Field of all liberal experiments

France has fully absorbed globalization, liberalism and an unrestrained market, driven, as is well known, by the invisible hand of the invisible masters of the world. And all thanks to the protégé of the global oligarchy Emmanuel Macron - the last globalist of Europe, whose liberal experiment on the country, which actually gave rise to liberalism as the basis of the state system, confidently leads France to a new revolution.

From the main slogan of the Great French Revolution - Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, proclaiming universal freedom, equality and fraternity, only Liberte remained, and not for everyone, but only for selected proteges of transnational corporations looking for the “just” redistribution of the benefits of the Fifth Republic in favor of the global oligarchy.

Actually, no one concealed that Macron was a Rothschild protégé (this was already known at the election stage) and that big money had financed his campaign. And his slogans were borrowed from the programs of all candidates: each one was the most popular because of complete indifference to them. Indeed, from the very beginning it was clear that no one of these promises would be fulfilled. The main thing was to win, but later we would exploit the deprived masses of the French, as the political consultants of Macron apparently thought, taking an example from their Ukrainian colleagues.

Indeed, the entire real, post-election program of the Macron government has a pronounced liberal, anti-human nature: reducing social spending, raising the retirement age and taxes, reducing the rights of the working population, abolishing housing benefits, eliminating subsidies to farmers, raising prices for everything. It seems that this is not France, but some country like Ukraine, which is living the last days, begging for an IMF loan for itself on its knees and fulfilling any, even the most humiliating, conditions for this.

But no, we have a state that considers itself the second EU economy after Germany and is among the ten highest GDPs in the world. How not to take advantage of all this transnational oligarchy! Just need to put your president. And the population? But who thinks about him at all when it comes to profit and the growth of the welfare of the elect of this world!

The French laborers are today in the position of Ukrainians being scorned from all sides. Teachers, workers of transport, doctors, public utilities - all those who during Soviet times were called workers, found themselves in the position of the classical (directly according to Marx) exploited class. All this is against the background of an unregulated migration flow that threatens to flood France and completely deprive the French of their identity, turning it into asexual biomass.

Capitalism, which is the essence of the Western world, praised by anti-Soviet propaganda, played a cruel joke with the peoples of Europe, and especially with the French.

How can you not remember the revolution, despite the fact that to whom, if not the French, who are so proud of their revolutions, know everything about it. 140 protests with a total number of participants in excess of half a million - this is only the beginning, a test of strength at the end of last week. In total, it is planned to go on strike and demand the abolition of all reforms of the Macron government ... until July of next year - and we'll see.

The next French revolution crept unnoticed, although it was visible from afar. The globalist elites have long ago been denying the French working masses to anything, creating and passing laws one more monstrous than the other, absolutely not paying attention to millions of demonstrations demanding that France leave normal, bisexual families with mom and dad, or railroad workers and air traffic controllers during the transport reform. Are you still alive? Raise prices on fuel. Still feeling French, waking up national pride, voting for Marine Le Pen? Well, give me more migrants here!

It seems that there are no more liberal experiments left that were not set in France. Here it is, Liberte, in all its beauty and fullness. Corporatocracy, as determined by the regime established by the global oligarchy, the former American "economic killer" John Perkins, has long ignored the French masses, only increasing economic oppression against the background of social experiments on de-humanization. It seems that it was France that became the field of all liberal experiments. Not surprisingly, they led to rebellion.

The student revolution at the Sorbonne and Paris in the spring of 1968 took place in the greenhouse conditions of practically socialist France, embarking on the path of indulging the masses under the pressure of the Soviet camp, which showed the maximum social gains. What forced the governments of Western countries, especially in Europe, to make similar concessions in relation to their own masses. 1960 — 1970-s in general became the peak of social achievements in Europe, which made the Americans fear that they would finally lose control of the Old World.

The same period became a benchmark for post-war Europe as a whole. It is precisely into this already non-existent Europe that many citizens of the post-Soviet space and the former socialist bloc continue to strive, after seeing the old cinema with Louis de Funes and Gerard Depardieu. Nevertheless, this led to the dissolution of the National Assembly, the early parliamentary elections and the approval of the new government.

Now the reasons for changing the government and dissolving the parliament are a hundred times more, but the brutal grin of genuine capitalism no longer stands on ceremony with the masses. They are dispersed by hoses, and in most cases they are simply ignored. Neither the socialist bloc, nor the world communist movement, nor any idea at all stand behind them. Ideas in the world of winning capital no longer matter. There is one idea - profit for the oligarchic minority, let the others survive as they wish.

France has reached the edge beyond which is the revolution. And there are much more reasons for it now. The new French revolution is a struggle for survival, for the remnants of at least some justice, for the right to have a voice and remain people. But it is also a revolution against the dying globalization, for which even the American President Donald Trump is not ready to give a broken cent today.

If the French stand, if their national pride are no longer in place, if they can break the backbone of the global oligarchy in France, they will knock out the stinging Macron biomechanoid to where he was teleported to the French leadership, that is, to hell with the last rebellion against globalism and his henchmen. France has always been in the vanguard of the revolution, is it really not working out now?




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