They took away the name, and there is no place to find out: why do we need to commemorate the victims of repression

In recent years, our society has formed a rather strange and one-sided attitude towards Stalin, and in general towards communist repression. They say, yes, of course, there were repressions, but, first, against real enemies. Secondly, the Communists, led by Comrade Stalin, slaughtered their own - the Trotskyists-Leninists - they are not sorry. Thirdly, the scale of repression is greatly exaggerated, especially by the “slanderer Solzhenitsyn.” Finally, fourth and most important: well, what are you all about the bad and the bad, it was also a ho-ro-neck - Gagarin, the Great Victory, the metro, the Komsomol construction sites and free apartments.

Behind all this mess is, by and large, one single and main argument. If, in the era of perestroika and Yeltsin's reforms, the people were deceived and robbed, the country was destroyed under talk of liberation from the dark heritage of Stalinism, it means that we were all enemies and lied, and there was no dark heritage.

And now the shelves of bookstores, as once from the works of Fomenko, literally collapse from literature in the genre of "Stalin and Beria against Reptiloids," which simultaneously proves two things: "nobody was shot" and "all were shot correctly."

The first thesis is refuted quite simply. Even researchers who worked carefully with documents in order to give the lowest possible number repressedas the late historian V.N. Zemskov, three million 800 thousands of repressed, 800 thousands of people shot and about a million who died in the camps are still received.

In this list of victims, they include only victims of the political 58 article of the Criminal Code, thereby excluding from the list of victims of the “law of spikelets”, “shirkers”, not to mention deported and deported to special settlements.

Stalin with the head of the NKVD Yezhov, who was shot in 1940 year (left). After execution, the photo was edited by Soviet censors (right)

However, even the figures on the lower bar are already so terrible that only our contemporary, who has the "million heads" taken from his shoulders, normally fit in his head seems to be something taken for granted. Hence the jokes about "millions shot by Stalin personally" - they say that can not be, buhohahaha.

Millions were not personally shot by Stalin. Personally, Stalin shot about 45 000 (letters: forty-five thousand) people listed on 338 shooting lists, approved by Stalin personally and fastened by his company I.St, along with resolutions of other Politburo members. So, if we take Zemskov's numbers in 800 of thousands of people shot, then it turns out that “Stalin personally” was shot every twentieth from those killed during the terror.

This figure simply does not fit in the head of a person who knows that from 1825 to 1905, 191 was executed in Russia in the year, and from 1905 to 1910, when the field courts acted as a response to insurrections, murders of governors and arson of manors, they executed 3741 man and for this, the future Bolshevik commissars called the king "bloody".

When someone says that a million dead and a million dead is “a little”, the story of the Roman commander Quint Fabia Maxim is immediately recalled: “When Quinta’s son Fabia urged his father to donate few people to take a comfortable position, he said:“ You don’t want can you be among those few? ”

Joseph Stalin

From the number of dead let us turn to quality. Russian liberals have worked hard to “appropriate” the repressed themselves. Actually, this aggressive assignment of names still continues, and somehow it turns out that the main “victims” were former executioners. In which list, published by professional mourners, do not push, you will surely find there an “honest KGB officer” (executioner), a “loyal revolutionary party” (murderer), a “Romantic Komsomol member” (a blasphemer and a pillager of churches), “a poet who heard the music of revolution” ( propagandist of bloody terror).

And on the background of these lists, Stalin's “Great Terror” could indeed seem to be a “cleansing” (this curse word was launched by a runaway Squeal-type Soulman - Viktor Rezun, under the stolen name “Suvorov” who enriched our scruffy readers of pseudo-historical books) - the phenomenon of Nemesis who brought down the sword the executioners on the revolutionary executioners themselves of the Russian people, so that then new executioners already executed these executioners.

However, this is not true. The repressions of the Soviet government against "their own" - the Communists, Komsomol members, propagandists, were only a thin trickle of yushka in that cruel bleeding that Bolshevism arranged for "old" Russia.

Operational Order of the USSR People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs No. 00447 “On the operation to repress former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements”, signed by Yezhov on July 30 1937, listed the following categories to be destroyed: “Former kulaks who returned after serving punishment, members of anti-Soviet parties who were Whites, gendarmes, officials, re-emigrants, members of the Cossack-White Guard rebel organizations, clergymen ... ".

The trial of the members of the Union Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (Mensheviks) in the Hall of Columns of the House of Unions. Moscow (1931)

Not the party members and the Komsomol members were destroyed in the first place and in the first rows, namely this old Russia. The predominant attention to the victims of the communist-related environment is simply explained - it was they who were rehabilitated first, and it was about them that one could start talking to perestroika before the rest. And by that time, when it became possible to talk about the executed priests, scholars, royal generals, and writers, the public was pretty much fed up with the fate of the "faithful Leninists" and did not remember anything about most of the victims.

Therefore, when we are talking today about the victims of communism and, in particular, the big terror, we need to restore and correct the names, we need to abandon the canonical lists of victims drawn up in the restructuring, where Marshal Tukhachevsky, the blasphemer, russophobe, executioner of Tambov peasants, hangman Crimean officers - Bela Kun and other similar characters. Yes, they are also victims, but, as they say, they were tightened by the gears of the same built machine.

But the main victims were, nevertheless, those who did not build this monstrous machine, who resisted or tried to honestly serve Russia and the Russian people, trying not to pay attention to what kind of regime in it, but were, despite this, destroyed. This is a great number of peasants, businessmen, priests, officials, officers, professors and gymnasium teachers, we will never remember the names of most of them.

Painful emptiness

But you can make at least a short list, the names of ten, those who were destroyed by the Leninist-Stalinist repressive machine, and without whom in the Russian nation and Russian culture was a painful emptiness.

Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilev, - poet, founder of the original poetic flow of “Acmeism” (“the sun was stopped by the word - the word destroyed the cities”), romantic (“and I don’t like the guitar, but the savage tune of Zurna”), the officer (“but Saint George touched the untouched chest twice "), A traveler (" I go there to touch savage things that I once brought from afar "), a monarchist and an Orthodox Christian (" I am a traditionalist, monarchist, imperialist, panslavist. My essence is truly Russian, formed by Orthodox Christianity "). The husband of Anna Akhmatova and the father of Lev Gumilyov. He was shot in Petrograd in August 1921 as “a counterrevolutionary conspirator” (“And I will not die in bed, with a notary and a doctor,” but “I, the bearer of a great thought, cannot, I cannot die”).

Nikolai Gumilyov. Photos from the investigation file. 1921

Dmitry Fedorovich Egorov- a mathematician, a professor at Moscow University, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, the founder of the Russian school of mathematics, to which practically all modern Russian mathematicians go back (and therefore all our scientific and military-technical achievements). He was arrested in 1930 year as a member of the True Orthodox Church mythical counter-revolutionary organization. He died in 1931 after a hunger strike in Kazan prison.

Dmitry Fedorovich Egorov

Matvey Kuzmich Lyubavsky- historian, rector of Moscow University, author of general courses in Russian history and detailed studies on the historical geography of Russia and the Russian people's colonization of new lands. Arrested in 1930 year by the so-called. "Academic business" and exiled to Ufa. In the last months of his life, the one-eyed old scientist was forced to beg in the Ufa market, and died of starvation in the 1936 year.

Matvey Lubawsky

Nikolai Dmitrievich Kondratev- economist, defender of the country's economic development along the path of national capitalism (now known as the “Chinese way”), author of the theory of half a century of economic cycles - “Kondratieff cycles”, underlying the understanding of many researchers of world economic processes. He was arrested in 1930 in the case of the “Labor Peasant Party”, held in a Suzdal political isolator, and in 1938 was shot in Moscow at the Kommunarka training ground.

Nikolay Kondratyev

Adrian Ivanovich Piotrovsky, - philologist-anticologist, translator, literary critic, head of Lenfilm. Author of studies on the history of the ancient theater and translations of ancient playwrights, above all - a complete Russian translation of the comedies of the great Greek Aristophanes. Shot in November 1937 year in Leningrad.

Adrian Piotrovsky

Alexander Andreevich Svechin- commander, major general, participant of the Russian-Japanese and World War I, his division was to take Constantinople, one of the first leaders of the Red Army General Staff, then a teacher of the Academy of General Staff, a military theorist, author of the general theory of military strategy and the unique work “Evolution art of war ”, a theoretical opponent of Marshal Tukhachevsky, which is why he was arrested in 1930 and then in 1931. He was again arrested and shot on the list signed personally by Stalin in July 1938 at the Kommunark training ground.

The prison photo of Alexander Svechin (right)

Vladimir Nikolaevich Beneshevich- a Byzantine historian, an expert in church law, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, studied many Byzantine manuscripts in libraries of monasteries of the East, discovered and organized the purchase of several missing sheets of the Sinai Code by Russia - one of the oldest manuscripts of the Bible (most of the code was purchased earlier) . In 1930, he was arrested in an “academic affair”, sentenced to camps, released into the 1933. At the same time, the entire Soviet code sold the British Museum for 100 thousands of pounds to the British Museum. He was again arrested and shot in January 1938 in Leningrad by the verdict of the "troika" of the NKVD.

Vladimir Beneshevich

Ivan Vasilyevich Popov, - Orthodox theologian, patrologist - an expert on the theology of the ancient Fathers of the Church, in particular, John Chrysostom and St. Augustine. Compiled by Patriarch Tikhon's response to the Patriarchate of Constantinople on his unlawful encroachment on interference in the affairs of the Russian Church. In 1924, he was arrested and imprisoned in the Solovki Special Purpose Camp, one of the organizers of church life in the Solovki penal servitude. With 1927 in exile in Siberia. In 1931 year arrested. In 1935, he was again arrested and exiled to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In October, 1937 was again arrested and shot in February 1938 in Yeniseisk. Listed as the Holy New Martyrs of Russia.

Prison photo of Ivan Popov (right)

Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov, - one of the greatest scientists who lived in the twentieth century, world-renowned geneticist, academician, long-time president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The discoverer of the law of homologous series of hereditary variability, the creator of the theory of centers of origin of cultivated plants, the collector of the unique collection of seeds of the All-Russian Institute of Crop Production. Arrested in 1940 year, sentenced to death, replaced by imprisonment. Turned into dystrophic- "goner". He died in the Saratov prison in January 1943.

The prison photo of Nikolai Vavilov (right)

Lev Platonovich Karsavin, - philosopher, historian of medieval European culture, one of the theorists of "Eurasianism". In 1922, he was expelled from Soviet Russia on a “philosophical ship”, he worked at the University of Vilnius, supported the USSR in exile. After the accession of Pribatika to the USSR in 1940, he was again on Soviet territory. He was dismissed from the university, worked at the Art Institute. In 1949, he was arrested, in 1950 he died in a special camp for the disabled in Komi from tuberculosis.

The prison photo of Lev Karsavin (right)

How many were there ...

And this is only if we consider those killed and tortured at the time of the repressions themselves. And how much did the philosopher A. F. Losev become blind on the White Sea Canal? And how many could not normally do their work as an engineer Alexander Shargey (Yuri Kondratyuk), author of the famous "Kondratyuk moon track", who changed his last name, and all his life hiding as a white officer, but still arrested in 1930 year. In 1937, he was forced to refuse the proposal of S. P. Korolev to work on a rocket-space project, since at the same time, the NKVD check would surely reveal his real name?

And how many did not live the full term and did not carry out all his plans, like S. Korolev himself, who did not have time to send our astronauts to the moon by the “Kondratyuk highway”, because during interrogations at the NKVD he broke his jaw and during the operation the chief designer failed to enter the breathing tube in time?

For the monstrous experiments of "utopia in power", our country paid with the lives of millions and ordinary people and the most prominent scientists and creators, ruined by productive forces, destroyed lives and hopes. And all this in order to achieve goals that could be achieved without any revolutionary upheavals at all (for example, all the basic space calculations, including the same Kondratyuk highway, were made before the revolution).

No doubt, in the 90-e years, the "Stalinist repression" justified the extremely vile things. In place of one destroyer, as soon as Russian life settled down, new ones came. But this only means that it is impossible to give the task of commemoration of the innocent people to the descendants of executioners and “commissars in dusty helmets”.

We can not allow the commemoration of the victims of the bloody destructive revolution turned into a transfer of arrows to the "victims of the state." Not Russia, not Russian history are responsible for this massacre, but just those who decided to break this story through the knee. And our memory should serve as an important pledge that our life, the life of our children and grandchildren will never be broken by any utopia any more.


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