Lukashenko bury the union of Russia and Belarus

“It’s useless to blackmail us, try to bend, to become a knee on the chest” - no, these are not the words of the president of Ukraine, it was said by Russia's main ally, Alexander Lukashenko. The image of the Old Man as a strong business executive and a loyal pro-Russian politician has long exhausted himself. I liked to be independent, independent and at the same time receive economic concessions from an ally.

The final disagreement between the political elites of Belarus and Russia regarding the unification occurred on December 13-14. First, a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State of Belarus and Russia chaired by the Prime Ministers of the countries Dmitry Medvedev and Sergei Rumas was held in Brest. There, Medvedev proposed two options for building relations between countries.

The first option is essentially the preservation of the previous agreements in the framework of the Union State, without deep integration, but also without active economic support. The second option proposed by the Russian Prime Minister is the unification of states, the beginning of which will be the creation of a single emission center, a unified customs service, a court, the Accounts Chamber. In this case, you can pursue a single tax, tariff and pricing policies.

“Which of these options to choose is needed to be discussed here and, of course, at the Supreme State Council, at the level of the presidents of the two countries. In any case, we are open to discuss these issues ",

- Summed up the negotiations Medvedev.

The message is clear, or we go for full integration, or we leave everything as it is, but without the pluses for the economy of Belarus. There was an instant reaction from the Belarusian authorities to such a message from the Russian elite. First, the Prime Minister, Sergei Rumas, accused Russia of numerous bans on Belarusian products, and various trade barriers for Belarusian enterprises. Then the president said his weighty word. A press conference for Russian journalists was held in Minsk. Lukashenko was more verbose than ever, his, as they say, burst into revelations and reproaches towards Russia.

“To divide Belarus into regions and shove it into Russia - this will never happen”

- this is the answer that the Old Man gave to the proposal of the Russian elite.

He repeated this idea more than once during the press conference, but in different ways:“I understand these hints: get oil, but let's destroy the country and join Russia”. Or in another way: “Under the guise of deep integration, Russia wants to incorporate Belarus and destroy the country”. There will be no integration, Lukashenko and Belarusian elites do not want this, but why?

It is clear that Lukashenko did not choose an alternative way - to go to Europe. He is unnecessary there with his dictatorial image. Another thing is that the union with Russia does not suit him either. Lukashenko and Belarusian elites do not understand their place in the proposed system of united states. They liked to buzz, to defend independence and at the same time always rely on the help of the “big brother”. And in the new state, what will be their role? Obviously, insignificant and minor compared with Moscow politicians. In this regard, the message of Lukashenko is understandable during a press conference where he has repeatedly said that he is ready to cooperate only on equal terms with Moscow. They need a full guarantee that their political situation will not be shaken at all and will remain at the same level. Until this issue is settled, Lukashenko will continue to shout about independence, turn a blind eye to the activities of the nationalists and conducts “Byelorussization”, playing the role of protector of the people.

Will the union of Russia and Belarus? In the current format is definitely not. The point in this matter put the Old Man with his tough statements. How this issue will develop further will be seen in the near future. On December 25, the talks between Putin and Lukashenko have already been announced. But the union in one form or another is necessary, this is understood by all Russian people, this is the only and surest chance to prevent the Ukrainian scenario and restore historical justice.

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