Yesterday, we recalled how 45 years ago in Chile there was a military coup, which resulted in the overthrow of the socialist president Allende, and General Pinochet came to power.

The leftists like to pour crocodile tears about Allende, call Pinochet a “fascist” (leftists don’t feed them with bread, they write all the right in “fascists”, like to lift up the long-forgotten Corvalan to the skies, which was changed to “bully” Bukovsky (who in the free The Englishwoman is accused of pedophilia.) But let's look at what it really was.

1968. Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia

Let's start with the global. 11 September 1973, the Soviet Union, which was set up to spread communist regimes around the world, suffered a tangible defeat. The middle of 70 was the peak of Soviet power - the USSR actively supported new and new regimes throughout the third world. They began to talk about detente and convergence. In Vietnam, the United States suffered a defeat and soon simply shamefully surrendered South Vietnam, especially since the fifth column of defeatists was active in the country. The USSR and its satellites brought troops into the states that had recently ceased to be colonies, pumped third world countries with weapons, sent “humanitarian aid” there, leaving their people half-starved. As in that Polish joke: "The USSR is like Amur - armed to the teeth, he is naked and climbs to all with his love." Let me remind you that this year we recalled the events of 50-year-old ago, when the troops of the ATS countries occupied Czechoslovakia, which had bucked up, which decided to weaken the socialist yoke. As a result, the Czechs still can not forget us. As the wonderful Russian poet Alexander Tvardovsky wrote in those days:

What do we do with you, my oath,
Where do I get the words to write about
As in the forty-fifth we were met by Prague
And as he meets in the sixty-eighth ...

And for the first time after the Korean War (which, I recall, it was the USSR that was unleashed with the participation of China and the DPRK), the USSR was defeated. In Chile, abandoned the socialist path. A military coup was organized in the country that took place on 11 September 1973. President-socialist Allende shot himself, a military junta led by General Pinochet came to power. His policies and activities may be controversial, but the fact is that Chile has avoided a communist "bright future."

And for the first time after the Korean War (which, I recall, it was the USSR that was unleashed with the participation of China and the DPRK), the USSR was defeated. In Chile, abandoned the socialist path. A military coup was organized in the country that took place on 11 September 1973. President-socialist Allende shot himself, a military junta led by General Pinochet came to power. His policies and activities may be controversial, but the fact is that Chile has avoided a communist "bright future."

Salvador Allende

However, let's take a closer look. President Allende was the minority president who nominated his “People’s Unity” after the elections in May 1973 was a minority coalition in parliament because it lost the elections (their opponents got 55% of votes). In fact how notes Yegor Kholmogorov,

“Allende was not a legitimate president. Half a year before September 11, he consistently ignored the results of parliamentary elections, overcoming his parliament’s veto of amendments to the constitution, decisions of the constitutional and supreme courts, and a resolution of the parliament recognizing the president had violated the constitution. By and large, 11 September 1973 Allende was in the position of Yeltsin 2 October 1993. ”

Left-wing terrorists launched their active work, which was impossible to stop. The president and the government did not want to resign, even remaining in the minority. Therefore, there was a coup. It was Pinochet and the junta who carried out the will of the majority of Chilean voters. All attempts by the left to shout that, they say, “the junta has dealt with the people” and “trampled the will of the people” are absolutely meaningless and deceitful. Again, I refer to Yegor Kholmogorov, who notes. that the leftists and liberals love to call themselves “the people”, in fact being the “small people” described in the work of Shafarevich “Russophobia”.

Chicago Boys

The very situation in the economy of Chile was deplorable, without any sabotage, which the left like to say so much. Actually, Allende himself, in fact, dealt a blow to the Chilean economy and management system, deciding to experiment with the Cybersin system. As a result, chaos and chaos reigned in the country, and Pinochet stopped it. I will send to article one of the most interesting and bright Russian Americanists Dmitry Drobnitsky. He also notes that those same Chicago Boys did not appear after Pinochet and were not from Mars - they were already in Chile and were working, they just had to rely on them as the only competent managers available. By According toYegor Kholmogorov, Pinochet's comparison with Gaidar is inappropriate and is “slanderous wildness” because

“Pinochet defended the traditional structure of private property and society. The task of the post-Soviet reformers was to _private_ private property and it was their duty to recreate the structure of society associated with property. Instead, they ruined the old conditional owners, the Soviet bourgeoisie, distributed most of their property to their friends, and instead of restoring the traditional social structure, they tried to destroy it even more. ”

So everything was completely different than the leftists, who worry that they could not, could not ruin this country, either.

US President Richard Milhouse Nixon

Also, let's not forget about the United States that they considered the territory of Latin America since the time of the Monroe Doctrine as a zone of influence and could not allow anyone else there. And it is quite natural. In addition, the Americans were outraged that, after nationalizing American enterprises, Allende did not pay them any compensation, as was done in other countries. how notes in his article E.Trifonov, only Castro’s “barbudos” acted in this way, who became the satellite of the USSR (the Cuban army played the role of infantry in establishing pro-Soviet regimes, under the control of Soviet military advisers — and so having unleashed a civil war in Angola, the USSR sent its advisers there, and to fight went the fighters of the Cuban armed forces). But Pinochet came to power. left the copper industry in the hands of states. but paid compensation to US companies that were not paid to Allende.

I will not retell in detail about what happened then, just refer everyone again to the above articles of Drobnitsky and Trifonov. I would like to talk about this.

Terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, better known by the nickname “Carlos the Jackal”

The socialist government, which came to power later, angry that it could not sue and rot in the prison of an old general who died his own death, played for his officers, who were put in prison for not wanting to live under the socialist system. the horrors of communism. Unfortunately, we still have some of the Soviet thinking, which recognizes the leftist terrorists as "heroes". AND Some of our media outlets worry about the terrorist and the murderer, the down-and-out creature of Carlos Jackalwhile the Chilean patriotic officers languish in prisons and no one stands up for them, although there are even people of Russian origin among them. Some even write little books with the name “My friend Carlos the Jackal” (and we are waiting for the book “My friend Shamil Basayev” - even the authors will be found, with the verses of Okudzhava in the epigraph).

Sergeant of the 6 Infantry Division of the Rangers of the Bolivian Army Mario Teran Salazar

The international terrorist Ernesto Guevara is popular to squeal in the youth environment. But the Bolivian patriot Sergeant Mario Teran Salazar, who ended the career of this bastard, we know very little. He is still alive and still believes that he did the right thing by executing Guevara, whom he calls a foreign invader. Yes, in 1968, in Bolivia, it was possible to establish the advancement of the communist contagion (unfortunately, leftists came to power there already at the beginning of the twenty-first century, with the active support of Cuba and Venezuela).

Moreover, the Cuban émigré Félix Ismael Rodriguez Mendigutia led the Guevara anti-terrorist operation, now the far-right politician who is close to the neo-conservative circles of the US Republican Party. This is a staunch anti-communist and Cuban patriot. With 18 years he fought against the regime of Castro - participated in the landing in the Gulf of pigs (Playa Chiron), after the elimination of Castro served in Vietnam, participated in the civil war in El Salvador on the side of the government, collaborated with anti-communist forces in Nicaragua, actively participated in the operation “Iran -contrac ". So far, Felix Rodriguez remains in active military service with the rank of colonel and still opposes the communist regime in Cuba. Felix Rodriguez is known in the world incomparably less than Che Guevara. However, it is positioned as a kind of "Anti-Che", the personification of the forces opposing communism and left radicalism. In this aspect, Rodriguez enjoys a certain popularity. As Jay Nordlinger said,

“Felix Rodriguez will always be associated with Che Guevara. They both fought. But they do not resemble each other. Rodriguez's face is unlikely to decorate a T-shirt. He is the “Cuban Right Emigrant.” Guevara is a “revolutionary romantic idealist” ... But of these two, only one is worthy of honor. ”

I think you do not need to explain who exactly supports the author of this article?

Just let us understand that communism is an evil, a terrible evil. You may not take anything from the actions or reforms of the Pinochet government, but believe me, we all know perfectly well what socialism is, how terrible it is. So Chileans can and should be understood.

Brigadier of the Chilean Army Miguel Krasnoff-Marchenko (Mikhail Krasnov)

I will complete this text with the words of one of those who were imprisoned today because they were loyal to the oath and did not want to turn Chile into another communist country. This person is close to us. that he was Russian by birth and he had personal motives for fighting communism. It - Miguel Krasnoff-Marchenko(Mikhail Semyonovich Krasnov) son Seeds Krasnova and grand-nephew Petra Krasnova. In the rank of junior lieutenant of the Chilean army, he participated in the overthrow of Allende, then led the battalion against the leftists in the Andes, for which he was awarded the highest national medal of the armed forces of Chile "For courage" (not awarded until that time in 100 years). He took part in the destruction of left-wing activists. Made an army career - in 1989, he was promoted to colonel, in 1995, he was foreman. after the departure of Pinochet from the post of commander-in-chief of the army of Chile, he resigned and was director of the hotel and sanatorium complex for the military.

Having failed to condemn and imprison Pinochet himself, the Chilean government took on his officers. In the summer of 2001, the foreman, Miguel Krasnov, was arrested and put on trial. In 2005, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, in December 2006 was sentenced to 5 years and one day in prison, in 2008, he was sentenced to seven years in prison, in 2009 was sentenced to five years and one day in prison, in 2010 year among the group of other former officers sentenced to ten years and one day in prison. In 2010, he was convicted by a French court on 30 years of imprisonment for the murder of French citizen Alphons Chanfro, who was a terrorist and a member of one of the most brutal criminal organizations operating in Chile, the Supreme Court of Chile in 2015 also made a similar decision on this case ( that in 1992, the court ruled that Krasnov was not involved in the death of Shanfro, which was covered in detail by the Chilean newspapers - thus, the investigator and the French press were biased and did not take into account that Shanfro, whose organization was guilty of terror and the deaths of many civilians, was by no means “an innocent victim of police brutality”). The next verdict of the Supreme Court of Chile is 16 of May 2017. Krasnov is still in prison. He is the protector of his country. It is considered a “fascist” and “executioner”, and some citizens are praising the terrorist Carlos Shakala in Russia almost as a “hero”.

We conclude this text with the following words of Miguel Krasnov:

“We are all - participants of the 1973 revolution of the year - harassed, insulted, humiliated and subjected to repression only because they saved the country from the Marxist plague. With lies, cunning, and intrigue, today's Marxists have distorted historical facts, presenting the revolution as a “military insurgency”. Despite the accusations, I maintain a cheerful mood and unwavering faith in God. Never vile individuals who have raped Chile will not conquer me! I am a soldier and a Cossack, and the traditions of the Cossacks and ancestors-martyrs are alive in me! Let everyone know that I am a Cossack and I am proud of what I have done in life, wearing the uniform of an officer of the Chilean ground forces! ”


Sergey Zelenin

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