7 reasons why Little Russians are cooler than Ukrainians

Talk about the fact that the Ukrainians are an ancient nation, and their ancestors "ukry" dug up the Black Sea, already, apart from the yawning of an inquisitive smile, do not cause any emotions. Certainly, for the XX century and a bit of the XXI-st, Ukrainians did not come a bit closer to the achievements of the Little Russians.

And here are 7 reasons why a resident of modern Ukraine should consider himself a Little Russia, i.e. part of the great Russian people, not Ukrainian.

Come on.

Little Russian- sounds proudly!

For some reason, the perception of the self-name "Little Russia" is based solely on the fact that it is a small Russian, humiliated by "Muscovites." Completely brazen lies. After the Mongol invasion, which split Russia into the North-Eastern (Suzdal, Novgorod, Vladimir) and South-Western (Galitsko-Volyn, Kiev). Byzantine church and state leaders, who communicated with Russia split into two, began to apply the geographical terms of classical antiquity to these two parts of Russia: the country of Small and the country of Great, meaning that the small country (Little Russia) called the metropolis of one or another ethnos, and the Great ( Great Russia) - lands on which this nation settled from this metropolis. Similarly, there is Small Poland, with its capital in Krakow, the primordial land of the Poles, from which they colonized Great Poland. And you no talk about the "humiliated Malopolyak." Little Russia - the cradle of the Russian people, the Russian statehood and the point. Be proud of this Little Russian!


Here I will be brief, on our website there are wonderful articles by Sergey Popov "Passion for culture" and Sergey Zelenin "My Gogol"Having read them, you will best understand why Gogol and Bulgakov are world class, and Shevchenko and Lesia Ukrainka are simply provincial whiners whose names are used by Russophobic political technologists.


What contribution did Ukrainians make to the development of philosophy? Actually, no, there is no Ukrainian Plato, neither Aristotle or Kant. But there is Little Russia, a native of Poltava region, Grigory Savvich Skovoroda (1722-1794), who wrote in Russian, Greek and Latin. The pan is called the "first philosopher of the Russian Empire." His philosophical doctrine, brought up on the Alexandrian theological school, Stoicism of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, is religiously idealistic in the spirit of European baroque. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian poet of the Silver Age, Sasha Cherny, composed an epigram: “Leave! In this folio we will all drown without a trace! Do not tell me about Kant !! After all, we have a frying pan !!! "


Everything is sad here, it is possible to record Ukrainians of Little Russian composers without their consent, but this does not improve matters. Let's start in order. Dmitry Bortnyansky (1751-1825) became the first Little Russian composer who became famous throughout the empire and beyond. A native of Severshchina (Sumy region), a true nugget from the village, he achieved incredible heights. Director of the Court Choir, real State Councilor, creator of the classical type of Russian choral concert, author of operas, clavier sonatas, chamber ensembles. Creator of the first unofficial anthem of the Russian Empire “Kohl is glorious is our Lord in Zion”. And his Orthodox liturgical works are a real treasure trove of Russian choral music, take time and listen to such works by Bortnyansky as “Cherubic Hymn”, “Praise You to God”, you are unlikely to remain indifferent. Another composer already from Novorossia, who for some reason is recorded by Ukrainian students, is the well-known Sergei Prokofiev. There is nothing to discuss here, a brilliant native of the Donetsk region has nothing to do with “Ukrainians”, everything is literally attracted by the ears, we remember.

The only chance for Ukrainians to cling to world culture is Nikolai Leontovich (1877-1921). He is known to all thanks to the arrangements of folk songs for the choir: “Shchedryk”, “Dudarik”, “The Cossack are carried”. His treatment "Shchedryka" is known worldwide as a Christmas carol "Carol of the Bells". But that's bad luck, because it is processing Little Russian folk songs, composed long before the birth of Mikhail Hrushevsky and the creation of Lenin USSR. And Leontovich himself, who received his musical education and worked all his life in the Russian Empire, would hardly have agreed with his “Ukrainianness”.

Music for the Little Russians!


What architectural style was invented in Ukraine from its inception in 1919 to the present day? No. Everything that was built is within the framework of Soviet architecture, and modern barricades of tires or the failed wall of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called the European Wall, can hardly be considered a world treasure. But the Little Russians can be proud of the "Cossack Baroque", Little Russia wooden architecture, "Kiev modern". Look at the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nizhyn, the Intercession Cathedral in Kharkov, the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chernihiv, etc. All this splendor was built by the Little Russians, although modern politicians attribute everything to “Ukrainians,” but it is understandable, because there is nothing to be proud of.

Historical continuity

Who is the hero for the Ukrainians, for whom he traces his identity?

Mazepa, Grushevsky, Bandera, Shukhevych - so-so company. For four, one traitor, two thugs, who are not even quoted by Ukraine’s western colleagues, and a marginal intellectual. All the talk about Kiev princes, which Ukrainians supposedly leave for the insane, open the Tale of Bygone Years, there is not a word about Ukraine, all Russians. And what about the Ukrainians? Their story is not a story of hatred, it is a story of love for their Russian people, that is, all the great Russian history - this is about them. And as Bohdan Khmelnitsky conceived: “I’ll knock out all Russian people from Polish captivity”, it was done, united in 1654, Small and Great Russia under the authority of an Orthodox monarch, marking the act of the final combination of the historical destinies of a single Russian people.


Obviously, if the heroes of the Ukrainians are Mazepa, Shukhevych, Bandera, Yushchenko, Poroshenko, then all his desires tend to the West, only there nobody needs him, or rather, they just want to use it as a bargaining chip in political games. So the choice is obvious for a resident of modern Ukraine. Ukrainian - a slave in the West. Little Russian-Russian, the brother of the Great Russian and the Belarusian. The choice is yours.

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