Russian and beautiful sex

2018 year in the world has already marked accusations of harassment of various celebrities and even government officials, such as the American judge Brett Cavanaugh. Therefore, you should consider the situation in Russia and understand how this relates to Russian problems.

Let's start with the strongest political group in the media space. Left-wing liberals, and especially the Dozhd TV channel, actively promote socialist feminism and the war of the sexes. It was they who staged a campaign against the deputy L. E. Slutsky. In HSE, where an influential left-liberal minority dictates its own terms, in 2017, the Miss HSE show was deprived of the status of Beauty Contest.[1] In 2018, he was generally renamed Miss 2018 and included two guys.[2] The main motive of the left-wing liberals is that they consider highlighting beautiful girls as a manifestation of discrimination and a violation of equality.

Thus, left-wing liberals use totalitarian methods to impose their point of view and way of life on normal people (even they do not spare their like-minded people, such as the editor of Medusa Ivan Kolpakov). At the same time, they deny the feminine beauty and the right to personal happiness. If Russian society calmly looks at the actions of left-wing liberals, they will build a totalitarian society, where all the healthy and natural impulses of a person will be destroyed.

No less terrible is the alternative coming from the Middle East. In the Islamic State, a terrorist organization banned in Russia, women have no rights, they have to wear niqabs. Eukahabites also use physical violence and revive polygamy. At the same time, such orders are approved by the Soviet patriots. Thus, the famous Islamic communist M. L. Shevchenko, on the occasion of the celebration of Kurban-bairam in Vladimir 20.08.2018, said that

“The authorities' disdain for the people was also expressed in the fact that for the filming of the report and for the congratulations of the Muslims they sent women journalists and a woman official! It was impossible to demonstrate greater misunderstanding, neglect and disrespect for people. ”[3]

Apparently for this member of the Izborsk club it is not known that Russia is not the Middle East. Bearing in mind the tolerant attitude of left-wing liberals towards Wahhabis (M. L. Shevchenko settled long ago on Echo of Moscow), it should be understood that queer communism and Wahhabism are two sides of the same coin (socialist feminists in Europe have long been tolerant and approving of hijabs) . [4] In addition, M. L. Shevchenko recently often speaks together with the communist propagandist K.V. Semin.[5] Perhaps in the near future, Soviet patriots will consider Wahhabi fashion as the norm in the fight against the “decaying West”. However, already now Soviet patriots are beginning to rehabilitate Soviet Marxist feminism. So N. V. Starikov copied and posted on his website an article titled "The Place of a Woman - in the Sea!".[6] Like-minded Starikov on the example of the first Soviet woman-captain Anna Schetinina "refutes" the marine saying "Woman on a ship-be trouble", and also praises the early USSR. Apparently, Soviet patriots want to create in Russia a “patriotic” analogue of SJW. Thus, it can be said that left-wing liberals and Soviet patriots are women haters.

Now we need to think about how Russian national conservatives can respond to these attacks. In order to resist the left-wing liberals and the Soviet-Eurasian patriots and their feminist misogyny, the following should be remembered:

  1. Legal equality of the sexes and the presumption of innocence cannot be revised.
  2. Wahhabi fashion is contrary to the national traditions of all the peoples of Russia.
  3. The Russian right should be gentlemen in real life, otherwise their conservatism is worthless.

PS: If readers wanted to find out what nationalism is, then it’s best to read the article. "Nationalism and world politics". In addition, follow the groups on VKontakte Vespa.Media, White Guard, Russian Library and Great & Sovereign.

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