this. So no one will put any kiddie porn on an open platform - just for the sake of provocation.

Well, in general, everything worked, and now since December 17, the last major social network under the American protectorate prohibits "adult materials", as well as nudity, and especially women in the area. This, of course, is very funny - when female nipples become a forbidden topic. And if these are transgender nipples, how do you think? Which way? And just like with gender equality there, it’s a shame somehow for male nipples, to be honest.

The funny thing is that the social network Tumblr and kept something at the expense of nipples, because in all other respects, she loses everything in the market and she has monstrous business performance. Here we decided to fix it.

CEO of the company Jeff D'Onofrio, who over the years has shown his complete inability to steer the project, nevertheless, there is some muttering about the “increased responsibility to the gender and ethnic groups of different religions for the content of blogs,” and we sit like that and think: Is it too hastily Mr D'Onofrio decided to bend over before the feminists and the igilovites? Otherwise, who else did he mean?

But the logic of the movement is understandable, because, as the classics tell us, after the hunt for porn, there is a hunt for dissent. And this is the next Tumblr step. In a mass grave. On which the feminists and igilovtsy, ayatollahs and any “mitu” will still not care. On merit, sisters, on merit.



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